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  1. Might as well add the subwoofer addition also. Just not today.
  2. Finally got to where I can post the details on my Indiana trip. The last 3 day, had me talking it up with 3 different audio nuts in 3 different locations. My host in Indiana was great. Entertained until 10:30PM before I even got to the loading them up part. Stayed the night in Elkhart. Enjoyed the trip back the next day. Got everything inside just after dark. It was not easy moving 6 speakers (85 pounds) around to rearrange things. Some compromises are obviously required in my small JBL room. I really needed these for a seamless center channel. Thanks to SaturationPt on the AK site for this opportunity Thanks to @jimjimbo for the good cheer Thanks to Mike, a local guy who trades for coming over to check it out. Here they are.......JBL 240Ti And the now the front stage looks like this. I took out the L100T3's. The darker pair is running in 2 channel on a separate system.
  3. Hmmm.... might it be anything with a walnut finish?
  4. Yes, plus we we don't know what the accepted offer was. From what I have seen locally, I thought $450 was a bottom# if they have some issues. Those tend to sit a while. YMMV
  5. Not sure what happened here. Still listed. Forte I/II are flying off the shelf, but apparently not these. I have not contacted the seller.
  6. I tried to give the heads up to move on them expeditiously. I usually watch for these listings, and from what I have been seeing, when they are priced correctly and have no condition issues, these things do not sit. So now for those who missed out, the waiting begins again. I prefer not to wait, buy what is available, and upgrade my collection as I go, selling what I don't use anymore as I replace what I have with better stuff. In my opinion, you are better off if you own Forte II, and if you can fit them in your space and budget, Chorus, Cornwall, Lascala, Belle, Khorn.
  7. The deal is final. I will be leaving shortly for the 700 mile round trip (from Wisconsin to Indiana) to pick up my next pair of speakers. I will post the updates of the milestones of my journey later today and tomorrow.
  8. Not affiliated. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/brookfield-klipsch-forte-speakers/6844674712.html Last week a pair of Forte II walnut was listed for the same price and were gone in 48 hours. Drop $off these and I expect the same.
  9. 🧀🍺⛵ I really wish you both the best outcome here. I am looking forward to all the pics and reviews coming as a result of this deal actually happening. Am a huge fan any day high end excellent quality vintage Klipsch gear comes near my hometown.
  10. (7) QSC mx 1500a showed up near me today. $180 each https://madison.craigslist.org/ele/d/madison-qsc-amps/6839823117.html
  11. I am so sorry. Thats hurts. Prayers sent. I do not have experience with those products. Just in case you had not thought of it. Alexa enabled devices with speakers are another choice for fast and short term solution. Able to call 911, or anyone. Easy to set up. Internet and wifi required. Multiple locations usually needed. Voice activation also required. Just trying to help anyone realize that many homes have these devices installed already, and can be used for emergency purposes.
  12. Too bad they are not oiled walnut. If they were I would flip my black lacquers. Nice and local too.
  13. Anyone into vintage cardboard?
  14. This ad is for 2 items sold together. Original boxes and original packing material are included Shipped double boxed and packed very well. Each item will be packed and shipped separately at the same time and manner. As far as I know, all of the original owners manuals have been lost to the ages, and none can be bought. A printed PDF copy for each will be provided. Shipping will be at your discretion Please discuss pricing and offers in private messages(PM) If you don't know, ask me. I am happy to help Description of the service work completed by The Soundsmith Corporation on June 2015 Sumo Andromeda serial#: clean chassis of dust & dirt; locate & repair fatigued, cracked or overheated solder joints; rebuild main power supply with upgraded parts; replace intermittent RCA jacks with upgraded parts; adjust bias & test for thermal stability; check DC offset; Power, THD, mechanical integrity, & reliability test performed, 1 tamper proof label affixed. 8 hours labor charged Completed rebuild cost from invoice $1021.20 Sumo Electra serial #: clean chassis of dust & dirt, replace defective pre-out and tape in/out RCA jack assemlies, replace all electrolytic capacitors with upgraded parts, locate & repair fatigued, cracked or overheated solder joints, replace burned/out of spec components, test all inputs, reliability test performed, 1 tamper proof label affixed. 6 hours labor charged Completed rebuild cost from invoice $813.50 Total service cost including shipping $1939.70 Link to the Oct. 2nd 1982 Sumo Andromeda review https://www.stereophile.com/solidpoweramps/sumo_andromeda_power_amplifier/index.html Link to the video report on Soundsmith by Stereophile https://www.stereophile.com/content/soundsmiths-peter-ledermann-building-mastering-and-giving-back and HERE Designed by James Bongiorno who's long and storied career spans two entirely distinct eras, from Hadley, Dynaco, Marantz, and SAE in the 1960s, to Constellation Audio in the second decade of the 21st century. Bongiorno designed amplifiers in six different decades, working alongside other industry legends such as Richard Sequerra, Sidney Smith, David Hafler, Morris Kessler, John Curl, and Bascom King. Bongiorno will best be remembered for Great American Sound (GAS), the company he founded in 1974 after leaving SAE. The GAS Ampzilla power amplifier was an instant classic, outperforming many much more expensive amplifiers and sending ripples through the industry. Bongiorno was eventually forced out and the company folded a few years later. He quickly founded a new company, Sumo Electric Company, Ltd., to bring his circuits to moderately priced products. As with GAS, disputes between business partners led to Sumo’s premature demise. Sumo's class AB Andromeda has a full wave, four quadrant balanced topology exercising total control over any loudspeaker connected to it, regardless of load type. It's four independent push-pull feedback loops maintain your speakers in absolute phase with the musical signal, resulting in perfect imaging and a wide soundstage. Andromeda achieves its astonishing accuracy through a combination of high power output - 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and up to 350 watts into 4 ohms, and a complete lack of current limiting. Rather than introduce invasive circuitry to protect the amplifier, which leads to restricted dynamic range and increased distortion, Sumo engineers put extremely wideband, extra high dissipation power transistors at the output. The dynamic range and awesome deep bass response of Andromeda was unapproached by any other amplifier of its time. SPECS Power output in watts RMS per channel 2 channels driven 20khz-20khz @8Ω 200Watts @THD<0.05% Power output in watts RMS per channel 2 channels driven 20khz-20khz @4Ω 350Watts @THD<0.1% Damping factor: 300 from 20Hz-1Khz Input sensitivity: 1.8V Input impedance 100K Ohms Signal to noise ratio: 100dB Dimensions: 19" x 8.75" x 7" Weight: 35 lbs. Original MSRP $899 Manual available upon request Everything about Electra's design underlines Sumo engineering's fanatic attention to detail. While other preamps give you volume controls, Electra provides laser-trimmed stepped attenuators for volume, bass treble and balance. These controls will pass high frequency square waves with no apparent distortion, and offer near-perfect channel to channel tracking. 1% metal film resistors are used throughout the signal path. The phono preamp stage for moving coil cartridges is both fully complementary and DC coupled, as is the FET magnetic phono stage. The entire preamplifier remains in phase from input to output. Even the circuit topology has been configured to reject stray magnetic fields, which can introduce hum and noise into the system. When Electra is used with other Sumo equipment, such as the Andromeda, the interaction is synergistic. The whole is greater than the parts. You will hear a wide, accurate soundstage, incredible dynamic range, astounding definition throughout the audio band. In short, the natural, effortless purity of live music. SPECS Frequency response: 2Hz to 100kHz +/-3db 20Hz-20Khz +/-0.1db Low filter (Quasi-2nd order) 20Hz -3db Total harmonic distortion: 0.01% Gain @1KHz: 68dB (MC), SNR 65db 42dB (MM), SNR 70db 20dB (Tuner, Aux, Tape), SNR 100db Input sensitivity 3V RMS-1KHz: 0.115mV (MC), 2.3mV (MM), 315mV (line) Crosstalk @20KHz -60db, @below 1KHz -80db Dimensions: 19" x 3.5" x 9" Weight: 12lbs. Manual available upon request More literature, links, downloads, etc. available upon request
  15. For the serious collector. You will not find another pair for sale anywhere. If you don't know, just ask. Happy to help. Sold! My location is Fall River, Wisconsin 53932 Come on over for a listening session, no commitment required https://manuals.harman.com/JBL/HOM/Technical Sheet/L200t3 ts.pdf I have for sale 1 pair of L200T3 speakers. I actually have 2 pairs, but I am keeping one pair for myself. Audio Venture in Waukesh, Wisconsin is where the speaker drivers were restored. Paperwork will be provided in the sale. The cabinets are all hand done by me. Many hours have went into this. I just need some space back for other interests. These are extremely rare. Manufactured in 1990 only. Less than 1000 pairs were ever produced. Original MSRP in 1990 was $999 each. The L200T3 are easily compared to the JBL 4425 monitors, which were themselves the baby sister to the JBL 4430. Both L200T# and 4425 share the same bi-radial horn and driver. The differences are in the woofer, and cabinet. The cabinetry is identical to the JBL L100T3. Let me know if you require accomodations on getting these to your location. It is possible to split the cost of moving these over shorter distances by meeting me halfway. I will not be providing any form of freight style shipping options. If necessary I will deliver these myself, with a travel expense fee added to the final sale price.
  16. I could possibly book a trip to NE Indiana for anyone looking.
  17. All are welcome here. I hear San Francisco economics are unhinged from the rest of the Union. I wonder if that has anything to do with general asking pricing in that region. Just curious.
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