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  1. Let me sweeten the pot. Retail price on these beauties is 4300.00 If you pick up in Lynchburg Va, your price is 1800.00. If you pay the asking price I will ship on my nickel in two factory crates.
  2. These mono amplifiers are hand made in Greece. They are in excellent condition, would be hard to tell them from new. They are very powerful at 150 watts/channel so should drive most speakers. You will not be disappointed in the performance or the condition. Tung Sol KT120 x 8 JJ 12AT7 x 4 Asking 2000.00 OBO
  3. Yeah I’d say .75 watt is a little low. Try a good 300B amp. That’ll git er done.
  4. I don’t know if this is your issue or not, but you really should hard wire your network for best performance.
  5. Currently I am borrowing a friend's CJ MV60 which is adequate for most music. But it will run out of steam if pushed on harder, more complex stuff. Next weekend I will picking up a McCormack DNA 0.5 which has been modified by SMc with the GT-20 package and gravity base. So yes, I'm going to the dark side. But I am familiar with Steve's amps and all I've owned (4) in the past sounded very good.
  6. I wasn’t going to mention it in this thread, but I will since the speakers are sold. I bought a pair of Verity Audio Parsifal Ovations. They will absolutely not work with anything close to low power. I got them at a price too good to pass up and I’ll say I am smitten.
  7. It was second fiddle to my 5x more expensive SET, but only by a nose.
  8. I have more pics. This site is telling me my 1.2 MB photos are > 2 MB. 🤔
  9. 300B is sold. Going in a completely different direction.
  10. For sale is a custom made Aric Audio EL84 amplifier. 15 watts of EL84 goodness. I compared this to the Music Reference RM-10 II and the Aric came away the winner. It is in excellent condition and comes with NOS Mullard tubes in every position. This amp is just incredible with horns. Asking 1200.00
  11. The time has come for me to part with my beloved LaScalas. These are a 2019 pair, just before the AL5 came out. They are B stock because of some small spots in the clear coat. When the finish is oiled, they completely disappear. This lasts for about 3 months before needing to reapply. I have provided before and after pics so you can see what I mean. Otherwise they are in excellent condition and have been in my dedicated listening room since purchasing from forum member @michaelwjones about two years ago. I have the original boxes and don’t mind shipping if someone wants to do uShip or another method you prefer. Of course pick up here in Virginia would be greatly appreciated. Asking 4500.00
  12. That NAD looks sweet. I’d take that all day over a two channel receiver.
  13. Don’t shortchange yourself with a receiver. If you don’t want to do separates, there are plenty of good integrated amplifiers. I would recommend tubes, but you should state what’s your budget.
  14. I thought about getting on the list a couple of years ago because I’ve had a Decware amp and really liked it. But my personality won’t allow me to wait even a fraction of that time. Like you said, there are other options that are just as good or better.
  15. Aric Audio I can highly recommend this builder. I have two of his amps and they are glorious with lascalas, absolutely quiet as 3:00 am.
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