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  1. As others have said, the HK730 Twin works great with Klipsch Heritage. If you want more power, you might try to score either a Luxman R117 or the R115. Old skule Marantz or Sansui do great with Klipsch too. How much are you looking to spend? What do you plan to listen to?
  2. It's similar to DuraTex. I have read other's squabbles and at the end of the day, it is the same old duck season/rabbit season argument. I have seen both and I like them both, but I have not seen them side by side to see if I like one better than the other.... other than price. DuraTex - $94 ExoHyde - $75
  3. Oh, I thought it might be the cost of the coating or something. It looks like a lot of work to refinish them ready to paint, whereas Duratex will hide a lot of the small stuff. Also, if they had an industrial finish, rather than paint, they might not be scratched so badly.
  4. DuraTex or ExoHyde and some labor can make them look a lot better.
  5. Yeah, I never have liked the flash on that camera.
  6. Those look great. The KP301s sound great with chest-pounding bass and are placement-friendly. GLWYS
  7. Read that and see that more has been added. Thanks. Great work. I have a pair of MC30 that are very clean. Is there a way to tell if the original covers have been replaced?
  8. You can make easy payments for the information. You can send cash or post pictures of your speakers and amps and we can call it even.
  9. This weekend (4/28/2024), I plan to be where Gil's equipment is. If anyone wants better pictures or more detailed information about any of it, please feel free to ask here or in a PM. Please PM @JohnA with any offers or other questions.
  10. lol It is great that people PMed you to share their thoughts on the price, rather than a public statement. They're yours and they look great. Ask what you want, the price is for you and the buyer to decide. GLWYS
  11. All I got was Once Upon a Time, The End. 😁 You have a lot of work turning them into what they are from what they were. I want to see more (for a personal reason). I have a pair of MC30 and need to know how they should perform. Great job. What are you going to hook them up to?
  12. If you click on the OP’s username you’ll see they haven’t been on the forum in over two years. Did you not see my post above? People looking for gear or advice join and comment on an inactive thread and or to someone who has not been active for years. If you read the thread, you had to have read that others have tried two years too late, and you came along a year after that and said "Please PM me if available." I took what Wuz said as trying to be helpful to you. Also, I welcomed you to the forum and offered to try to help you out with one that is available, but you didn't even reply to my offer to help. So, you ignore people telling you that this thread is probably a dead end, you tell Wuz to take a hike, ignore my offer to help you, and go on an attack saying someone else is being rude. You're right about one thing: it doesn't matter how long someone has been a member, BUT, if someone who has been here for a while and hasn't been a problem, and someone on his or her second post tells said member to take his friendly advice and shove it, how does that look from the sideline?
  13. Yes. That is what came on the LMAHL. After A vs B vs C a few times, I know what sounds best to my ears and other people agreed. So I replaced several others. I even have a pair on my MCM1900s.
  14. Someone is most likely buying the KP201. The 18" EV subs are still for sale. Please PM me an offer if you're interested.
  15. Glad to help. You have been so much help on here for many years. I saw this thread this morning and thought it was one from years ago. It made my day when I saw it was a new one from you. Glad you're back.
  16. You come here looking for help finding some speakers. Someone who has been a fellow forum member on here for close to 20 years tries to help you, and you, on your second post, tell him to take a hike? Brilliant.
  17. The scammer Jamie has listed a Sansui G9000 and a Pioneer 1250 in MS Another scammer, maybe the same scammer with a different name, has listed the same equipment in PA; Searching his name on FB shows several scams going on, all of them have the comments turned off so people can't alert others to the scam, and FB is doing nothing to stop it.
  18. Hello Gil, Thanks for the information. I have wondered about the formulas used to make speakers sound as great as they do. I hope you're doing well. Glad to see you posing again and please keep posting when you can. James
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