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  1. And the sense of the timeless is in our souls.
  2. Glenn, Tell Verna she will be in our prayers. My wife so enjoyed visiting (well me too) with her the past 2 pilgrimages. God Bless you both. Eric
  3. Hop on a plane...there in no time. It's flyover country anyway.
  4. Because of having to fly to this hoedown, I will be there from Wednesday night. Flip side is I have to leave early enough Sunday morning that I will not be able to go the venue.
  5. And you were young---it would kill you now. At least it would kill me. I'm with @polizzio F THAT! Oh and BTW it's global warming. 100 years ago it would have been -31
  6. It's all good....now. It were a long time ago OP asked for crazy, not necessarily funny stories.
  7. But was she YOUR WIFE during that time?
  8. Don't want to get to political here but after what we were put through, do I think illegal aliens should get free health care? F NO
  9. babadono

    What I Got Today!

    ^ tell'em it costed a dollar
  10. Took 10 mf'ing years to get my WIFE's (that is WIFE not 3rd cousin twice removed) US citizenship. Not a funny story but definitely crazy, know what I mean? "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you"
  11. No its just i don't pay that much for firewood
  12. Designer: Young un? is that how you pronounce his(her) name?
  13. Dat Dar is jus sum funy sheet $4500 Hee HAW
  14. babadono

    2024 Solar eKlipsch

    ......to know the sun what a thing to believe, but it's all around if we could but perceive.....
  15. babadono

    2024 Solar eKlipsch

    What, Forum friends aren't enough? But the sun that's a horse of a different color?
  16. babadono

    2024 Solar eKlipsch

    Went to Wyoming for the 2017 eclipse, my 5th one. The whole trip was a blast. I remember egging people on that were close enough to get in the path of totality. Close enough is not close enough, this ain't horseshoes. God willing I'll be with you all somewhere on the path of totality near Hope for the one coming up in 2024 @Mallette has talked about this already. Jeesh I'll be an old geezer by then
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