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  1. Yes, it is most likely causing your issue. Something like this or similar for $15.00 to say $50.00. Or these cheapies from Amazon/Parts Express. Or make your own with say 12 gauge copper speaker wire. Bill
  2. I am saying I have been very pleased with all my NAD gear but would not have a problem or feel I missed a beat if I was to switch to Anthem. Bill
  3. I have not met anyone who purchased an Anthem AVR or pre/pro and regretted it. With Anthem you do give up "some" features but you gain great build quality, top tier room correction with ARC, great sound quality for stereo music and HT, and good customer support. As mentioned before, if my NAD takes a dump and I can't find an affordable NAD replacement, Anthem is where I am looking. Bill
  4. Nice amps. I owned two of those as well as five MA700s. Wish I had kept a pair of either one. Bill
  5. Another good deal for a beast of an amp. Bill
  6. I would say use a small form factor amp with plenty of features and keep the RB-51IIs. Not a big fan of speakers with built-in amps due to reliability issues. Bill
  7. Maybe check to see what the output voltage is from the Yamaha preouts and the input voltage of the Sunfire. Probably a long shot but maybe not matching well. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/90-receivers-amps-processors/1474980-official-yamaha-aventage-rx-a1030-rx-a2030-rx-a3030-cx-a5000-mx-a5000-thread-58.html "Compare the specs. And many other testers support the fact that Yamaha AVRs are known for weak voltage outputs from their pre-outs, (much better with their surround processor, the CX-A5000). That's why when pairing a Yamaha AVR with an external amplifier, its best to choose an amplifier with a gain of 32db or so (vs. the THX standard of 29db). Otherwise you may not be getting full output. @BPatrick454, Welcome to the forum. Bill
  8. My company just issued me a company phone and it is an iPhone XR. I have only owned Android phones, Samsung and HTC, up to this point and am seriously stressing to change over. I am sure the transition will be pretty smooth but for now I am putting it off until they(my company) tell me to get with it. Bill
  9. Yeah at that price I am sure it its. @nealgrof, Welcome to the forum. Bill
  10. Had them both for a while, but not at the same time. As good as the 115 is, the 117 is the 115 with a supercharger. Unlimited dynamics. My biggest audio regret to date is letting my 117 go. Enjoy. Bill
  11. My Onkyo TX-SR705 AVR has been in constant use for 12.5 years. Completely trouble free since put in service. Bill
  12. @Leightonim, Welcome to the forum. Bill
  13. Oh yeah. Love mine. Mates perfectly with my A-S1000 integrated amp. Bill
  14. Yes there will be. Saw this a couple of months back. https://www.klipsch.com/news/klipsch-audio-and-mclaren-racing-debut-innovative-headphone-series-at-ces-2020 Bill
  15. How could I forget, I own one and have owned three more. Bill
  16. I would not hesitate to recommend this. https://www.safeandsoundhq.com/collections/nad-electronics/products/nad-electronics-c-546bee-cd-player-factory-refurbished I have owned the older version C542 for several years and it has been rock solid. Fast punchy tempo with a warmish signature but very detailed. Of all the CD players I have owned, which has been over a dozen, the 542 is by far the best sounding player to date. Some of the players I have owned were multi thousand dollar ones and this older budget player bests them all. Bill
  17. @HiFi-G-man, Welcome to the forum. I am sure Jubilee guys will chime right in. Bill
  18. willland

    Sub 10

    @cdx304, Welcome to the forum. Please excuse the forum members who are clearly suffering from C19 cabin fever. Bill
  19. @mu7x, Welcome to the forum. Move the Elacs to a another room and get a some Klipsch RP bookshelf speakers and a matching RP center speaker. IMO, opt for RPs over basic current Reference Klipsch. Bill
  20. @Sebastian1913, Welcome to the forum. These here most likely will be the best match. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Synergy-SCR-2-SCR-1-Two-Way-In-Ceiling-Loudspeakers-White-Lot-4-Speaker-/274298118984 Bill
  21. @milwaukeebill, Welcome to the forum. I'll bet the little caps just need to be popped out. Not 100% certain but pretty sure. About the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-5000F 5-way binding post speaker terminals Bill
  22. Sorry to hear that. IMO, the overbuilt driver and beastly solid cabinet are definitely worth saving. Bill
  23. How do you like it. I have owned mine for about 8.5 years and it has been rock solid. Bill
  24. They look very nice. I am sure sound nice too. My kind of guy. Bill
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