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  1. kewl and happy birthday! but, at 60, you'll just forget you got it tomorrow...[]
  2. my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  3. cornwall would work better in any room as it is a better speaker.
  4. go rectangluar if at all possible, 12x14 or 12x16 would be much better.
  5. i take EXCEPTION to this post, i'm listening to this song now and there is no z zz zzzzzzzzzzz........
  6. give this one a look, might be able to find one at a better price used.. http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/rr2150.html
  7. i'm not utilizing my sound card, rather streaming to a Logitech Duet from router. From the Logitech receiver to a DacMagic. Using WinAmp, its also $20 for the full version (non crippled, fast rip times). using an external HD via USB port, no problems. second external HD is for backup of the 1st one. many ways to do this as you know..bummer about the olive.
  8. this is good advice. another tact is to spend the $100 and listen to the sub, use it as a learning experience. you'll then have a frame of reference, you can assess the comments others make with this addidional experience, then down the road, sell it if you're so inclined.
  9. Lots of openings in that field. Seemed like a pore choice to me. probably finished at the bottom of his class..
  10. gnatnoop

    for Fini

    no get the funny... my mistake, i did not click on the pic...
  11. yes. receives either internet radio stations or the streaming of your ripped music wirelessly through your wifi router. works great for CD and internet. some hi rez files from HD tracks stop and buffer continuously. I believe that my 5 year old router is the culprit, it's a little long in the tooth.. someone earlier said that playing their CD's sounded better or differrent. if you run CD's and streamed music from squeezebox through the same DAC they will be the same. i have the duet and it works with no problems.
  12. congratulations are in order! when you think about having a long loving sucessful marriage remember that you must decide now whether you want to be right... or happy.
  13. I'll be watching you Mr. Dtel...
  14. gnatnoop

    for Fini

    no get the funny...
  15. gnatnoop

    True Grit

    saw it again recently, this will go down as a classic.
  16. gnatnoop


    i had thor comics way way back, will rent this one asap...thanks.
  17. gnatnoop

    for Fini

    Let's face it, after Monday and Tuesday even the calendar says W-T-F!
  18. last year when i wanted to upgrade my CD player i ended up buying a DAC instead. Cambridge Audio's DAC Magic is pretty good. http://www.amazon.com/Cambridge-Audio-DacMagic-Digital-Converter/dp/B001QFOG58/ref=pd_rhf_shvl_2 I think you can get it even cheaper than amazon's current price... Review in Stereophile http://www.stereophile.com/digitalprocessors/cambridge_audio_azur_dacmagic_da_converter/index.html
  19. see amy's thread here http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/153638.aspx
  20. site worked fine, especially like the ability to use "amazon" checkout, very nice. [Y]
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