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  1. There should be no air leaks. Is the gasket compromised ?
  2. 3/4" Plywood is never actually 3/4" thick, its much closer to 18 mm. Stay away from the Chinese stuff.
  3. Any soft rubber feet will do, if the floor is uneven use 3 in a triangular pattern to assure a wobble free footing.
  4. Makes sense to use up scrap material where you can, i used mine for bracing normally.
  5. You can also try asking for assistance on the Mini DSP forum.
  6. Rotten off speaker grille on the Toyota ?
  7. $23.00 should buy you a Klipsch badge. Look for the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1
  8. He will know if it was abused from over excursion, the high pass filter should be used to protect your investment.
  9. The risers were very likely part of the cut sheet for matching purposes, check the bottom of the risers.
  10. You could easily get by using the 12" driver version for that setup, the 15" driver version would be total overkill.
  11. Could very well be the earlier Chorus used plywood in the construction as mentioned. The cabinet material description implied by Klipsch says MDF but it seems this must be taken with a grain of salt. Information on Chorus and k-48.pdf
  12. Horn loaded subs put out clean effortless bass, its worth the extra effort if this is the goal. The THTLP just stands on end firing up into the ceiling using minimum floor space. What kind of system components are you using ?
  13. Post a picture for the OP, i have no doubt Klipsch used scraps available at the time so not to waste good stock. My point was not to expect plywood where MDF was specified.
  14. You could just google stock Chorus & Chorus II photo's, both are MDF including the front and back. >Link< >link<
  15. I have had 3 sets of Chorus II, 2 purchased new and one used. All were MDF including the one set still remaining here. Never had a Chorus to investigate.
  16. Dayton makes plate amplifiers with built in DSP if you are only interested in EQ for the sub(s), they offer built in high pass for the mains as well. <Link>
  17. Pre stain wood conditioner will take care of the blotchy stain problems associated with the material. Water based with water based and oil based with oil based, then just follow the instructions on the can.
  18. I recall a Klipschorn anniversary edition mentioning driver matching but don't remember witch one.
  19. Next is driver matching, why not since they are running them right ? Another few grand for the process... There has to be a compromise and breaking in a new set of speakers is just part of ownership.
  20. 6-8 weeks for a build is not much time at all for custom work, again you don't know what is involved in the process.
  21. Same reason a $20 driver won't sound its best until its broken in. They are new and not broken in. Break in time varies from driver to driver. Who better to know how long one of these drivers in the design takes to break in than the ones who have been testing them ?
  22. Just because you don't hear anything does not mean there is no difference, somebody who cannot hear a difference from one piece of gear from another may not hear obvious changes from a driver that is new to one that is broken in. Take measurements if you can't hear the difference, that will tell you what you want to know.
  23. jason str


    Funeral was nice, Mom had lots of friends and relatives come from near and far. Thank's to everybody for their kind gestures here on the forum. The future will be different but memories of Mom will stay forever.
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    Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes, it means a lot to me.
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