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  1. Mark recently repaired my JM Peach and Tercel. The Peach sounds great! Thanks Mark!
  2. That's totally true! Let me tell you, I purchased a used Firstwatt amp from ebay that made a thunking noise when you turned it on. It was like the noise that happens when you turn on a high current bus, like in a factory but on a much smaller scale. I didn't want to return it because it sounded great. So, I looked on the Firstwatt webpage for some sort of customer service email. There was a single email address and it turned out to be Nelson's personal email address. He graciously explained what he believed may be causing it and was certain it wasn't a problematic issue. Although he encouraged me to send the amps in to the shop to have them checked out under warranty. Talk about being customer service oriented!
  3. Very impressive! I'm a relative newbie to Nelson Pass's designs. I appreciate his work but I'm not even close to a "Nelson Pass groupie". Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  4. Henry, To clarify this, you built the 2017 Sony Vfet amp? https://diyaudiostore.com/collections/power-amplifier/products/sony-vfet-circuit-boards And the 2021 Vfet amp offering? https://guides.diyaudio.com/Guide/Sony+Vfet+(P+2021)/15?lang=en Have you built any of the other Firstwatt DIY amps?
  5. I built 2 ACA amp's, set them up as monoblocks with XLR inputs and linear power supplies. They are impressive little amps! Then I built an F-5, F-6, B1K preamp and finally an Aleph J. They all sound great and are improvements over the ACA's. I'm currently using two Firstwatt F8's. They sound really good and are definitely an improvement over the Aleph J, which was my favorite of all the DIY boards that I built. Who knows what a couple of Sit-4's will sound like? I might have to find out when they become available.
  6. That's what it's all about isn't it? Good luck if you were in this hobby for the money! Greg Roberts did it. I have no idea how much profit Greg Roberts makes with Volti Audio. He is still in business? I did a quick cost analysis on selling my Volti components. I figure I could easily ask for 1/2 of the current list price. Which comes to somewhere in the ballpark of $2300-$2500. Then I'd have to purchase the original K-horn components and determined it's probably not worth all the hassle and it would certainly be a lot more fun just listening to them.
  7. If that's true, I could sell the Volti components and then sell the khorns I'd be doing well? You really think it's possible?
  8. Volti Khorns sound incredible! I own a pair of mid-70's with the Volti wood tractrix horns, BMS mid-range drivers and Beyma cp-25 tweeters. Even the asking price of $12,500.00 isn't so outrageous considering the sound quality, Hawaiian Koa veneer and the current price of KLIPSCHORN AK6 / LA SCALA AL5. Klipsch Klipschorn AK6 Loudspeaker (each) – Upscale Audio Klipsch La Scala AL5 Loudspeaker (each) – Upscale Audio
  9. Actually, originally it was a byproduct from the aluminum smelting process. The manufactures didn't know what to do with it. Considering it was extremely toxic (as in poisonous ☠️), adding it to the water was the only logical thing to do. These days there's tons of fluoride that needs to be "safely" disposed of by the fertilizer industry. So, they employ the old "get rid of the toxic by-product" by putting it in the water trick. Take a minute to read this spot on article: Fluoride Action Network | The Phosphate Fertilizer Industry: An Environmental Overview (fluoridealert.org)
  10. Why hasn't the public been informed that a drug is being added to the water? "According to the FDA fluoride, also known as sodium fluoride, is a drug." Fluoride In Our Water: Informed Consent and Medical Ethics (showerfilterstore.com) What about informed consent laws? Nuremberg Code - Wikipedia
  11. Take fluoride, most everyone has some knowledge that it is toxic and that it's added to the water. Did you know it's also added to bottled water? Or that it's used in most processed foods; canned goods, soups, juices...
  12. Hey Jordan, Good to see that you're still kicking! I'd like to sell them, how about a "buy back"? https://imgur.com/WYgonwU
  13. Today I dropped of my JM Peach preamp and JM Tercel phono preamp at Fort Worth Audio. To ensure the repairs go smoothly Mark assembled an in-depth list of technical references for the technician. FT WORTH AUDIO - Home
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