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  1. I have one K24 in usable condition and one that is severely damaged but rebuildable. Also, a pair of Networks. One has broken Imput terminal. Will anyone give me $80.00 or take in trade for AW 650's?
  2. Like The Dude said, Do you like Oak?
  3. I need one K 400 metal horn, is that what you have left? Thanks
  4. Heresy II cabinets with Tangent 400 components. Actually both speakers used the same. The cabinets were rough with an application of stain and lacquer that didn't turn out well. I have sanded and sanded and removed almost all the lacquer but water stains are still visible on top and stain is splotchy. With a little more work they could be ready for a nice coat of black or possibly stained or just about whatever someones skill level would allow? K24 cones have be damaged and repaired and are functional. These speakers are ready to play as is or turned into something much nicer. These cabinet had no serial numbers or stickers, just woofers and networks. All the components came from a pair of Tangent 400's which were a taller, ported cabinet designed to produce more bass using Heresy II drivers and networks. $200 for Speakers only. $250 for speakers with two extra K24 woofers and two Heresy II Networks. One of the spare K24's is badly damaged, one is good. One spare network has broken terminal, one is good. II
  5. Either flat against the wall or in the corners. Looks like you have two good corners so use them for the Cornwalls and let the rest fall where it may. Wish I had corners for mine but they do fine against the wall too. Home theatre is a different deal, I'm just talking two channel with a possible center to bridge in case that wall is too long. Paul wrote a lot about speaker placement so just google speaker placement for more ideas and good luck.
  6. I'll try to say this so it makes sense. Audiologist said the tenitius is caused by not hearing due to hearing loss, ok? High frequency was gone in both ears and almost everything sounded muddy. Hearing aids will restore the hearing she said and tenitius will be better. She was right but hearing aid are expensive, annoying to wear and they tend to pack in the wax if you have wax, some people don't. I tried them at an outdoor concert and was amazed, I was able to hear all the music again. I don't use them often but hearing loss and therefore, tenitius is reduced when I do. The volume can be turned down in loud surrounding and a wifi device is available that connects with phone so they can be used as ear buds that are calibrated to your hearing ability. Good Luck to all that suffer.
  7. Shorted speaker cable? Equipment can get damaged. I had a similar problem using a Yamaha receiver. After finding the short in the ceiling my Sub ended up damaged and the short was in one of the surround speaker wires, no explanation there? Good luck finding a fix
  8. Thanks for the photo. The round one looks like a pair I have. Not sure, but what you have may be a K 24.
  9. Does the round magnet version have a hole in the center of the magnet or solid?
  10. Mark, I too am looking for a close to 76-77 AA Network. I have a eighty something Industrial that came with an AL and want to match it up with my left and right. I don't know what to expect pricewise but maybe if some prices get put up for a pair we could grab um up. I'll be traveling to Augusta soon so If you end up with an extra Network I'll stop by. Kindest Regards, Larry
  11. The credenzas are most likely found at the thrift stores or hiding in the storage rooms at any office building. Sorry to get off topic.
  12. A single CW? Haven't seen a lot of those. I just got a pair I'm using for two channel and love um. Anyway, good luck neighbor. Larry
  13. Good with KG series too I believe.
  14. I like the idea of taming the mids a little, and not having to open up the hf section of that industrial. Can I get to -6 by using different caps or some other modification in the AA's? I'm taking a risk here of asking a dumb question but this info is so helpful.
  15. Thanks John and BeFuddledInMn. This is just what I needed to get the priorities in the right order. First thing would be re-fresh the AA's, look for another one for center and put the AL in a box in case the next owner wants to go back to original. Mostly music by the way, CD's and Vinyl. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Larry
  16. No, no issues Schu, they sound good although I am about convinced the caps need replacing so while I'm at it maybe some inexpensive, easy mods that will benefit their performance. Does anyone know if the AA's and the AL's crossover at the same frequency and if so is that something to try to correct. Thanks MookieStl, I'm thinking the same in regards to the AA's
  17. Several years ago I added a split LS for center (AL Crossover) between my 76 non industrial LaScalas (AA Crossovers). Since it seems to be the opinion of most that capacitors are way past due for replacing and tweeter and midrange titanium diagram upgrades might be in order, I wanted to ask should I be thinking about any modifications (component swaps) to get a better match between the three. I'm guessing the woofers are different also (33's in the non industrials vs 43's in the split)? Not anxious to spend a lot but don't want to miss out on any inexpensive improvements. Thanks in advance for comments and suggestions. Larry
  18. Glad to hear all is good. Parting with those would break my heart, and they look so at home in that room. GLWS
  19. Free storage in Chattanooga. They would be right at home with my three. Wife is lao. Seriously though, I get the feeling selling these is painful for you so my sympathy goes out for you. Larry
  20. Please consider the Klipsch Museum for the photos and such. That would honor your grandfather as well as preserving a piece of audio history. As mentioned before, ask the Historian. Personal thanks for sharing. Larry
  21. Sad to see you having to drop this so low. Location you think?
  22. Road trip route change to Colorado later this month will include Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City and I -70 into Colorado. PM me for dates if interested.
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