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  1. Heresy Type E crossover mod

    Well, first, the tweeter cap is downstream of the autoformer and is not affected by changing the tap. The tweeter is actually 8 ohms, so the 2 uF cap is correct, allowing for the hump in the K-77-Ms response. As produced, the woofer runs at 94 dB, the squawker at 98 and the tweeter at 99 dB. Cutting the squawker and tweeter 3 dB improves the balance, but it still has a climbing response curve. The parallel resistor is ONLY for experimental use. It will absorb some power meant for the squawker. If you like the effect, there is a better way.
  2. Heresy Type E crossover mod

    As this was just to be an experiment, that PE resistor is just fine. If you like the balance, there is a better way, with the benefit of being kinder to SET amps. If you don't like it, you've spent a pittance.
  3. Lascalas: king of imaging in the heritage line?

    Chris, can you post a picture of what you put around your K-402 mouths?
  4. Scoops, I've studied have small mouths and an irregular response curve (saw-toothed), plus poor low bass. I've used HIPs on top of KP-480s with an electronic crossover and the results were excellent. Unless you are just hankering for a construction project, I'd go with rebuilt HIP-IIs and a box sub.
  5. Preamps - purist or full featured

    I like to have tone controls to adjust the sound of a recording, but rarely use them. Perhaps a Pre with a bypass?
  6. Which way to go?

    There's nothing wrong with K-55-Ms. Replace when they fail. A Type AL-3 network is the better choice for your drivers. Flush mount your K-77-M tweeters, or change to K-77-F or other tweeters that mount flush with the front of the cabinet. That will reduce nastiness. Wrap the squawker horn with Dynamat or rope caulk.
  7. Super AA (Alk Jr) Exchange

    If you look at the graph above, the -V does it, too, just not as badly and ~1k Hz lower.
  8. Super AA (Alk Jr) Exchange

    All Atlas/Klipsch K-55-Vs have a response "bounce" around 9k Hz. The inductor tames that bounce a little. Plus, capacitors and inductors shift phase 90 deg., in opposite directions, so it's a minor attempt at reducing total phase shift and comes from an OLD "Loudspeaker Design Cookbook" I read in college.
  9. Dayton Planar Horn Tweets on LaScala

    Which crossover are you running? What horns on the DE120s? What does your room look like? Curtains? Floor? Size? Furniture? How are the speakers aimed vs. the walls? I'm running DE120s on Fastrac Horns and don't think they are hot, at all. Maybe less than K-77-Ms. Download this, play FM hiss through your speakers, record the response about 3 feet from the squawker and post the pic here.
  10. How many of you have no plans to get Atmos/DTS:X?

    I went from 6.4 to 5.4 in my new house and and already have the Den looking like a dorm room. There was so little programming for 7.x, I saw no point. Atmos will have to get a LOT more popular before I'd consider it. With Sound Bars being popular, I don't expect Atmos to do better than Betamax.
  11. K-22-k heresy woofer

    Could that be a K-22-R? "R" has been said to mean replacement as in warranty. If it is, a K-22-E, or K-22-EF will also be a good alternative.
  12. Super AA (Alk Jr) Exchange

    I bought an early pair of Al's A-series crossovers and liked the bass and midrange, but thought the tweeters were too HOT. I've collected several K-77/T-35 response curves. Note the "hump" in the response curve from about 4k to 9k and : Now, look at the type AA's tweeter filter's response. Since most K-55-Vs struggle to get to 6k Hz, what is wrong with the Type AA's filters? Were I you, I would rebuild your Type AAs with premium caps and air-core inductors and replace the T2A with a newer version and add a band-pass inductor on the squawker like below. I think you can get autoformers from Bob Crites. If you have square magnet K-77-Ms, or other tweeters, disconnect the KLiP diodes: I actually used a 0.35 mH instead of 0.4 as it calculates at a little higher frequency, but either will be just fine.
  13. How much Power does my AVR need?

    Hey Simon, Bi-amping your mains(?) won't help you unless you can use a delay to time align the HF to the woofer and you can bypass the internal crossover. It requires a crossover with the delay built in. Does your receiver have that capability? Most modern Klipsch are setup to bi-wire. I don't believe it has any sonic benefit as long as your speaker wires are large enough, others will disagree. Bi-amping is used in Pro Audio to get more power to the speaker array, but you don't really need that, either.
  14. Shout Out To Texas Coast!

    I have a friend in El Campo. Twenty-seven inches of rain and 15 forecast as of last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So far, his house is undamaged. As of last night areas in Houston had received 35", the height of a La Scala. I used to design storm water facilities. I cannot IMAGINE 42" of rain in 5-6 days. The 2010 Nashville floods were caused by 3 days of rain, with 13.5" falling in one 24-hour period, a 5000-year rain event for Tennessee. We were inches from losing 3 power plants. We all thought THAT was the second coming of Noah. Lord, Bless and Keep all those people in South Texas!!!
  15. 2018 Film Screening

    For some reason I was researching subwoofers and stumbled onto sketches of the Cervin-Vega Sensurround subs. I thought well shoot, Roy had done THAT! I remember going to see Earthquake; there was lots of 120-ish energy, but not as much waay low that you actually feel. I heard an earthquake once, but mostly I felt it.