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  1. Now put your 3rd sub in the center of the rear wall. Plus, I'd put the left sub along the left wall closer to the center of the left wall. The object it to even out the bass output throughout the room (no standing waves). Many subs sharing the load means lower cone excursion and lower distortion.
  2. Having done 1, then 2, then 4 subs, I am a big proponent of multiple subwoofers. I would have recommended 2 that were cheaper had I found this sooner. Try it near the center of your front wall, first. The componentry looks top-notch. Maybe you can add a 2nd after a while.
  3. Oh, not necessarily, though commonly a tube is used. many, if not most of the Altec ported systems used only an opening in the cabinet.
  4. I may be willing to bring my single walnut H700, 1E234, since it seems unlikely I will find a match. Looks like it is the 234th H700 (and Heresy?) made. Any interest? It looks very nice and sounds right, too. .
  5. More cowbell! Good! This will help you locate the subs. Mulitiple Subs - Number and Locations.pdf
  6. O.K. GF found this in her attic. Left by some previous owner. All tubes are "Made in U.S.A." and some may be originals (RCA rectifiers). The output tubes were changed to metal base 6L6s (one is broken) and the 12AU7 is now a 12AX7. We climbed back into the attic and there were no other components to match it. So, I guess she'll sell it. I can't use it without at least a preamp that is as rare as hen's teeth, or a mate. How fun it would be to have 5 to run my system with! But, then, the damping factor is a whopping 9! Compared to my Acurus amps, that would be clearly audible.
  7. Like many of the others, I think you should listen to them for a while, in good corners, before changing things. However, the original capacitors are no longer made, so direct replacements cannot be had. I don't even think you can find 2 uF Paper and foil In Oil (PIO) caps anywhere any more. OTOH, much better caps are available. The sign the caps need replacement is a dull, distant sound.
  8. They vary some, but as I remember, about 7 Ohms DCR is normal, but as long as it is playing, anything above 0 and below infinity is good.
  9. The Serial number is 171. ?!
  10. You could also make thee rear "wall" of the slant riser taller so the speaker won't slide off to the rear.
  11. I can't see the Squawker horn/driver but I believe you have what we have unofficially labelled Heresy 1.5s.
  12. I have been through a lot of that area and Terlingua, too, but did not meet your friends. "Found" a C&BP check point on that trip. Opened my shield and said "Ten-uh-seee" and got waved on with a "get outta here".
  13. This is my favorite ride, in west TX where it earned it's name Trans Continental Ballistic Missile. Fun to be had on the Cherohala Skyway on this little beastie!
  14. 2001 in Hope. I'm on the front row with Wm. James. 2006 End of Saddle Sore 1000 in Luckenback. Where ELSE would we go? 2015 covered in coal dust working at a power plant near Amarillo, TX. Retirement job, paid for new top for my convertible!
  15. Well done article.