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  1. You've got to be kidding or your room just sucked acoustically. My Heritage system would eat a Legend based system alive. When yours starts distorting mine would keep going without a hint of it.
  2. Look at my signature all the speakers and components used are listed.
  3. Actually those would be Heresy II's if you really want to be precise.
  4. Those are newer than 1963 they would have had a vertical orientation, the tweeter would have been the chrome throat screw terminal 16ohm K-77 and they would have most likely had the Jensen P15LL K-33 woofers in them. The crossover network would have also had hand wound bobbinized coils those are most likely from the early 70's era. A close up of the label or the S/N stamped at the upper edge of the rear will tell.
  5. You will certainly not regret it. It is indeed an step up if you think that it isn't you are only fooling yourself. I run a 9.2 all Heritage HT and the level of dynamics and detail are astounding it can run at insane levels without a hint of distortion and on the flip side at low levels with similar detail. The same goes for music as well.
  6. An industrial Heresy is even better since it runs about 102db/1W efficient making it ideal since the efficiency is very close to that of the Belle's. I use two pair in my HT system, one pair as front effects and the other as side surrounds. A standard Heresy is a much better match to the Belle than the Academy.
  7. That appears to be a modified D-Style (budget) Klipschorn that someone added the EV-T-350 too.
  8. Source the parts and rebuild them. Well worth it. The diaphrams in the K-77's and K-55V are replaceable and not really expensive at all. The cabinets look sound. Place a WTP ad for the input plates or see if Trey Cannon might happen to be able to get his hands on some for you. I had to build my second pair of Heresy HIP's piece by piece but it was well worth it. Yeah they roll off higher but they are almost as efficient as a La Scala and the midrange and highs are astounding. I use one pair as my rear effects speakers and you can hear every minute detail in the movie sountracks.
  9. I was not a fan of the CT-125's in my La Scala's I went back to the K-77M's and have left them that way ever since. I would pick up a set with and put in new diaphrams to make them new again and call it done.
  10. First and obvious choice would be another Forte II, then a Quartet, then an Academy for the closest timbre match. A KG 2.2V, 2.5V, or KV-3 would come close but far from ideal. Definately do not use anything from the Reference line as they will be way off.
  11. Where do these nut cases come up with their pricing. They think they can price them like new ones.
  12. I have been looking for a realistically priced set. Wish I wasn't 2000 miles away I would take them right away. Everyone around here thinks the eBay prices are benchmark which is just nuts.
  13. Those are raw wood professional La Scala's with split cabinets and the triangular shaped HF/MF section. Must have been a custom order but they are awesome. I have had both and would take the La Scala each time. Had 1980 Oak Lacquer Belle's with cane grills and 1981 Walnut Oil Belles.
  14. Don't put BLO on a lacquer finish it will ruin it. You only need to dust that finish with pledge since it is Oak Lacquer nothing more.
  15. Photos from all angles would be most beneficial to the folks especially at your asking price.
  16. Model H or K-700 is a Heresy. Value is highly dependent on overall condition, original drivers and network and location. Pictures and location would be more helpful in providing you a range. Heresy typically goes in the range of $300 to $600 but there are alot of variables that come into play. Welcome to the forum.
  17. KG2, 2.2's, 2.5's or 3's would work nicely as well. Go as big as you can for best results.
  18. Bissell Upholstery cleaner in the blue can will get those grills looking and smelling like new. DO NOT put them in water that is fiberboard that they are wrapped on and it will swell and warp and make a bloody mess. They did not start using the composite or plastic grill backing until many years later. I have used this time and time again on Klipsch grills and can guarantee it works. Vaccum them with a brush gently and them use the Bissell cleaner. It cleans well, dries fast and smells great use it liberally wipe off any excess foam, let dry.
  19. Those are not the industrial versions those would be the HI-SM. Those just have the standard Heresy components in them.
  20. Old English Scratch Cover I use it on my dark stained La Scala's hides them well.
  21. The weighting needs to be identical to the original drone or they will not work correctly.
  22. Easier to change it to an AK-3 Network. You have to remove the T5A autoformers and replace them with T4A's, change the coil value from 4mh to 5mh (IIRC) and replace the two 70uf Aerovox Caps in the woofer circuit inside the access door with two 50uf caps. They won't sound bad but the AK-3 is better. The networks are not easy to change on these as they are in two pieces (1 Part in the Top Hat and the other inside the woofer access panel) and everything is soldered together. No terminal strips.
  23. I would sure like to get my hands on those.
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