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  1. Amazon reminded me today of a lawyer joke.


    A little old lady consulted a young attorney to have a simple will prepared to disburse he meager estate among charities.  He told her it would be $300.  She pulled some bills from a purse and handed him $300.


    After she left, he discovered that two bills were stuck together, making $400, rather than the $300 owed.  This created a terrible dilemma for the struggling young attorney.


    Should he share the windfall with his partner, or keep it to and for himself?


    Amazon reminded of this joke when they sent an email advising me of a refund for an item I had not returned.  I called and told them the refund was an error, but I also told my partner.

  2. I believe you’re playing the “B” side of this.



    I would not ship anything until you’re certain of the funds.  It’s probably a scam and the scammer will grow impatient and disappear.  The question is whether with or without your speakers.

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  3. Welcome.


    More information would be helpful.   In what way(s) are you unhappy with the sound?


    What are you using for a source and amplification?  Are they wired in phase?  Are all drivers working?


    If they were mine, I’d open the backs and confirm all connections at the crossover networks.  Eventually you may want to update the capacitors in the networks.


    As to value,  the range is so wide as to be of little use at this stage.  Get them functioning and search eBay completed sales to begin to get an idea of the price range. 

  4. The weather in Southeast Michigan is clear and cold at 9:30 am.  The hourly forecast for Ann Arbor predicts mostly cloudy and temps in the 20s at game time in the annual clash between Wolverines and Spartans.


    The weather in South Bend is predicted to be slightly warmer at game time in the Notre Dame vs Navy tilt.


    In either case, I’d want to watch from the warm comfort of home.  For me, the game day atmosphere, although exciting, doesn’t offset the advantages of watching televised coverage you can record, pause and, reverse as needed.



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  5. 14 hours ago, tube fanatic said:

    ...Besides, my new “specialty” of desktop systems requires even less power!




    Thanks for sharing the interesting and informative article.  Please describe one of your “desktop systems.”


    I constantly have to explain that the relationship of amp power to speaker size is counterintuitive.  Present an audio layperson with a pair of Klipschorns and a pair of BBC ls3/5a monitors and ask which requires more power to play at a given volume. 11 out 10 will say the bigger speaker.  When I explain the Klipschorns respect the laws of physics and are very efficient, but the ls3/5a monitors try to defy the laws of physics to get small drivers to produce big sound waves, they begin to understand.


    I have demonstrated the difference by producing glorious music from my efficient Klipsch speakers using only a tiny chip amp that cost less than lunch and fits in the palm of your hand.  That same amp will produce sound from my BBC monitors but, by the time the electrons navigate the complex equalizing physics cheating crossovers, the sound emanating from the small KEF drivers can hardly be described as music.  It takes 100 times the power to get “music” from the BBC monitors.  Even then they lack the effortless dynamics and live sound of larger horn loaded efficient speakers.



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