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  1. @mr clean Thank You sooooooo much for this...You don't know how much this helped me today ❤️
  2. Happy Friday to all here at Klipsch Forum... So in my world.... "Not Kidding"... a dude zip-tied his ball sack...called 911 for help... "maybe he didn't think to have diagonal pliers available to release him self from bondage???? LOL No Chit
  3. You ever have one of those "keep rewinding to the beginning of the recording moments? This is mine today after work. I hope you enjoy? The Lyrics.... Evil shadows they are falling And the misty-eyed are calling To a god so far People, troubled times are coming Still you wonder why I’m running I will take no part [Evil:] (I know it was you this time; I know it was you this time; I’ve seen it with my own two eyes; you lie, you lie) [Chorus:] Unholy so vile How can you justify a lie? One more sacred alibi Concealing your crimes Until the end of time Oh why It’s you that should be crucified Echoes of your true intentions Well I guess you failed to mention What was in your heart Now I say it all so clearly What you did to them has nearly Torn us all apart [Evil:] (I know it was you this time; I know it was you this time; I’ve seen it with my own two eyes; took them like a sacrifice; you lie, you lie) [Chorus] [Vocalizations] You say on your knees that you don’t believe now Don’t question a thing at all Just receive what you’re meant to see Now fall On your knees Evil shadow they are falling And the misty-eyed are calling You will break their heart [Chorus] The broken how they cry They only gave you heart and mind How can you justify? They loved you Now father don’t deny You took them like a sacrifice We finally know the truth about you Oh yeah You’re unholy So vile How can you justify? Oh my, how they loved you Oh yeah Concealing your crimes But now they’ll see this time The blind will deny you The Music https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=NGIDdzh2RhI&list=RDAMVMNGIDdzh2RhI
  4. 🍻 We brew to live. We do not live to brew. THE MONKS OF SAINT-SIXTUS ABBEY https://www.trappistwestvleteren.be/en
  5. Yep I guess I'm a Boomer between 1946 and 1964, OK Boomer... at 58 I still am alive and wondering WTF in this world.🍻
  6. MyOwn

    Well it's happened

    You had me going LOL.... 🍻
  7. MyOwn

    Double Shotted!

    Now this took some thinking...Two taps to the arm that got it. or one on each arm if you did it in each.
  8. MyOwn

    Double Shotted!

    I really enjoyed this, thank you
  9. MyOwn

    Double Shotted!

    Oh common man just say it Pus Sy ?
  10. Yummy Which one? Blond, 8 or 12
  11. @CECAA850 the band blasted a playlist of their own songs over the barrels containing Pickerell’s blended whiskey. Yummy😃
  12. Before you buy into MQA Have a look at what Mark is saying. https://www.realhd-audio.com/?p=6109
  13. Good Stuff 🍻 https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=zBSfzjzCbHs&list=RDAMVMzBSfzjzCbHs https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=p4sqWZlZIVs&list=RDAMVMp4sqWZlZIVs
  14. I need to do a simple will, Funny, I didn't give it much thought until recently. A simple will to go 50 50 to my kids 🍻
  15. Happy 3 minutes to Miller Time to all here at Klipsch Forum. 🍻 Tunes on, No work tomorrow. A Zio's New York King Pizza "meatballs, Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, hamburger, waiting after I throw down a few Bitburger Premium Pils from a bottle to a frozen glass.🙂🍻
  16. So this is "I think a funny" story that I'm still addressing. I moved and needed to purchase new drip pans for the electric range I was leaving. Sooooo I bought at Lowes, new drip pans, that are supposed to fit just about any electric oven. Well the small ones are fine, the big ones will not seat without re-stamping the metal. LOL I figured screw it they are staying with the oven I left. The electric oven I am now living with has the exact same problem. Small ones fit fine, big ones will not seat. OK, I walked into this... Either the previous occupant got the same ones I did or the management did. WTF LOL So I got the model number off my new companion and ordered just the big drip pans from Whirpool. Oh man! the new pans arrived and seat just fine... I was one happy dude till I inserted the surface element... You know the "teats" that stick out and make the burner sit on the pan? They are to long, I can get two of three teats to seat with a pair of pliers but not the third unless I grind away or cut some metal back"... Quandary?? do some grinding or order new big elements from Whirlpool for my new companion? Karma is a *****....LOL, Cheers folks...🍻
  17. LOL.... Did me on Valentines Day last year, Yep, I got ribbed by the crew for scheduling on Valentines Day 🙂 🍻
  18. Soundgarden Like Suicide....Loving the guitar work 🍻
  19. My pops swore up and down on non eth for small engines. This is what I ran in my lawn mower and snow blower all the time. For the truck, I couldn't tell you if mileage is or was different vs 10 % eth. I can tell you it seems to last longer and the GiddyUp seems to be better when running non eth. "Seems" I know is subjective.
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