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  1. I’ll locate and attach some audio files sent to me by Dave Mallette (he pronounced it Ma’ let, rather than like a mallet).


    He was working on an interesting recording and playback scheme that utilized a Dynaco Quadaptor.  His experiments were so interesting it prompted me to acquire and refurbish a Quadaptor to replicate his experiments. Through phone conversations and emails, Dave eagerly shared his knowledge and experience,


    Unfortunately, things went wrong in Dave’s life in the end and virtual friends were unable to provide the support he needed and deserved.



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  2. 23 hours ago, MookieStl said:

    Well said Neil (and others).

    Even more disappointed that Neil didn't mention me in the OP, but hey.....




    I should have mentioned you by name.  The only excuse is that friends on this forum are too numerous to mention each one.



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  3. For more than twenty years I’ve belonged to these Klipsch forums.  I presently own four pairs of Klipsch speakers.  Before and while being a forum member I’ve owned Khorns, Cornwalls, La Scalas, Belles, and innumerable Heresy variants.  


    I’ve restored La Scalas and Heresys for the band rooms of a local high school and a local middle school.  Thousands of young musicians have been exposed to the clean low distortion high output sound of Klipsch.  


    None of that would have happened without the Klipsch forums. More important, none of it would have happened if the forums then had been like the forums are now.  Apparently, it’s a sacrilege that I refreshed the La Salas’ crossovers with parts that we’re not from Klipsch, or that I modified the bass bins with reinforcement to address a known sidewall flexing issue.  


    I met many friends through the forum.  My DIY tapped horn subs were brought to my attention by a post from Carl @CECAA850.  My “Supered” HIPs were modified into existence with the assistance of Claude @ClaudeJ1.  Countless other friendships started here. I sold a Harman Kardon receiver to Bruce @Marvel.  Another member, whose name escapes me but the gratitude remains, sent a Dual turntable to play 78s.  Sadly, many of those members have drifted away from this platform.


    I just donated $60 to the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association to pay it forward for the kindness of @billybob, who sent me an equalizer so that I could play 78s.  To the best of my knowledge, Klipsch does not make such equalizers.


    I’ve been an ambassador for Klipsch since the 70s .  The forum in the days when the mention of a non-Klipsch product was tolerated was a welcoming place. Unfortunately, that is no longer true.


     I’ve lost track of the number of Klipsch products friends and family have chosen upon my recommendations. Clearly Klipsch can do as it chooses with its forums.  If the mention of things other than Klipsch is precluded, then my interest in following the Klipsch forums is greatly diminished.  The phrase, “biting of your nose to spite your face” comes to mind.


    Is Klipsch in danger of losing more business by driving away me and others, or by allowing the mention of things non-Klipsch?  I suggest alienating long term members is more problematic than any perceived “competition” from the mention of non-Klipsch modifications.  Ultimately, it’s up to Roy @Chief bonehead, and others at Klipsch, whether to allow the forum to return to its former collegial atmosphere or to continue on the off-putting parochial path it appears to prefer.


    Change is inevitable and usually resisted.  In my opinion, unnecessary changes have made this a less desirable neighborhood.  It does no good to tell me and others that we’re wrong to feel alienated.  Whether or not that is the intention, that is how I feel






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  4. Is just my imagination or is the “decorative” addition crooked?  It appears to these old eyes to be slightly rotated counterclockwise so as to not be plumb and parallel to the sides of the Khorn.


    Whatever you think of the aesthetics of the white Khorn, the workmanship seems very good.



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  5. Just when I thought I’d seen the ugliest Khorns, you @Shakeydeal  post the link to the brown bomb below.  By comparison, the white Khorns are starting to look OK; at least it’s a total “Lawrence Welk” look, not just an add-on tumor.


    ”Turn on-ah the bubble-ah machine-ah please-ah.”







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  6. 2 hours ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

    I thought my Stanton 681 ... was the king. 🙄


    I used Stanton 681 EEEs in the turntables in my mobile DJ business in the 70s.  They were excellent cartridges that tolerated back cuing.  When I put the system together I bought pair of spare styli, which I never needed.


    Now I use a Denon DL-110 MC cartridge to rip vinyl to digital.  


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  7. I hope all veterans area easily able to receive the assistance they need and earned.


    Unfortunately, my friend’s spouse died a couple months ago.  The long goodbye for my friend lasted approximately 4years.  She and her USAF Captain husband deserved better.

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  8. Originally I tried to organize a gathering of old college friends (redundant) to see The Mavericks at the Royal Oak Theater in April, but tickets were over $400 each.


    When a knowledgeable old girlfriend (again redundant) recommended TCH as a favorite live band, I bought six tickets at $25 each.  Despite my strong confidence in my friend’s musical taste and opinions, I was nervous about organizing a group outing to hear a “bargain” band none of us had heard of. A fourth couple got a pair of tickets before it was sold out.


    The warmup-band was very good, so I felt some relief.  When TCH took the stage, my concerns vanished.  While the room was rocking, one of our group gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up with a huge grin on her face.


    Thanks Bruce @Marvel for posting the YouTube video.  TCH is more a party than a concert.

  9. I was afraid the “festival” might be a problem.  They play all over the country.  I believe DC is a frequent stop.  Keep looking.


    The next time they’re within a two hour drive, I’ll do my best to go.

  10. 1 hour ago, geezin' said:

    Unfortunately it appears I'll need to fly anywhere they'll be playing.


    EDIT:Listened to a bit on streaming app. Too bad they aren't closer. Good music.



    May 26-28, 2023 in Cumberland, MD.  I don’t think you need to fly there.

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