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  1. 4 hours ago, Islander said:


    You just need to find a favourite, fairly dynamic, well-recorded tune that you really like but don’t play that often.  Whenever your system starts sounding like just another stereo, pop that tune on/in and turn up the volume.  Sometimes it’s necessary to remind yourself what your system can do, and why you like it so much better than those ordinary ones.


    I agree completely with this.  My good system makes bad recordings sound bad, which makes me question the whole journey.  A listen to a great recording puts it all back into perspective.  

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  2. 1 hour ago, willland said:

    Still too young(56) and low risk.:(

    Wait, maybe that is a good thing?:P




    My brother-in-law, in his early 60s, is also too young and “low risk.”  He got  Covid several months ago playing in a geezer hockey league . . . go figure.  He has yet to regain his senses of taste and smell.  

  3. 5 hours ago, Bill W. said:

    The Jubilees are moved safely and easily with a simple two wheel hand cart. I just slip it underneath and rock it backward, then it can be moved as a single unit, top and bottom. I know I am not typical, I have worked in the supermarket industry for most of my career, unloading semi-trucks and handling heavy freight. For me, these are easy.


    I too used a two-wheeled hand cart to move the four Speakerlab SKhorns about in my mobile DJ business.  The plywood construction, including plywood enclosed backs and metal hardware cloth over the fronts and rears of the top hats, put each speaker at just under 200 Lbs.  easily moved with a hand truck, but not easily moved by pranksters or would-be thieves.  Of course, there was no concern for the safety of the black painted plywood, as there would be for fine hardwood veneers.


    For domesticated fine furniture I like the OP’s Jubes, I prefer the elegant solution designed and built by @LTusler.


  4. 40 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    Boil ban lifted here.  We're pretty much back to normal with no future freeze in sight.


    Great news.  

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Tarheel said:

    I know we don't talk much music/gear here but I have a streaming question that is so basic I'm hesitant to ask elsewhere.  Suppose you took a few days and made play list non stop of everything you think you may want to listen to in the future.  Isn't that stored on your hard drive?  Could you not then cancel Tidal/Spotify/Amazon?  I stream through a Node Blue OS.


    I don’t think so Chuck.  When you make a playlist on Spotify, etc. the list is stored on their platform, not your hard drive.  If you make a playlist on your computer using JRiver or the like, the playlist is on your hard drive, as are the tunes.  


    To make a playlist independent of a streaming service, each of the individual files for each tune must first be saved on your hard drive.  Only then can you use software, such as JRiver, to create a playlist.  My Pono player allows me to create playlists, but the individual files are saved to a micro-sd card.


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  6. Fortunately, I won’t need a snowblower to clear the new snow.  My decades old Craftsman finally gave up the ghost; it owed me nothing.  Seasonal oil changes and drain the gas were the only maintenance.  Never even pulled the plug.  The engine still starts and runs strong.  The drive belt and clutch mechanism failed and parts are no longer available.


    My neighbor insisted I borrow his new EGO Power+ rechargeable electric snowblower.  It worked better than the old Craftsman.  It cleared his driveway and walks, as well as mine, on a single charge.  The best part is that his brother works for EGO and can get me one at wholesale.  The same unit, batteries and charger is on sale at Lowes for $550.  Mine will be $360.  It should be here in a week.


    I don’t know what I’m more excited about, my vaccination 1st dose scheduled on 3/10 or the arrival of the new toy.



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  7. The wife purchased this coffee to see what it’s like.  We like coffee black and strong.   It lived up to the promise of a, “ . . . smooth finish.”


    We woke up to a bit of new snow.  Less than an inch to whiten the foot already on the ground.



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  8. 11 hours ago, oldtimer said:

    All pizza in America is an American concoction, someone's impression of someone else's food.  You could say the same about all Italian food in America, or all Chinese food, etc., and it would be true.  Americanizing is what we Americans do.


    Thank goodness for that.  When I was in China the food was not anything like the Chinese food I enjoy here.  After a few days of eating bait, I eagerly descended upon a McDonalds to see how it compared to stateside.  Fortunately, it was identical.

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  9. 4 hours ago, moray james said:

    you could grind those tweeter mounts off of the mid horns for a nicer visual and I am sure improved performance.


    What is the material from which the horns are made?  Are they metal, resin, or something else?  Are the cobra’s teeth solid?  If you grind them away will there be holes?


    Thanks for the photos and the detailed analysis.  

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