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  1. no idea. when you listen to music, do you ever get goosbumps?
  2. No problem here with the live feed thru a local cable provider..
  3. oh yeah, thx. that reminds me that the wife told me to take out the garbagetonight.
  4. there are links to 7 or 8 reviews on outlaws web site that will give you additional info. i'm running khorns with one, it is very good. the sub out was an important feature in my purchase decision but after listening to it, a sub was not necessary at all. this won't be my last amp, i'm sure i'll have to continue to experiment with tubes, but i will not get rid of this receiver.
  5. you may already be using something similiar, l like this tool to do multiple searches http://www.searchtempest.com/
  6. It's quite impressive. Huge dynamic range, crystal clear, all in all a major improvement from the earlier CD. I have not heard Graceland on vinyl. I spun the old CD a couple of days ago and was very dissappointed with it on Khorns, you really do need good source material. ..and it's noop...;-)
  7. Beatles remastered discs, Sgt. Pepper's, Magical Mystery Tour, Revolver, Rubber Soul, White Album. Paul Simon's Graceland remaster and a couple of Supertramp remasters. [] [] []
  8. > "...are their newer receivers that I could run an auxillery from my computer to speakers?" yes, outlaw audio's RR2150. •USB input for playback of streaming audio output from compatible computers http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/rr2150.html on their web site, click reviews to get some opinions.. i have an rr2150 powering my khorns today, its a very good low cost receiver .
  9. Welcome to the forums and congratulations on your Heresy's!! [H]
  10. Let us know your impressions,
  11. The above information is incorrect! 3 db is twice the sound pressure, or twice the volume. It takes twice as many speakers or twice as many watts to go up 3 db! Because our ears are inefficent, it takes an increase of 10 db for us to perceive the increase in volume as twice as loud. Roger Nope, not incorrect: "A simple chart will help to understand the relationship of the terms we have introduced: dB Change Voltage Power Loudness 3 1.4X 2X 1.23X 6 2.0 4.0 1.52 10 3.16 10 2 20 10 100 4 40 100 10,000 16 Looking at the chart, and starting at the left, we can see than an increase of 3dB results in a voltage increase 1.4 times the original, a doubling of power, and yields only a subjective increase in loudness only 1.23 times the original. To get a doubling of loudness, it is important to note that an increase of 10dB is necessary. And to reproduce that volume through our loudspeakers, note that we require ten times more power from the amplifier!" Full article here http://www.gcaudio.com/resources/howtos/voltageloudness.html
  12. no snickering is necessary. i have one and it works exactly as i expect it to...by keeping the papers from blowing off my desk! [bs][]
  13. have had both over the years and currently have both brands, can't tell any difference at all.....
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