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  1. https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/dog-fights-coyote-saves-girl-toronto-7420565/
  2. how much are you comfy spending
  3. Carl , ask them to quote you the shipping via Royal Mail /the rates are lower , Service is about 1 Week -10 days to the USA -
  4. these should do https://willys-hifi.com/products/4-ohm-l-pad-attenuator-50-watts?keyword=4 ohms lpad https://willys-hifi.com/products/4-ohm-l-pad-attenuator-100-watts?keyword=4 ohms lpad
  5. https://willys-hifi.com/collections/l-pad-attenuators/products/4-ohm-l-pad-attenuator-100-watts
  6. the older K-horns that are veneered with Rosewood are spectacular , and unobtanium these days
  7. do you remember who inherited @Daddy Dee 's speakers
  8. The Ashly XR-1001 ( Ashly RX-1001 ) is a 2 way Stereo crossover or a 3 way Mono crossover as is , you are running correctly as a 2 way https://ashly.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/xr-1001-r10.pdf
  9. Mrs Valerie Klipsch,
  11. Arto , what brand amp is this ?
  12. The LS speakers are worth 2500-3k$ , the veneer adds 1500$ , so 4 to 5k$ .. .2 small items require a Correction - -the Mids horns are the split-welded , you can see the seam , the k-401 plastic or the one -piece metal k-400 horn without a seam , would look a lot better - -the badges are aftermarket , worth about 15$ , a pair of Original klipsch coppers badges would stand out .
  13. the issue sounds like a defect with the speaker , the amp is working correctly with other speakers , so the amp is not the issue although under-powered , Hopefully ,klipsch will send out a replacement speaker or a New replacement part asap -
  14. reach out to the Speaker Exchange -----https://reconingspeakers.com/
  15. in NYS , when they repair a State road , if such an event happens , they redo the repairs at the Contractor' s expense or the contractor must redo the job all over again , you cant get away with shoddy asphalt work in NYS
  16. questions 1)- Are these speakers under klipsch Warranty - 2)- do you have another amplifier to test the KL-650 - 3)- do you have a 2nd set of speaker wires , you can try 4)- is the crackling sound the same in both speakers ?
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