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  1. Yes @Lennco... you are correct. A strap for each speaker should be in your box. If not, use a jumper wire paying attention to the red bottom to top red. Any questions? Welcome!
  2. Cool... That Mac SS should work well. Let us know.
  3. If sat only available, would prefer Viasat or Hughesnet myself as a more stable platform. Starband may no longer exist, not caring now. Got certified for 3.
  4. Yes welcome @ArtPeers Alot of centers by Klipsch will work. Would use the extra odd speaker for a center across the front, until you can sort it. May work beautifully. Thanks!
  5. Cannot recall now but, fast. Especially if nothing else. Typically: https://www.starlink.com/legal/documents/DOC-1400-28829-70
  6. People buy Klipsch speakers without audition all the time. Enjoy!
  7. Don't think would do search on the historian's thread but...
  8. @Great, look at the archive here doing a search. Meanwhile, let's see what the subbers have to say. Welcome back!
  9. Welcome @Capitalcityguy Something's to unpack and not that familiar with Polk model. Owners of the CW-4s will chime in. What are you powering the speakers with? thanks... edit: Do you have a place to demo a pair?
  10. If the price is right, along with pics, a demo is likely the only way to allay your concerns. You should be able to by looking and hearing then, to make a decision. Short of pulling the drivers or driver by the seller or yourself.
  11. Cool... Not familiar with those or Atmos as @wuzzzer is apparently. Would take the lead from him.
  12. Thing to look at for the date found in the link. Trademark dates 1980 is just the label... @susan
  13. Welcome @Bsherck What are you powering with? Thanks!
  14. Welcome back. Any chance we can get a pic or 2 of the 3 units. Should help with value. Thanks @Jon B
  15. Thought saw a pdf posted somewhere recently on the subject of disassembly.? @MMurg stated earlier somewhere about the non availability of of parts. Agree with that. Thanks!
  16. Well, welcome @MSinIL Had a Carver 500X driving some 1s, and as little as 45 watts vintage SS. Sounds good both ways. More bass control with more as, did so with KG-5.5 as well. Cool..
  17. Not long now, we should be out of our mystery.
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