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  1. The last of the Hidden Figures died at 101.  Her intelligence and willingness to ignore gender and racial barriers were instrumental in the success of our NASA space missions.  The attached photo shows her receiving her Medal of Freedom in 2015.  Another numbers person is seated next to her, #24.


    I highly recommend the film Hidden Figures.



  2. 11 hours ago, MookieStl said:

    It was a good company for broke dudes like me that wanted good sound and liked to build chit. 


    Thank goodness for friends.  Another old friend gave me the framed business card, but only after he made sure to keep one for himself.  At 26 years old, I was too shortsighted to keep any cards or photos of that endeavor when I sold the business for $4,000 in 1976.  Thanks to good friends I now have tangible tokens of the memories, not to mention high frequency hearing loss.


    I didn’t build the four SKhorns, they were factory built.  I did build a pair of 7s for my friend and mentor regarding Jazz, Blues, and R & B.  I also pointed many others to their own Speakerlab experiences.


    Thanks again, and my wife thanks you too.



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  3. 15 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

    Thought I'd class this place up a bit.  My favorite Stooge.




    13 hours ago, sunburnwilly said:


    Curly Joe for the win



    Sunburnwilly, you picture Curly, but mention Curly-Joe  Bessard shown below.  Who do you like?


    A tough call between two of the Howard brothers.  If forced to choose, I cast my vote for Curly.



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  4. 4 minutes ago, yorkdaletoronto said:

    Is there any technical reason why the Cornwalls cabinet size have to twice wider than the woofer. No other speaker company has this ratio ? 


    It’s my guess the ratio is a result of achieving the desired internal volume without increasing the depth and/or height.  I’m reminded of the Dynaco A50 shown below.




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  5. A friend gave me a pair of these.  He assumed, as an audio enthusiast, I’d be thrilled. It was interesting to see and hear what were often used to mix pop recordings to sound good from car radios.  They actually sounded better than expected—which is damning with faint praise—but not interesting enough to not sell them for several hundred dollars on eBay.



  6. My wife and I are debating whether the “& Metal” in the return address was hand drawn or printed.  She says a very fine Sharpie and extremely neat handwriting. I vote for professionally printed.   If she’s correct I have to be her sex slave, so I win either way.





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  7. What a pleasant and unexpected surprise.  It called for a TGIF Griffin Claw Default Pilsner.


    Thank you very much Mike @MookieStl for the Speakerlab badge.  It’ll go well with the framed business card from my DJ days.  I painted the Speakerlab logo on the fronts of the four black SKhorns in large white letters and made their catalogs available to my subjects.  In exchange, Speakerlab paid for Seattle to Detroit shipping, which in 1975 saved me ~$180.




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  8. Rich-


    Please let me know when you receive the record.  I would appreciate it if you could remind me of the handwritten date(s) on the labels.  Those dates indicate when the record received the Reg Williamson record cleaning treatment.  That record should still be static free, which means it should not attract or hold dirt.  Please let me know if that still seems to be true.



  9. Those really deserve a new home where they’ll be appreciated.  I’ll post about them on a Karlson thread on diyAudio forum.


    I’ve attached photos of “mini-Karlsonators” I built and posted in the diyAudio thread.  I hope someone learns about yours and rescues them.




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