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  1. do you have pictures of the scalas - to see what they look like and most important after seeing these - what they sound like -
  2. what the hell -let's help the man -ok for me -
  3. OO1

    RIP Alvin Lee

    he could certainly play one mean electric guitar non-stop -his fingers were like automatic machines RIP Alvin Lee
  4. trippy answer - o-rings in the mid driver - can I see a picture - 2) furniture grippers - great idea - are these the round or square rubbers - and do you have a picture
  5. the business card is very fuzzy - do you have a better picture - I am curious as to what the title says under PWK'S name - technical advisor - please advise -
  6. thanks Bruce, yeah that's right. the veneer will look totally different (hopefully better) when a finish is applied. yes that's another project I just finished. it was inspired by Magico Mini a 30K bookshelf. there is a timeline reports if you are interested: part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mini-phase (3).jpgmini-phase (10).jpgmini-phase (11).jpg I will not be surprised if your speakers win prizes in recognition for a very high quality audio device -thanks for sharing with us your prized projects -
  7. great job - is this the same speaker that was unpainted - wow - what tools are you using for this - looks great -
  8. great job , it looks a lot safer now for your family -
  9. YEP -he was a pioneer in a world that was changing rapidly - a very humble , kind person , considerate of others - and mostly a genius in sound -
  10. here is what they look like That's interesting... I don't believe I've ever seen those. What is the exact model name/number? Thanks for posting the photo. it is a Heresy 2 way for theater surround use, 7Khz roll-off. , badges at the back would say HERESY -
  11. it would be cheaper and a lot less trouble to just buy the kP101 -
  12. The consumers are just tougher to satisfy in Europe and Asia , Australia is just as advanced as Japan or the UK , bad quality does not sell no matter what , some of the best recordings come from Germany as well - The consumers are protected by very strict laws for quality controls , any lower quality is rejected at the source and if bad quality is found on the market below the standards , there are very heavy fines -
  13. real nice looking speakers - they should sell quickly at that price -good luck
  14. I was under the impression that H2 was MDF -I have a set of H1 and these are plywood for sure -
  15. Iffy with the rail gun. Note the weapon remains steered until it strikes. At Mach 10, faster than the Mach 7 dumb projectile being aimed at an assumed point of contact and as those projectiles are kinetic contact must be made. The DF-21 need only jag a couple of feet to evade it. The laser is a FAR better terminal defense weapon. The DF-21 is, to quote the video, the "sitting duck" at Mach 10 compared to the speed of light. Poke a little hole in it and it's toast. Main point, however, is that all physical weapons are near obsolescence. I am not prescient nor a great mind. But I have always read a lot from a variety of sources and am pretty good at piecing intel together. Some 30 years ago I saw a series of pictures from a REAL thinker that started with the first non-contact weapon, a thrown stone. Then the launching stick, which increased range and force, next the sling shot which increased range and force even more...etc, etc, to the cannon and the ballistic missile. His whole point was that even the most sophisticated ICBM or DF-21 was basically an improved rock. See what I mean? His message really sunk in to me and was part of the process I have gone through of realize our science is not only not that advanced, it's very crude. We are just on the verge of real science and technology. The interesting thing is that science does not predict or project directed energy weapons capable of the kind of wholesale destruction of nuclear bombs. That is encouraging, because what they DO accomplish is simply making any weapon requiring physical delivery a dead issue. As always, ready to learn and hear dissenting views supported by available evidence. Learning is what I am about. Dave the railgun is here to stay whether as a launching mechanism or gun , one intricate advance in safety is that magazine housing explosions alike the Arizona will be eradicated
  16. are the motorboards ok -- if yes - save them - I would think the H2 cabs being MDF , it should not be expensive to replace the panels rather than repairing these -
  17. and the air -for travel http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2010-11/nasa-engineers-propose-combining-rail-gun-and-scramjet-fire-spacecraft-orbit
  18. the weakest systems of this gun can hit a target 240 miles away in 64 seconds -if a DF-21's is a threat , this gun will take it down -
  19. Third choice-Send me a PM. I'll reply with my email. I can get the badges from Klipsch and mail them to you. You could reimburse me by PayPal. It would cost you very little. It would be my way of paying forward the favor done for me by Budman. Wow, you'd really do this? Thank you so much, I'll PM you! I 'll second DizROTUS anytime - shipping by USPS is peanuts to Europe -klipch sells the last badge -fourth down - pie shape alike the Heresy 3-cornwall 3 -khorn -Scala2 -peel-and stick with 3M -the top one is a glue on --
  20. 100% YES, unless you are using a mechanical aiming device like the analog computers on the Iowa class battleships. I hope we have developed shielding, but I recall that it is extremely difficult to shield against very high yield EMP such as from a nuclear device, either manmade or solar. Dave Dave , modern day ships are designed to whithstand EMP attacks , we call it - EMP HARDENING , EMP has no effect on modern combat systems ,Military electronics in the last while have all components contained in an enclosure which ensures than any excess static and EMP like discharge is shunted to ground prior to to reaching sensative electronics and all interactivity plugs are connected via grounded plugs -
  21. I cant see any defects in the wood - did you fix these up yourself - Nope I purchased them this way and then spent some time just wiping them off with warm damp cloth over and over. There are a few marks and also the veneer has split at the top of one but not enough to even allow me to glue it. use PVA glue before it gets worse - these speakers have a birch veneer on plywood -as it lifts , it dries and cracks -all these 1979 's do that in the back -
  22. great deal for sure - good for a small home theater
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