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  1. It looks like Zim took his ads down. He is a standup member who was / is thinning his herd.
  2. It's easy to post some pictures here.
  3. Can't wait to see them. Congrats on your daughter's wedding.
  4. You're mighty thoughtful. If you were closer, I would, maybe, take you up on your offer. These are black. I would love to have these veneered in some natural wood. My first was the CF4 V1 in Cherry. The CF3 was V2 in Walnut. I hope the buyers didn't make the same mistake that I did.
  5. I am out of space. There is a large list of things that need to go, but the CFs are not at the top of said list. I wasn't using the CFs I had before so I sold them, and then had seller's remorse. I am trying again.
  6. I now have more CF3 and CF4 back in the house. I have been enjoying the CF3, haven't had the time or space for the CF4, yet.
  7. Sadly, very few people here are talking about changing anything that is Klipsch. Your question will be better posted on AK. They have a Klipsch Korner page and that's where a lot of the information is. Good luck.
  8. @John Chi-town, I hope you have free drink refills. I agree with both sides of this topic, to a point. This isn't the place to promote violence and chit. Understandably, this isn't the place for competitors to advertise their offerings. IMHO, some rule changes went too far. Bob Crites was here and freely sharing information that helped numerous Klipsch supporters. He offered solutions that were not offered by others and, IIRC, never badmouthed Klipsch or the products. Now we can't mention his name or Crites offerings. Rules such as that have strangled this forum to death and it shows. Neither Covid nor a prima-donna behavior by forum members made this place a ghost forum. A little debate is healthy and informative, plus being able to talk about the competition's offerings shows Klipsch's superiority or an area that needs improvement, such as the Mumps in the horns and CW4. just my 2 cents
  9. This work was supported by the DOE Office of Science. Other authors include Brandon Fisher
  10. Here is a link to Corey's page
  11. Like you, I have been fortunate enough to have / (had) the I, 1.5 and II. I still have a pair of H1 and the modded 1.5. Here are the 1.5 Here was the H2 The better sounding H1.5 and H2 is, IMHO, due to the K701 horn. Using different tweeters and mid-drivers might be a contributing factor.
  12. I haven't read all of his Discworld offerings, yet. I did like Dodger and just now finished Moving Pictures.
  13. +1 on anyone interested can buy with confidence that Mookie is a great guy who can be trusted. If I wasn't out of room, I would buy these.
  14. I can help you out on that one. You might check on shipping costs from Winchester KY to you.
  15. Sold the same day. I haven't talked with @Matthews for a while... maybe since the time I was there when I stole the plate from your place. 😜
  16. I will bet dinner (your choice where) that it was for reasons other than sound improvement.
  17. I totally agree and I did not mean to advocate moving the highs forward. That would help the time alignment, but not enough to help to improve the sound. Here is one thread about that change To be clear: Placing the highs towards the rear will help, but the placement has to be more than fractions of one inch.
  18. They moved the Heresy mounts to the front too. IMHO, the largest improvement in sound quality had nothing to do with moving the horns. Replacing the cowbell-sounding metal horns with a plastic (composite) was what helped.
  19. That would help the time alignment, but not enough to help to improve the sound. Here is one thread about that change Damping (not dampening) the K400 will make a difference worth doing. Lots of threads about that. Refreshing the crossovers would be the first and most noticeable thing to do, replacing the tweeter with a SMAHL is the larges improvement, but the others cost less.
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