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  1. Im surprised nobody has mentioned the NAD 3020. I like mine with all my Klipsch speakers. I am alone on this one? I had a few Marantz 2230's and liked them a lot, but they always seem to need repair.
  2. I have the exact same amp. Got it from the bay.. 12 or 13 watts per channel.. I have used with my my cornscalas and was very impressed. Im currently using with my RF-3's and it does sound very nice. A good bang for the buck tube amp.
  3. How do you when you need new caps? The age of the cap should be the first way of determining if replacemts are needed. As far as hearing the difference, its subjective but what I can notice about old caps is a lack of focus in the soundstage. Its there, but in a somewhat blurry type of sound. Old caps can sound decent to some people, but when you install new decent caps, you will immediately notice an improvement in realism. A much sharper true sound, and more full sound. Some say new caps can provide a brighter sound, but the new brightness is just the sounds that were lacking from the original old caps.. so you are actually missing out on a full sound with the old caps.
  4. Im not a pro here, but I have experimented with different tweeters in original klipsch crossovers.. Some say tweeters are interchangeable, but if the non K-77 tweeter is not the exact same specs and frequency response (which it most likely is not), it would require serious crossover mods. Yeah they might drop right in, but you will probably change the exact crossover point and in some instances, you might have both the squaker and tweeter playing the same frequencies... Just my amature experience and 2 cents. Hope this helps.
  5. Dont forget to put rubber feet on the bottom of the cabs or use some sort of anti vibration isolation foam to keep them from making rattling and vibration noises..
  6. Listen to them as they are, then in a week or 2 replace the capacitors in the crossovers and experience an even better sound. The capacitors are cheap from PE. Just get 4 of these bad boys: http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-pmpc-20-20uf-250v-precision-audio-capacitor--027-214
  7. I have used Heresys for near field monitors as well in my small office at work. They sounded nice to me in near field locations. I had to bump up the bass on the eq just a bit, but sounded very nice. If they sound good to you, leave them there and enjoy.
  8. I have had a couple pair of KG3's that had a bad woofer.. Curious to see the input of this thread. The woofers look the same but different colors..
  9. Possibly a bad tweeter or two? Is there any sound at all coming from the tweeters when you put your ear right up to them?
  10. I use my tone controls all the time. Usually up a few ticks on the bass when listening to rap or hip-hop, and down on the bass for Norah Jones and Tracy Chapman etc.. I would suggest if you have them, use them and adjust them to what sounds best to your ears... not to what others say to do ( flat, off, or pancake ).. All music is recorded differently. If flat sounds best (and sometimes it does), then go with it.. if minor adjustments on your tone controls sound better to your ears, then dont let others tell you they don't.
  11. Yes I have read that article.. I just wanted to hear different opinions.
  12. Has anyone compared the sound of a A-55G to that of a dual phase plug soldered K-55? Is it a big difference or small difference?
  13. Thank you all for all the great replies and helpful info.
  14. I would try Mothers Polish and see how shiny it can get.
  15. wdecho, thanks for all the helpfull info. The reason I am after a SET is because many people here on the forum recommend using a SET amp with Klipsch speakers. But like you said, as long as it sounds good to my ears (which it does), that's all that matters.. I just wanted to start this thread for those who are are the fence about trying tubes with Klipsch speakers. It is a great way to experience that tube sound on a low budget.. even at 3wpc, it has enough power to drive efficient Klipsch speakers with authority.
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