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  1. Roger, you set the time machine back too far.[] http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/products/kpt-mcm-4-t-grand-overview/
  2. A full recone isn't a option ($) at this point, will have to deal with what I have right now.
  3. Thanks for the advice(and "Canucked" even!). We really need to get a Canadian Klipsch gathering together at some point.
  4. Glue on JBL 2245h that connects spider to cone has failed. Any suggestions from the recone crowd, as to the best glue/method, to save me from spending more than I already have? Seems every time I make one step forward, something else is going down, the "cursed" amp now has a break in the power cord and was powering up and down on it's own. Just wanting to have a fully opperational system, just once even. U-571 on Blu-Ray can only wait so long!lol
  5. Give whatever speakers you are using now, one last listen, concentrate on how crappy they are and how glad you will be to be rid of them. Tracks that have lots of well recorded drums will be good. Sansui & Klipsch, congrats!
  6. Wax Poetics will have some more great stuff for you.
  7. The equipment and the main company were geared for areospace industry. When the industry slowed he began to make products to compliment his other areas of interest. He didn't originally invest in that equipment to make Turntable products. As well, if you were to visit the website, you would see that each product group has a "Need Help Selecting?" section, to help ensure that people don't chose something that would potentoaly damage their table. Most decent bearings are over engineered anyways, unless we are talking a Rega or Ion USB[6]
  8. Happy Birthday![^] I hope he got as much joy as he gave and continues to give all of us.
  9. I am available for the heftin' and totin' boss, but my location is most certainly a limiting factor, along with being a puny earthling. Just think of how much fun we will have, when the zombie invasion begins and we'll be able to make their heads explode at 30+ yards!LOL
  10. Meh. I enjoy the country I live in, but I don't look to the Olympics or sports in general for that matter, as my source of pride and hockey is not part of my national identity. There is no "I" in team.lol I do enjoy beer though and have also enjoyed a few Beavers along the way,eh.[]
  11. How much does re-veneering a pair of speakers cost?[] Come on up anytime, be glad to be your host and if you need can borrow my health card.LOL
  12. I claim no "magic" with the products I have used, just good for taking care of any waves and warps, plus they look beautiful and most importantly are Canadian.[] The copper platter for me will be mainly a cosmetic thing, as there is a certain speaker company that likes the look of copper too.[^o)] The SP 10 Mk II could take ten or more of those platters, with no increase in bearing wear or reduction of speed. I think if you asked TT, he would recomend the most sutible product/weight for your particular turntable. I choose to believe that any other claims from this company, is solely marketing to the masses and telling them what they want to(think they) hear, whether it can be proven or not. I tried/bought when he was just out of proto-type phase and just thought it was well made, good looking and a good price. I wasn't expecting, nor did I lift the veil of anything, my blacks are not any blacker and not even the wife(don't have one) heard a night and day difference. Now the pebbles on the other hand...
  13. I have a few of Larry's fine Canadian products, that I have been very happy with. Haven't tried this...yet, waiting for the next and final SP 10 project to go all out. With all the good reviews and increasing demand, get 'em before the prices start creeping up.
  14. One can only hope Klipsch is thinking of going in this direction. Phrase of the day kids... "Back Shoring" http://www.economyincrisis.org/content/manufacturing-operations-returning-us
  15. Watched last night on DVD and had to put the subtitles. I was warned by this thread, so no big surprise. I thought ot couldn't possibly be as bad as stated here, but it was worse than a 16mm 70's transfer. Ruined the movie in my opinion, as it was a big distraction. I think they will have to re-master/re-release it in the future. Plus,I think my bulb is in it's final pre-warning hours, as even with dynamic mode, low light scenes are not as detailed as the once were. Just need to take the time to sit down and try to fine tune to compensate I guess.
  16. My meandering thought is sympathy for all the wives out there that are labeled as the "even they heard the difference" or "she is making me get rid of". Really? Why do so many "audiophiles" use their wife as the example of a lesser ear? Wife of Dtel, Amy, others(?) I know there's a boys & their toys thing that goes on with us, but you and I'm sure many(most) females can hear just as well as their spouses, if not better!
  17. It is a far better world with ANY Klipsch in it, than none at all. So regardless of what line we have, it is ours and we appreciate it.
  18. I figure less than a foot and theres not piece of MDF that would survive even a KP 201 being bounced off it.LOL And the MDF that did survive would have the drivers shear off.[]
  19. This argument is easy to solve. Just drop any Heritage or Pro line on any Reference and then repeat the other way around. The survivor wins.[]
  20. I would advise that any potential buyer, take a good look at the link with the photos he provided and you may see a few reasons why this unit is curently the "ultra rare" zero watt version with the lowest noise floor and no THD at all! BEWARE!
  21. First pic is KP 250, second is early HIP. The KP 201 is not ported.
  22. Nice job! I still have to figure out what I am doing with my split LSI's and have the further chalenge of them being a natural finish. Still trying to decide if just a reveneer job is going to happen or if I will add a 1/4 inch to everything first.
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