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  1. The looks of that driver in the sub really set it off. Nice build. That thing should be in the museum of bass. It should be taken on a road trip so everybody can hear it
  2. This sub should give new meaning to the song welcome to the machine. Im glad there arnt many people like you CEC & mxrdad around or subwoofers would become illegal That thing is killer!!
  3. I have to look into this baby a little more but man it looks like it could absolutely reek havic on a medium sized community
  4. That looks like the bottomless pit of bass The lil wrecker appears to be the shrine&epitome of/to the world of low frequency . That driver really sets it out from the any other, as if it needed help. Its a work of art. Should be illegal The limitless bass machine
  5. Like derrickdj1 said it is unlikely things will change. It will obviously be louder but unnecessary. Louder may suit you though.
  6. It just looks flawless. kinda like a dream. and sure enough would sound like one too!
  7. both are listed as max acoustic output 121db the lascala should actually be 25% louder and I have seen written specs for the lascala at 103db
  8. Untrue. Iv replied to you before with and about this exact same statement with this reply. Max watts from chorus ii is 1000 watts so with a lascala maxed at its 400 watts the chorus ii is actually louder maxed out at 1000 watts. If you go by specs. Also some lascalas are 103db so that would change a bit and so on If you are young or old and hear something as profoundly exquisite as a khorn or a lascala horns response you will likely be drawn to the either of them, maybe not. Likewise for many fellows who are accustomed to direct radiating low freq then they will be drawn to that, or not. Both are very good. At different points in an individuals life one may sound better than another
  9. years ago I didn't know klipsch made anything other than a kg .5. I spent so much time&money on other setups and once ebay came around I realized I could pick more .5's up. About 5 years ago found a package deal and what a surprise they all were. Its a bit blurry from there on(should be the other way lol)but iv tried nothing but klipsch models now for about 2 years. kg 5.5 mains is perfect so are .5 surrounds. Any you find to fill in spaces its fun to test and swap for new kg's or anything klipsch.
  10. Absolutely no doubt. I used a pair of kg 2's stacked for quite some time between some fortes and it sounded better to me than an academy. The kg 2's I might ad are 4ohms so running 2 kg 2's together equals 8 ohms I love the kg line and ran through several very costly non klipsch setups and always returned to kg .5's because they sound so good. I even preferred using 5 kg's .5's in a 5.1 setup more than a kv1 center. Still have a 5.1 setup in another room based from that system from about 20 years ago Regardless 3.5's are keepers. The kg line is far better than many people give it credit for. If there are quality kg's around 20 more years from now I can imagine using them between now and then contently.
  11. good point. I have seen a few large tube amps that had trouble powering planars and heard of others failing
  12. I understand how you are with matching your equipment but the 1700 and 1800(yes they are dvd players but very good cd players)sound just as good on cd as anything. I have both and have used oppo and used a Yamaha 2000 and there are some differences most is the sabre dac. the 1700 and 1800 both use the 4 burr brown dac and sound incredibly good for about $100. My primary playback is cd and the 17&1800 are very good sleepers for sound quality. I do use several other cd players for other functions but my go to sound quality player is the 17&1800
  13. I wish you the finest blessing in this time of sorrow
  14. k61 is the chorus ii/forte etc mid After critically listening to any certain speaker it seems like small&large characteristics with noises get so magnified in our ears especially with high efficiency. With live recordings I found myself pulling drivers and its in a recording etc I'll step back. You and others are far better at descriptions. That said, after hearing nothing other than klipsch for about a year the k69&402 are so exquisite. As is the 400/77. They are in a league of their own obviously. That said, the chorus 2 is in my opinion the next best choice especially for indoors.
  15. What recording is making the sound?
  16. I see. And it makes sense quite a bit in the case with this xxx15&18. Them are huge. Hopefully that calms that thought down a bit lol
  17. beeker

    Audio Reviews

    If you can review equipment occupationally and you leave bad comments such as "dull and compromising" manufacturers will avoid letting you review their equipment. If it be free lp's, shirts or money added to the ability to review equipment you will learn fast to leave "best bang for buck" on reviews. Which I believe "best bang for buck" means its sucks or the reviewer is dull and compromising. It no doubt means it is compromising The one and only way to know what works for you is to hear it. Measuring has benefits and makes it an easy starting point
  18. Reading posts from when you ran 684's in comparison I cannot imagine you would accept anything not horn loaded for extended low frequency. and understandable. I still feel it is a much better choice mixing horn low frequency with horn extended low freq. any type of direct ext low freq gets old imo. its just so force-able or harsh overall I have heard re xxx12's and other v15's in cars and they are wonderful machines. The xxx15 is nearly equal to the 18 in capable numbers accordingly and possibly reach even lower. Take a look at numbers on the re site. I wonder what usable power one of these can do in an enclosure like an 1802. Or in a simple folded horn design. likely not necessary but may prove invaluable usable ext low freeq
  19. Big one but not exactly died Syd Barret pink Floyd Layne Staley alice n chains(not sure if I seen it mentioned) Hit me in hippie days but may of not been super surprising Jerry Garcia
  20. As others have stated in other threads some time/s ago on the klipsch forum is extended low frequency in back of you works wonders and a must. My setup is overwhelming in the front so another on the back wall works so nice. I can make 2 rocking chairs rock like somebody is rocking them. Im sure several around here can do the same A sealed 15 in the center of each of 4 walls on the floor would be more than perfect in the larger than average room. then 2 ported 18's up front in corners and 2 sealed 15's in back which is a very good concept best setup if possible would no be no doubt multiple horn loaded extended low frequency units evenly distributed in the room if possible center of each wall spreading extended low frequency units around a room evenly is the goal and helps create premium extended low frequency. Spreading extended low frequency producers around a room as good as possible is a must. 2 in the front corners is good but adding more units within a room helps expand bass evenly within a room such as 2 more in the back corners. Tons of extended low frequency on one side of the room and not the other will normally exhaust itself. Once a unit that is in the back of the room is tuned to the room it proves itself easily. It is sort of like surround sound only for extended low frequency. It will truly prove itself better than shoving 30 units up against the wall. Those 30 up against the wall will produce a ton of extended low frequency but it will produce an extended low frequency bubble of waves that is not evenly distributed. Distributing those units evenly within a room will make sound quality and response much better. Simply putting 2 units in each corner then 2 units in the middle of each wall will sound better than 30 shoved up against the wall. Better than 30 up against the wall is 30 in each corner and in the middle of each wall total of 150 units. Maybe a room where the walls are made of drivers. Myself I would chose 15's lol then you could toy with the idea of covering the ceiling area and then to the floor possibly...I think you get the idea....this would produce the best possible sound quality Distribution of units is simple and is key for quality extended low frequency. my room is about 400sq ft so calculations tell me I need would it be 240 15's or easier yet approx. 200 18's give or take. Better yet and maybe easier a room with al dts 10's on each wall would be ample. A room squared off with k1803's would be very comparable and choice at that point may be taste. You would not know till you tried lol This is both the answer to sitting in a any room and producing best possible quality extended low frequency. It is not overkill and it does not have coverage issues.
  21. I like afroman but wow dude may need to chill. But at the same time in all honesty wonder what happened before if that chick was an issue while climbing onstage. Iv seen some crazy ish as many of us have at concerts etc but wow dude was having a bad day
  22. When I was younger I definitely pushed some receivers to the max. Now days with the money spent on receivers, amps and speakers its just not worth even possibly damaging anything. I have seen others push gear to the limit beyond what I ever imagined. Not trying to suggest going for it because a working quad k33 set is a good $400+ I would say hold on and grab a pre&amp. Anything that works. Watch for an adcom pre and snag a crown xls or a qsc or who knows for anywhere from $50 to $100 or so. Iv bought 2 different adcom preamps for $75. The one guy offered to sell the one for less, both with remotes. About 2 years ago I bought a basically brand new crown xls402 for $75. Bought a real nice rebuilt bgw750 for $40. And so many more. Anything pre that functions well with pre outs then a 4ohm pro power amp
  23. Thanks for sharing. Rest in peace. Deepest sympathy to family. Such a great institute. Never go too far without a pair of Grado
  24. Yes. The "send" rca's will provide pre-out's from your receiver. Hook the "send rca's" to a power amp then speaker wires to the preamp.EDIT:TYPO. AMP not pre Not trying to rain on your parade... but if the jumper is marked "accessory", it may simply be a fixed, line level "tape loop". They were provided so that you could insert an equalizer or other sound modifier into the signal path.Problem is, unlike a true pre-out/amp-in jumper, the voltage level passing through the jumpers is fixed and would NOT change when the volume control is used. So, if you do use them, take some precaution... Because you may end up sending a signal through the amp/speakers that is essentially "volume turned ALL the way up". I wondered but was sure I had hooked an amp up to a big silver 70's Yamaha receiver that had the same jumpers and marked the same way as accessory. Good catch. I was going to mention or post a pic(I cannot post pics on this new forum format)to see what anybody else said if they were pre outs for an amplifier or not. They are marked accessory and in the input section of the receiver so I am surely wrong. Sorry man if I jumped the gun. Glad this thread is getting good attention. I want to say try running the speakers straight from the receiver speaker wire leads? 4ohms would be pushing it but I have seen much worse. It may end up actually only be pulling 5-6ohms in the end. I really doubt below 4 ohms which below 4ohms would be too low.
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