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  1. Veneer is expensive, 1/8" BB is cheap.
  2. Can't say i blame you. If it really bothers you an alternative would be buy a 1/8" BB panel and go right over it.
  3. @avguytx <--- Can't get it to link, sorry. >this< 10" would be good.
  4. @SWL Although won't fit in your car.
  5. If you use a brad nailer instead of screws you end up with pin head sized fill spots. If placing a panel on top you will need to strip all the oil off before gluing it on.
  6. There used to be, not sure there available anymore. As long as it falls within the parameters and front mountable you will be good.
  7. Can't beat free. Very generous of you.
  8. Oil is nice but offers little protection. Is that Baltic Birch you used ? If you like the natural look a good wax works too but needs reapplication same as oils. Wax tends to hide fillers better as it does not darken after application. Many choices and not a bad one in the bunch.
  9. Wrap them in moving blankets and move with a 2 wheel dolly.
  10. If your daughter still has good hearing she may enjoy a tweeter that reaches 20,000 Hz.
  11. Cheap, easy & most durable is truck bed liner. Duratex is good. Stain & poly looks nice too. If you go solid color and want a smooth finish prep is everything and there is lots of surface area to cover, keep the extra work in mind if you go that route.
  12. jason str

    Shipping Charges

    Call the local hardware stores. Maybe they will do front door pickup with a call ahead of time, wear gloves and slip them cash and any change for the tip. Never mind i see you can't leave.
  13. More good news. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-trump-administration-epa-suspends-environmental-protection-laws/
  14. Glad everything worked out for you, looks good. If or when on next project.
  15. Just wanted to give an update on dad and offer for those who wish to fight the virus. Dad had a heart attack as you probably already know, there are 3 main artery and one is totally clogged and one side of the heart is barely functioning. 3 stints were put in the worst artery but they say he is too weak right now for replacements and recommend he get stronger before another procedure. He is home as of yesterday. I have been folding@home for nearly 20 years for research of diseases and figured it would be a good idea to start a team here if there are some interested. <here> is some information but to make the story short the folding is done in the background of your computer and benefits disease research such as this virus. Its much busier than normal and may be clogged with new folders but is worth it.
  16. Good thinking, its hard to tell from the pictures. Regular auto body Bondo is a good workable filler if needed.
  17. It will work fine, if you want to take it a step further while waiting for the new adapters you can use that first one and file it as a transition from the round adapter to the rectangular horn throat. You can layer another on top and repeat if needed. Let us know how they sound.
  18. And you will be able to see them avoiding bumps on the noggin.
  19. Almost done, the first is always the most difficult. Looks really good.
  20. Gremlins were cool when you threw a 383 Mopar plant in them.
  21. 1 vote for safety yellow. Can never be too safe.
  22. Those will be hard to find. Depending on the size of the horn throat once you even it out flush <this> may be a good option.
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