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  1. I agree. For instance When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin sounded incredibly flat. I have heard the Forte III's before and had a better experience. I really think Klipsch missed the mark here and really should have used the opportunity to bring in Khorns or LaScalas. I heard so many amazing rooms at the Axpona show. IMHO the Klipsch room was the second poorest of them all. Unlike most spaces, everyone in the room with me was bluejeans and t-shirt and tennis shoes. The worst was the Harmon JBL L100 Classic demo room. It wasn't that $40K made the difference either. HSU did very well for $1200 and SVS gave me a nice body massage while watching a clip of TMNT for under $2K.
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  3. Sorry I am out of stock now. Only have an extra KV-3 in medium oak remaining. I updated the thread. I know recently another member had 3 Klipsch Academy in Black that were offered. Do a search and give him a PM.
  4. For reference. Green Bay company. https://hifiheaven.net/shop/Klipsch-RF-52-II-Floorstanding-Speaker?language=en&currency=USD&gclid=Cj0KCQjw7sDlBRC9ARIsAD-pDFq8lWOfxFnOp41tr3UpczIGlBMVyWBYkujTiKXyrZj8brvcjUTNOysaArMLEALw_wcB
  5. I helped him out by sharing some of the latest prices as reported within our forums very own used Klipsch sold for pricing spreadsheet, clearly demonstrating the overindulgence here. I am however still interested.
  6. In 2004 I had very unpleasant results with a $1500 (adjusted for inflation) Yamaha AVR when combined with extended heritage. Times have changed, but not for the better I am afraid on anything non flagship. Oh, and if you want that receiver, I will sell it to you for $100. Makes for a piss pounding JBL garage system. Just find something to get by with for now, then go with Denon or Marantz after August when the prices are 55% of MSRP.
  7. What other Klipsch speakers did you see at the show? I am going tomorrow and would like a heads-up. Thanks
  8. I know there is a forum for those dedicated to the format. http://www.tapeheads.net/ I had all 100+ of my cassette tapes stolen out of my car many years ago. The thieves used a crowbar and peeled the door open. Been on CD ever since. Also, I did recently acquire and subsequently sell a very nice tape deck though. 1980 Aiwa AD-770 3 head in the original box. Got $212 for it. Never got to hear it, cause I have no tapes.
  9. Late, but posting anyway $500 is top market price. I have sold, and seen other sold for that. The midrange is lacking. KLF-30 solves that for a substantial increase in price. Also harder to find. As always, buy it now, before it is gone Sell it later when you find something better rinse repeat
  10. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klipsch-70th-anniversary-khorns-one-of-70-pair-worldwide.864669/ If you can't open it, let me know.
  11. @Born2RockU $3K now. Best bet anymore is to get lucky on Ebay and put in your auto bid up to your max, then wait until you get one for for your price. It is possible to get to the $2K level that way. Anything less, anywhere else, and they get sold before you can respond. IMHO they will not drop in price over the next several years. At this point the Oppo UDP-205 hand has been played. Everyone is aware that selling them now for less is like gifting away cash.
  12. These have the matching center included https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/ele/d/prior-lake-klipsch-reference-towers-and/6829890776.html If you like these, I can sell you the matching center for an additional $75 in mint condition https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/minneapolis-klipsch-kg-45-speakers/6853624518.html
  13. @willlandLOL thanks for repeating me pretty much word for word. 😄
  14. Quick reply while I think about this. Definitely going to want to split your budget among 3 speakers. LCR. You quintets are going to perform much better in surround than they ever did as fronts. You want to match timbre for panning across the front. Where are you located? Are you ok with good conditioned used to double or triple your purchasing power? I will try to help you find something.
  15. How many speakers do you wish to purchase now? What is your speaker budget? What equipment will you be using? Does your wife enjoy very large wood veneered floor standing speakers? Where can you place the new speakers?
  16. Seller says "Last ditch effort" and is asking $7500 on the other forum. He has not listed them on our forum, but not because he does not welcome the attention. Private party, use discretion. I know this pair is original owner. Also not those internet sold pairs. If you are interested you would do well to communicate with the seller immediately.
  17. I concur. Unless you have no sub. If no sub, then front are set to full range. The remaining speakers are set to 80Hz.
  18. Approximately 48 hours of new content to upload onto the Plex library.
  19. @ronb I found the official JBL technical document I was refering to about the JBL 035Ti/a http://www.cieri.net/Documenti/JBL/Documenti tecnici/JBL - Recone and Rediaphragm Procedure (035TI) (1988).pdf
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    @opusk2k9 Now we have dual threads. I tried to have the same discussion. I thought by starting the thread earlier we could garner more attention and have a larger representation at the show. Oh well any attention is good attention. Read this thread for the past discussion. Anyone attending Axpona 2019
  21. I have 2 KV-3 just in case someone wants a 5.0 channel surround all KV-3 system.
  22. No longer available. Listing is deleted now. Very surprised they moved so quickly for several reasons. Fairly low population density area of the country. Challenging logistics of moving them. Priced just high enough. I wonder if they are actually sold. I researched enough on them to make a qualified decision. Oh well, my wife will happy to hear the news.
  23. Sorry I am off topic a little. Hope you don't mind the post. We had a few pro amps hooked up at this event Powering these guys So yeah, I am completely confident the QSC PLX 1104 will handle anything you can ask of it.
  24. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/ele/d/lindstrom-klipsch-epic-cf2-v3-medium-oak/6860698055.html
  25. You may have better success if you share them in the other forum if you have not already https://forum.polkaudio.com/
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