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  1. the KD-16 was available in 2021 , but quantities were limited ,you can always PM @Chief bonehead as a last resort
  2. Here's the reply from Klipsch Product Support ... Part number/description: 1000595 - KD-16 (M) (NO STOCK) , " we no longer have stock of that item due to age of the product (as it has been discontinued and/or is no longer in production) " ......................... I think the KD-15-ST is an option to consider , previous forum members were impressed with this newer drone 's sound , it fits tight , and minor adjustments are needed to make it perfect with a dremel tool , it's a tad larger on the outer rim but not by much. the pictures are from a previous member's Chorus II installation of the Forte III drone .
  3. it's OO1 , klipsch supplied capacitors are recommended by klipsch , sold by klipsch , and used by klipsch in all their new speakers , klipsch make these products available to Forum members who wish to restore their crossovers at an affordable price . .@JEM Performance https://jemperformanceaudio.com/capacitor-kits - klipsch capacitors restore the original klipsch sound in older crossovers without requiring to replace additional parts regardless of whether the networks are 40-45-50 years old .
  4. the seller has not been on the Forum since Sept 4 -2019
  5. it's OO1 , some people think ( myth ) that the older inductors , wiring ,caps require replacement , while the Original klipsch 40 year old parts actually test better on specs versus new 3rd party parts that do not match klipsch specs , the result is a speaker that no longer sounds like a klipsch speaker .
  6. It aint a klipsch upgrade , but a DIY with aftermarket parts
  7. the aftermarket recones will cost more money after expenses vs new ones , and they may not even sound like klipsch drones .
  8. 2 years working on transport Chinooks in an action zone , now that 's some serious work experience
  9. nope , the AL-5 / LS II do not produce tremendous vibrations , and I will tell you why ? klipsch use anechoic chambers since 1980 to test their designs in order to route out issues such as vibrations , 1 inch MDF is overkill , the LS-II / AL-5 do not vibrate , they are over engineered .
  10. OO1


    the 49 ers better eat lotsa Cheerios , the Detroit freight train is comin
  11. the K-27 is a 6 Ohms woofer , it's not an 8 Ohms woofer
  12. dont buy anything till this summer , klipsch are coming out with 4 new subs , S-M-L-XL for the Heritage series , ..... horn loaded Vented LF.....similar cabinet design as the 36k$ Jubilee .......Self-powered with DSP ,
  13. here you go https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-rp-3-6-5-midwoofer-k-1081-s-120640/ https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k-1126-0-woofer-for-rs-35-120655/
  14. FYI we do not discuss cloned speakers on the Forum , the klipsch Heresy 1 is a phenomenal speaker , but so is the Heresy III-IV
  15. OO1


    Baltimore-Houston 24-10 , lights out for the Texans , Lamar Jackson all the way
  16. email klipsch parts , indicate the serial numbers of your speakers https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  17. no , we dont know if that is the case , but we do know that upgrades to revamp some of the older Heritage speakers are in the works
  18. Steve , in the late 80's PWK's priority was designing Big Horns and the Chief was tasked to get the job done , the Epic CF-4 horn predates the CW IV by 3 decades , it is the Corn-Scala ....CW IV horn with a twist , the addition of Mumps by Rojelio Delgado Jr .
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