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  1. Bought this ...love It http://www.shopping.com/sonax-b051lmt-milan/crdjTcUxBU6J7pgpDd-pGQ==/info
  2. Go with the SVS . I love my 10 inch isd'. I like how they stand behind their stuff. Any issues no questions asked it will be taken care of. Don't get me wrong HSU is top quality also... But I am very impressed with SVS ... I had to replace the volume control on my RSW 10 about a year ago... my PB10ISD has been rock solid since purchased.
  3. Id say go either RSW10 or go SVS I really like them both... As to which one is better Pretty close to a tie
  4. Didn't mean to start anything but every time I talk to friends (the ones who don't care about home theater) about Oppo Digital they look at me like I am saying Insigna or something. I live for movies and home theater. I am in the process of deciding on a new TV . I plan on moving the SXRD to the second smaller system along with the Oppo 83 and buying a 103
  5. This is a question I have been asked Why would you spend that kind of money ...when you can get a bluray player for a hundred bucks??? Nice purchase
  6. oldred

    eBay RSW-10

    Nope Didn't want to pay $ 500.00. Set my limit at $350.00 + shipping. I can remember in my younger days I would have played whatever it took. I'll keep looking.....hope there will be more
  7. oldred

    eBay RSW-10

    Thanks I was looking for another one
  8. I really like my Integra 40:1. I was thinking of the 80:1 but I was able to pick up the 40 for under 800.00 so I jumped on it. I went from the avp7 ( outlaw 990 clone) and can really notice the difference. Ended up buying another amp and moving the avp7 to another room. The only thing about the Integra's is the relay sound you get when changing sound formats . It is nothing bad .. but can be heard. They may have even have eliminated it in the newer series.
  9. Spend a much as you can ..while you got it. Rc-64 or Rc-62... The Rc- 62... I would think would be a better match for the Rf 82's. That all depends on what Emo gear you are thinking about...is it XPA or UPA?? It depends on how much room you have If you are thinking of going with the UPA series than I would would stick with the RC- 62. Spend the other half that you would spend on the RC-64 on a sub. Maybe one of the RSW series...or SVS
  10. Yea Ironsave I run an Asus 9600GT silent . I do a lot with TMT3 and ANYDVD. I still don't quite have this whole HDMI bitstreaming thing figured out yet.. I tried playing around with a couple Sapphire Radeon cards ( with Bitstreaming thru HDMI) I..but deceided to go back to Nvidia..Didn't care to much for Catalyst. So now I just use Toslink and Prologic IIx Movie. I ran Windows XP MCE 2005 for a long time You got to go Windows 7 and Media Browser. The user interface will blow you away compared to XP See Link http://www.mediabrowser.tv/ Sorry didn't mean to Hijack Post about Blu-ray player
  11. You Know ....Cal is right home theater PC's are difficult to figure and deal with all the issues. The question was (Need advice on a Blu-ray player) I say PS3 or Oppo Digital
  12. The best thing I ever did was go Media Center Pc . I also run Windows 7 Media Center And Media Browser. I have one of the best Blu-Ray players made (Oppo Digital) and since I went Media Center Pc I really don't use it . I stream Netflix ,Zinc and all Free internet TV and movies and everything is networked to all the other Pc's in the house. If you only want to spend a couple hundred than buy a ..stand alone blu-ray player. But for a couple hundred more you could put together a PC with a bluray in it. I kept putting it off for years....but after it was finished .. Glad I did
  13. Thinking about buying upa-7. Do I need a dedicated 15 amp circuit. All outlets in that room on same 15 amp circuit.
  14. I am new to this forum... I have been thinking about upgrading to seperates and looking at Emotiva also. What I can't figure is the price. Every other amp I have looked at is twice the price. I kind of checked out ATI, B&K, Adcom, I have read all the reviews on all the various magazine sites. Tough call I am missing the latest HDMI inputs and Bluray sound formats. I run my OPPO through the analog outs. I too am not sure about the processing of the Denon I have. I use to run a Sony DA4ES and have always felt it had more of a WOW factor than the Denon.
  15. I use Dish Network..not bad .If you want to try internet TV try this http://www.zeevee.com/zinc . It's pretty cool . It 's a free download and it has an interesting look. It puts internet TV all together
  16. I say it doesn't matter what you run as long as you can play bluray's on every screen in your house. I run Windows 7, Vista and MCE 2005 a couple times.
  17. I went from KG 5.5 to RF35 for the same reason. As long as you have a good sub.
  18. Just call me the new guy!! You got to start sometime. Yea. I have been looking at the UPA 7 for a few weeks. They extended the sale till the end of the month. I wish they had the processor finished
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