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    WTB: La Scala

    Wow, congrats, great looking system you have there! You have a beautiful listening room to enjoy the LS. I've also been a big fan of Yam 'Natural Sound' amps for years, using a CA2010 controlled by a Carver C4000 pre-amp. Enjoy! are any of these class A amplifiers Yes, the CA-2010 and its little brother CA-1000,1010 can be run in Class A. In Class B the CA-2010 puts out about 120wpc; in Class A only about 30wpc, and the amp gets siginificantly warmer when in A mode. Spec-wise, Class A supposedly offers warmer highs and a tighter bass, but my ears aren't able to discern the difference. Your mileage may vary, of course .Class A amplifiers are the best out there -and the most expensive - congrats on the amps - running so hot can damage an amplifier that is not true CLASS A - and do very serious damages as well , as ALL components are run at maximum, output all the time - any damage aslo requires the replacement of a lot of parts -and most technicians have a hard time reparing class A amplifiers -
  2. Actually the idea is not nutty at all , a lot of big band Technicians do that all the time while they are on tour as spare drivers are not always available - they hear the rubbing and they have jigs to re-align the cones -if I remember well - the EVM series woofers have the voice coil as a seperate part for over 30 years -
  3. gfong, The original square magnet woofers you have now are better than the new K-33E round magnet ones. Personally I would have the one you have fixed if possible by a competent professional or recone both. Bob Crites replacement woofer was designed around the K-33E square magnet woofer from my memory. I've owned multiple pairs of Klipschorns and LaScalas at the same time. My brother in law lives about 5 miles from me and owns Klipschorns as well. I took a LaScala over to his house and we personally switched out and A/Bd the K-33E round magnet woofer, the K-33E square magnet woofer, a Crites steel frame woofer, a K-43E steel framed woofer, a K-43E Cast frame woofer, a K-44E cast frame woofer, and an Electro Voice EV 15W-K woofer. The K-33E in square and round were used of course in Klipschorn, LaScala, etc., K-43s were used in Pro LaScala, and MWMs, the K-44E was used in Pro Klipschorns = TSCM, and the Electro Voice EV 15W-K was used in early Klipschorns (the "K" denotes Klipsch) The Electro Voice EV 15W-K sounded the best to both of us, and I am going to be selling a pair of these that have been fully restored shortly, but you are talking several times the money of the Crites cast frame woofers. PM me for pictures and a price, but I wont be able to reply until Friday. I know a reconer in Ft. Wayne, Indianna that is the only guy authorized by Electro Voice to recone their obsolete speakers that's work cannot be compared to anyone elses and he could fix or recone your speaker or speakers correctly. His name is Tom and his phone number is 260-494-1677 Roger hi - Roger - can you send us a picture of this EV 15W-K - is this a 4 ohms speaker - or 8 ohms - just curiouds to see this beast - I always fancied EV products - they absolutely sound great versus the Eminence - by the way - Klipsch is making woofers , that was shown in the Hope Gathering this year - as well as new mids for the SCALA - I am curious if KLIPSCH will have a replacement in house made K33 - thanks a lot Roger - one can see that quality was once not an object - those EV woofers were just the best for KhORNS
  4. Probably if used standing up, they probably stood them up for a picture, they are made to lay down. I really like how they made the new Ki 362 where the direction of the horns can be changed. Being made to be mounted either way for commercial instillations it makes things much easier, or to lay down for a center channel. pro quality Studio monitors are all designed where the direction of the horns can be changed -here are the best out there - the KLEIN HUMMEL , simply by removing the 4 screws and rotating the mids and tweeters assembly
  5. for sure - The proof is that regular Cornwalls are time aligned - plus if you add a k400 to a Cornwall - Voila - super Cornwall - super midrange - the horizontal plane is the ideal for sound quality - Now - if you lay the CW VERTICAL on it's side like in this picture - the horns are in perfect alignment and must definitely sound a lot better than a CW vertical standing upright - -dont forget that most JBL and EV were designed with the woofer and the drivers in the vertical plane - so maybe PWK was trying to ride this wave as well until he finally went for the Horizontal placement as the ideal
  6. OO1

    WTB: La Scala

    Wow, congrats, great looking system you have there! You have a beautiful listening room to enjoy the LS. I've also been a big fan of Yam 'Natural Sound' amps for years, using a CA2010 controlled by a Carver C4000 pre-amp. Enjoy! are any of these class A amplifiers
  7. the vertical Cornwalls with grilles are to me more appealing than the non-grilled CW Decorator - it's a lot cleaner look - wow are these nice - Klipsch really did a very nice job with that design
  8. OO1

    What I Got Today!

    are you going to climb mountains - or just off road - nice bike - should last you a lifetime - or a million miles
  9. OO1

    What I Got Today!

    crash bars are essential to protect ones legs and in this case the cylinders as well -just as long as they dont interfere with the cooling fins - plus these have liwuid cooling so that should be fine
  10. yeah -all you have is to edit your profile -
  11. nice veneers - 2k $ FAIR PRICE -
  12. modern amps all pretty much sound the same - class D amps are not the best -however - try a class A and you will never go back -
  13. double that - they grow in the North country -
  14. OO1

    WTB: La Scala

    AWESOME AMPLIFIER - I recently missed one for 100$ -
  15. ok - so does anyone know why so many NJ teachers are retiring - I 'll tell you why - they want to get out while they still can -and enjoy the benefits that come with a good pension plan before it get's cut -
  16. hunting is my guess - last time I saw him - he was up in Alaska
  17. OO1

    What I Got Today!

    last time I bought Jubilees - my wife flipped - but when I told her that they were a gift to her - she smiled and locked mer out of the stereo room for a whole week -
  18. zero sound difference at nominal sound - plus the Square magnets should sound better - you are downgrading - Alnico K77 round magnets demagnertise with time - ferrite square unirts dont - square units hit 16khz - round 12-13 max - That's what I heard, too. Note: My Khorns and Belle have square magnets, but I have some old round ones in the bedroom. They, too, "hit" 16 K, but not as loudly, I guess -- I've never done an AB comparison with REW. That depends if the round magnet K77 tweeter would have the copper beryllium leads - if they do they can hit 16k - otherwise they simply blow - while the square K77 with standard leads can hit 16k and not blow -
  19. The forum got a real technical analysis from the AEA guys - by a technically expert team that started a whole revolution in the sixties with Bands like the Allman Brothers - Here is a link to their history and humbleness - in comparison with other push-overs who are nothing other that Bullshit experts - http://aeaaudio.com/legacy-page/
  20. The AEA name resounds with high quality -we still remember the gear -no mistake as to who started it all -
  21. OO1

    Any Boxing Fans?

    lousy fight - they never got into any kind of great boxing - what a lousy - boring - bullshit fight
  22. yeah - 1250 big ones for 30$ of veneer and a pair of H2 -
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