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  1. Do you have a budget in mind? Will this be for 2 channel only? Home theater applications? What have you used in the past, what did you like or not like about your previous units?
  2. yes i dew, it was sum intersting yeers.
  3. better is the SWMBO STFU policy [H]
  4. JB, if they are consecutive serial numbers, i'll consider buying them. Your price however...hmmm is a little out of line....[H]
  5. that brought on a chuckle, cute pup!
  6. nice. now you should get a tv big enough to put it back into perspective, may need at 150" screen though!
  7. you should be ashamed of yourself. [H] [Y]
  8. gnatnoop

    for Fini

    A neutron walks into a bar and asks the bartender, "How much for a beer?" He replies, "For you, no charge!"
  9. I was readinhgd thuus post and lstning and hvkfn loah............ Whoa!! Just woke up and what a power nap!! Thanks guys for the links!!! whew! 3 month nap, here. i reread my post and it was intending to read that i nodded off during my "exception" post [] not sure it was taken that way though...
  10. congratulations, this stuff is fun, isn't it?
  11. i think with fedx you need to have a low fence.
  12. heresys would be a good set of speakers and will sound great with the marantz.
  13. although i'm not an rf-82 expert, i'd bet that one woofer is active and the other is a passive radiator, off the top of my head.
  14. no it is not "necessary" and any difference in sound quality will be small, very subtle, if any at all.
  15. Just gonna' put this out there - you may wanna' look into a 12-step program. yes, we meet here, everyday!
  16. i just got off of the new audiogon site. it's fine as far as i can tell. the old site was hinky, weird, the new site works fine. the new site seems to be more comparable to sites you see nowadays, the old site was a relic. sorry, just can't go along this time boys....
  17. great story, i and i know many here can relate.
  18. Hey congratulations, let us know what you think of 'em.
  19. I use IE9 here. Chrome the last couple of months, outstanding.
  20. i'd buy heresys but put them on the ground. simply don't use the existing wiring. then it opens up many more possibilities, Corns would sound great in a room that size. the only speakers i'd consider up on the wall would be surrounds in a home theater application.
  21. this is a quote from another forum member to me on the subject: >> Mind you, this does not imply that one is obliged to use the speaker level outputs from the subs to the main speakers, which frequently have a dividing network in series with it (for crossover ranges around 80 to 100 cycles or so). Connect both the subwoofers AND main speakers to the amp, and in most cases impedance interactions are not a problem. It's how I've been using our SVS subwoofer with the 300B monoblocks. A 45 SET might be just the ticket! So might something in shades of 2A3 or 300B. << Here is a link with additional information: http://mapleshadestore.com/upgrades_subwoofer.php I'm running khorns and sub directly from the amp with two sets of speaker wires. The sound is much better than running the main speakers from the subwoofer outs.
  22. i'm using a cambridge audio cd player as my transport, a DacMagic converts to analog. nice thing about the DacMagic is that it has multiple inputs....so, i also run the digital stream from a logitech squeezebox receiver thru the DacMagic. kind of a low budget solution but sounds great!
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