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  1. That depends on your budget. I run my RB-5's mostly in a configuration with a Parasound NewClassic 200PRE pre amp and a 2125v2 amplifier. You could probably find a good Yamaha stereo amp for around $300 on Accessories4Less. If you know what you're looking for you could also look on the used market. Aim for 100 WPC on a 2 channel amp, again, like wuzzer mentioned. I think on average (assuming I can trust my power management meters) I run between 3 and 36 watts at any given time with them in my setup.
  2. As wuzzer said, no. That is not what that pre-out is meant to do. You would best be served by upgrading your AVR to a unit with cleaner power, and possibly some pre-outs for expansion later.
  3. I mean, you certainly run that risk with a form factor change, timbre, and imaging across the front sound stage - I won't lie to you and tell you they won't overbear the center. The Sony AVR you quoted has a total output of 240W, so it works out to about 30 or so watts per channel. That's not a lot - and while the RB-5's don't need nearly that much I would be concerned that your Sony is a bit anemic. I think you'd be better off upgrading the AVR than investing in an additional preamp for the time being.
  4. They're a steal at $20. A literal steal. Those speakers easily still sell for about $200. They're one of the best bookshelf speakers Klipsch ever made, and play much larger than their footprint. If you have a good amplifier and a good preamp, you honestly may not need a sub depending on your room and listening habits. If you're leaning more movies (i.e. the 7.2), you'd want a sub almost regardless.
  5. I've listened to my fair share of speakers from many brands over the years, but Klipsch was always what caught my ear. I've always liked how they sounded and how they looked - the two biggest things probably when pursuing audio greatness. That being said, I've also been an avid critic of many Klipsch designs over the years, especially the "modern" "Reference" series, and the in-between-years of second gen Reference and Reference Premier. But I'm still a fan at heart, and I base it off my experience of the sound, not the science - which I think we often get way too caught up in.
  6. An update on this, my dealer mistakenly thought he could still source an amp. Edwards Electronics hasn't gotten back to me yet. I think my COA is to see if I can work with the dealer to get an RP-1600SW at a good price again, then wait for repair on the 15 - once it's repaired, I'll either keep the 1600SW in this system and put the 15 in place of a KSW-15 I have on another system, or put it back where it was and put the 1600 there. Either way, I still can't part with this 15, it's so pretty and sounded amazing, it'd be a shame to part with it.
  7. Sounds like I'm going to use a substitute plate amp for the time being, while getting the original repaired. Edwards Electronics seems to be the most reputable I found, but they aren't accepting repairs right now. So I'll hold onto the damaged unit until repairs can be made. I just can't bring myself to part with the RSW-15.
  8. Based on everything I'm reading it doesn't seem quite as simple as sealing the port, installing a terminal, and adding an amp. Seems like it may be a bit more involved. So it looks like my best two options are to repair or replace.
  9. I wouldn't say that I can't live without it. My thing is mostly tied to having the space torn up - I guess it's a sorta OCD thing. I'll have to reach out and see what repair costs would be. Right now, it looks like the RP-1600SW is running $1,169 on sale - which really isn't bad, but the problem is the footprint is so much bigger - that might be what ultimately has me spending more than what I normally would on a repair versus replacement. I think part of me is worried about performing work on a 23-year-old plate amp in a subwoofer - and how dependable it'd be beyond. Kinda like a car. Is this the start of an ongoing series of repairs that I'd avoid just by getting a new sub, or is it something that's worth converting into something else? Questions you weigh and the whatnot. Is there a thread on converting these to passive, speaking of which?
  10. Thank you both, I'll weigh my options. It looks like the turnaround on these might be a bit spicy - any feedback on that?
  11. I picked it up second hand from a seller I think either my second or third year of my job - so about 6 years ago. It sadly went through one-too-many power outages. Despite being on a surge protector it no longer receives power. Actually, it's a bit of a scratcher. It sometimes won't power at all, but other times the green light will come on dimly. Before I chalk this up as a need to go to the RP-1600SW (which looks mighty good on sale) and part out the 15, does anyone know of a simple troubleshoot? I have no place around me to service this, and I'm not sure I'd be good troubleshooting innards myself.
  12. Surprised this is still here, these units tend to sell for $120 with no remote or an after market. This one comes with the original and is in great shape.
  13. I'll check at all my jobs and see if the offices need an order.
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