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  1. Curious, what's the blue masking tape on the floor for?
  2. Well I think the AES standard is about 30 years old....that's back in the day
  3. That's what I thought but was not sure. What specifies this? I mean what standard? Back in the day there was no standard for pinout of XLR connectors. Then the AES(Audio Engineering Society) stepped in and spec'd pin 1 is ground, pin 2 is +(hot), pin 3 is -(cold). And still some manufacturers (some big like Emotiva) do not comply. It is just sad and causes headaches and wastes time.
  4. Curious is it specified what the tip, ring and sleeve of the 3.5mm jack are supposed to be? I mean what's left, right and common? I would assume the sleeve is common. I can definitely see the tip and ring getting mixed up and still passing a not so good test at a factory in China.
  5. Was posting at same time. Glad to hear you got it figured out. What a cluster.
  6. WT heck? Sorry time got away from me last night. Hopefully tonight I can hook it up. Glad to see ChrisA has responded, and yes he is correct your Xilica settings look fine.
  7. Well damn it's my Friday.. going to a microbrewery with a few gents from work in about an hour. Cheers
  8. what about those voices?
  9. Maybe, maybe not. All I know is my Jubilees do not sound like headphones. It is a different listening experience. Peace.
  10. I can hook it up tonight/tomorrow, I'm not home right now either. You did understand my suggestion of using just one output, first to the left input then to the right to make sure there is nothing else in your system mixing the signals?
  11. Not to the taxman.....ask me how I know
  12. FWIW just playing some music and making the judgement "yes it sounds OK" does not prove that only left channel information is getting to the left and right to the right.
  13. BTW do you have "REW 101" pdf. It's to big to attach here.
  14. Hmmmmm....doesn't make whole lotta sense. I spent a bunch of time with my laptop settings getting the L and R output levels to be equal when the REW generator was being used AND then came to the stark realization I would only be doing one channel at a time most of the time! So I am just going to use one of the outputs first plugged into the L channel then move that same output over to the R channel and proceed. That is what I also suggest that you try. Plug one of the outputs, as far as i know it doesn't matter which, into your left input and plug a dummy plug into the right input. You should then have absolutely no signal on the right. If you still have something on the right there is something else wrong going on. But if all is well proceed with getting the left channel set. Then switch the REW output over to the right input and put the dummy on the left. Now only the right should have signal. Proceed with getting the right channel set.
  15. This is a sticky wicket for sure. If you get an appraiser make sure YOUR labor costs are factored in somehow. In my situation the contents of the home are insured at 1/2 or 3/4 of the homes value, I can't remember which. In either case there is NO WAY the contents of my home are worth any where near that amount. And my HT and 2 channel rig are not jewelry or furs so I assume therefore they would be covered. Maybe that's a bad assumption and I should talk to my agent also.
  16. this question has only one answer....Kill it.
  17. No it was just close by. Many homes were threatened but the firefighters did an excellent job and NO homes were lost. Gracias a Dios.
  18. This device may work perfectly for you. Have fun.
  19. I got the same or similar on my answering machine about a week back. The social security "police" are after us...OH NOOOoooooooo......🤯
  20. Wet enough at times of the year for all kind of fuel to grow and then hot and bone dry. The good(?) satisfying(?), I'm grasping for the right word, thing is this time it was nature that started it. Lightning strike. Most time its some idiot.
  21. Well now the roads are back open i took some pix of the fire damage. Fire retardant to stop fire from jumping over to residential area Sad oaks but they'll come back I think were gonna need a new sign....and post. Zoom in on retardant
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