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  1. It's beautiful and memorable. As a child the whole family took the LTD wagon to visit family in Coos Bay Oregon and drove down the coast. Remember driving through the giant Sequoia, that twisty road in San Francisco I believe. Good memories.
  2. No promises with glued veneer but a heat gun to soften then scrape and lightly apply rubbing alcohol for the deeper stuff. Chemical removers can work too, be cautious and test in an inconspicuous area.
  3. Probably smells like lower Wacker Drive then.
  4. People crap on the sidewalks out there ?
  5. Unless that's cedar or solid siding you will need a buffer to avoid crushing anything. If you bolt a mounting surface just over it avoids unneeded damage during install.
  6. I sent Cory a text already for a price on something. Maybe email is better ?
  7. Rip some lumber to angle the mount. Bolt it secure and then mount the speaker bracket to that. Better mount of some type ?
  8. Does Klipsch offer this as a drop in replacement for the older models and if so what is the minimum frequency and slope in order not to burn them up.
  9. At least the price of lumber went down. Good luck with everything.
  10. Just like indoors, toe them in a bit to reduce reflections off the siding. Nice deck.
  11. A good coat of oil may take care of small imperfections as well. Black is harder to match and depends on the repair.
  12. Thanks Bruce, been some time since I had one apart and didn't want to guess.
  13. If it cuts off the airflow yes. Never constructed such a device, maybe some pictures if you're worried.
  14. Nobody wants to click "steal my stuff". Still acting up.
  15. Turning them around will add more bass, a good frequency for the room ? Maybe.
  16. There is a model between the 18 and Table Tuba now.24x24x15 Horn mouth is smothered in that last picture. Read the plans for better suggestion. Finish looks nice.
  17. Depends on the room and crossover slope. That SVS is a toy compared to the THT.
  18. Paint is never going to match exactly, even different batches of the same color can be off. I have experimented mixing small quantities of flat and semi gloss black and get close enough.
  19. If a purchase lasts 1/2 as long as this NAD I'll be happy. Tubes are likely out, rather listen than tinker these days.
  20. Not at all, just need things working. All input is appreciated. As much as I would like to just buy what I want it's just not happening. $1500 is about it.
  21. jason str

    KP-250 II

    Likely someone from the forum. Nice looking from my glance.
  22. Reading up on that Parasound the other day. Like it.
  23. Looking at the Rotel and Parasound, haven't heard either.
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