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  1. Automakers haven't gotten a bailout from the government yet (this time around), but I'm hoping they do soon so I can have a little extra spending money for the closeout sales! I like shopping CC in Flint, MI because it is always empty compared to BB.
  2. When I went from a 5.1 system to a 2.1 system, I simply went into the menu section of my DVD player and changed the speaker configuration, and therefore not losing and information by not having rear speakers (or a center speaker). All the info is mixed in to the mains.
  3. For finishing the speakers in black, I suggest thoroughly cleaning the surface with a good oil/wax remover, then sand the wood with 180 grit paper so the paint will stick. Then use a primer/surfacer first on the wood. You can build up enough layers to fill in the grain of the wood if desired, or you can leave some of the wood grain there if you want the black ash look. After sanding the primer with 220 grit paper, spray on either gloss black for a shiny look or matte black for a duller finish. You can use Rustoleum spray paints for both the primer and black with great results. I redid my Oak Khorn tops in black (see 60th Anniv. Clones thread) and they came out great!
  4. Just a thought--I just bought a KV-4 from HudsonValleyNoah to go with my RF5's, and it is a great match, and about half the price of an RC-7. Something to check into, maybe. I think he may have another for sale.- kevin
  5. I did the same basic enclosure (60th Anniv. Clones) last winter because of necessity, not having two corners. I found that if I move my Khorns away from the wall by toe-ing them in, I lose a lot of low end. I think corners are the only real way to enjoy Khorns, although I'm sure enclosing them helps in the sealing to the wall department. No measurements to back me up, just my ears talking.-kevin
  6. Thank you, Mr. Hurd! I really appreciate the cost breakdown. After I get settled in to my new house I'll have to seriously consider my options.-kevin
  7. Wow! That sure sounds like the ticket for Man Cave deserving bass! How much extra insurance will I need to cover the broken windows and such? But seriously, how much would the components cost to make that type of sub?
  8. Thanks for all the advice so far. As far as what kind of music I listen to, mostly classic rock with a little folk and Beethoven thrown in the mix and a healthy dose of blues. I like the idea of DYI, but could you break down how much it would cost to build one like The Ear recommended? Thanks again-kevin
  9. I was running my RF5's with a Pioneer Elite receiver rated at 80 wpc, which sounded great. I then hooked them up to a McIntosh 2125 amp that I had purchased for my Khorns just to see. What a difference! The reference series certainly thrives on a little extra power! I guess my point is that a more powerful amp will really bring the RF5's to life.
  10. I'm moving to a different house that has a basement, and I'm going to build a dedicated room for my 60th anniversary clone Khorns. The room will probably be about 11 by 20 feet, seven foot ceiling, concrete floor with carpeting. I am using a KSW15 in my current set up, and it can't keep up much past moderately high volumes. I know the basement will be more dead compared to my wooden floored current room. This will be strictly 2 channel music only, maybe someday using tube amps for the Khorns. Currently using Mcintosh SS amp. I will probably upgrade the Khorns with Crite's woofers also. I'm leaning towards SVS, but looking for suggestions, perhaps even DYI. Thanks in advance to all the Sub Gurus out there--kevin
  11. Paul, Welcome to the community! While I have to agree with the general consensus that you shouldn't need equalization with your Khorns, I believe I have a 10 band EQ in my attic somewhere that I would be glad to lend you to see if it helps, or sell it to you for next to nothing. I know my Khorns seem to put out too much treble at times, and I do suffer from hearing loss! Let me know if you decide to take me up on my offer, and we can work out the details. -kevin
  12. See the curtains hangin' in the window In the evening on a Friday night A little light a-shinin' through the window Let's me know everything's all right Summer breeze makes me feel fine Blowin' through the jasmine in my mind --Seals and Crofts
  13. I'm going the opposite direction of you- I got rid of my 5.1 surround system with RF-5's for mains and went with 2 channel when I bought my Khorns. I would like to continue my "upgrade" with a tube system and a better turntable. Maybe I will add on to my vinyl collection wich stands at 5 lp's right now. I have a thousand CD's, and some sound great, but most can't compare to the sound of vinyl, even on my old tt. I might be interested in your Thorens, but probably can't afford it. I love my Mac solid state gear, but I have a feeling I'll like tubes even better! --kevin
  14. Here's my set up. Listening area is 11' 10" Corner to no corner) by 10'6". I thought that my room would be way too small, but in reality it sounds fantastic. I do have my Khorns boxed in, so I'm not dependent on having to place them in corners, even though that does seem to be the best sounding spot for them. I've had Cornwalls and ref 5's in the same room. All sound great, but different from each other. Khorns will blow you away! Just ask my neighbors!--kevin
  15. I have a PYLE 12" marine subwoofer on my pontoon boat that sees plenty of water and sun and doesn't seem to be affected by it. Maybe someone makes marine grade mids and tweeters that can be used?
  16. I noticed on my Khorns when I angled them towards me to get the right sweet spot that I actually lost some tonal quality or definition in the upper bass. In my room, it seems that having the Khorns against the wall had an overall better sound that angled away a bit. I don't know why this is and I'm not done experimenting, but I was suprised on how much the sound changed with just a few degrees of movement. I have a rather small listening room, so maybe that is a big factor. I still think enclosing the bass bins is the way to go!--kevin
  17. Hey Glenn, Thanks for posting all the great pics. I wish I could have made it, but unfortunately I lost my Father at 11.59 a.m. Sunday. Probably a good thing that I couldn't make it since my wife say's I've spent too much on gear already this year! I'm sure itchin' to get my hands on some tubes, though. Maybe next year.....kevin
  18. Here's an interesting tidbit I noticed on my 79Khorns-the description of the finish was changed. you can see the whiteout used on the labels. It reads KBOL, with the L written over the whiteout. I know that one of the speaker faces has something wrong with the grain in the veneer, and I wonder if they were originally oiled and didn't look right,and then laquered. Maybe they were just mislabeled and corrected.
  19. There's an article in this month's or last month's STEREOPHILE mag on diy refurbishing a Thorens TT. Might be worth reading if you haven't already.
  20. My first guess was "walkin' in the grass" is a gas. I googled it, so I know I was wrong. I remember the song well.
  21. I live 20 miles outside of Flint, and work in Flint, so if I can help anyone out who is interested in these, let me know. I would be glad to check them out for you, or even pick them up in my truck. I bought my Khorns through Flint craigslist a couple of months ago. I know NOS Valves is right there also, maybe he knows something about them. -kevin
  22. I'm sure you will get some tech guys to tell you how to set everything correctly, but for me I use the ear method. Set it to your own preference and be done with it. Over-tweaking will drive you mad! -kevin
  23. Thanks Guys for all the info. As always, I can depend on Forum members to deliver.-kevin
  24. Finally got both speakers done and hooked up! Pictured is JVC turntable, McIntosh C39 pre/pro, McIntosh 2125 amp, McIntosh MR500 tuner, Pioneer Elite Vr45 multi-player, Sony XBR46 TV, and the Anniversary Clones! Getting closer to the All-American Stereo system.
  25. Still in progress of building the all American stereo-so far
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