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  1. Dave1290

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Me listen? Oh heck no! Not unless I truly WANT to. I see what they're doing on the floor for the most part. I could care less how a D corrects to stop the Offense of the other team. You see it happen or at least I do. Comments by other Coaches/players doing the color commentary? That's all subjective to them and what they've experienced in their lives. Let the players play and the coaches coach. They call a time out you know they're making the adjustments then you see them use them. I give the credit to the college players to do what the coach wants them to do. For the most part the kids already know what to do, the coach just clarifies it and makes it easier for them to see so they respond. I can't stand the TV boys unless they were a great Coach or player. Then perhaps I'll listen. When you shoot sports for 28 years i guess you look at it a bit differently. Soooo, it's hoops and tunes for me. lol
  2. Dave1290

    behold, the Wraptor ;) (truck graphics write-up)

    "Jump mode? Airborne? Bottom out? I'll just sit on my hands and smirk then scroll on down!!! Have to be a good boy in here but... 😂 Pffffffft... Advertising IS part of the business yanno... You're driving a rolling, jumping billboard there sooooo... They're not gonna ASK you yanno! lol
  3. Dave1290

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    This I when I truly start to enjoy the ballin. Some tremendous players out there again this year. Anyone see 60 minute's short on College gambling? Great piece on the impact of it all on sports betting, players and Universities. Now's the time for some REAL hoops n tunes! Crank it up, mute the TV morons w/the comments, sit back and truly ENJOY the game. Now if we could only figure out a way to eliminate the commercials...
  4. Dave1290

    behold, the Wraptor ;) (truck graphics write-up)

    Nice ride, great look and Klipsch should be kickin back a few $$$ for the advertising... In all, it's waaaay cool!!! Enjoy!
  5. Dave1290

    What do you say happened here?

    Could be a combination of many things. Too hard or too soft but I'm pretty sure it Rockwell tested ok prior to machining. Age??? Stress over the years comes into play but you also jacked it up so my first thought is ya hit something hard enough to cause the break. Perhaps a hairline somewhere but torque can also be your enemy as you well know. My thought? Ya clubbed something BIG time but then again it could have just let go. Steel's funny stuff so get to work! 32 years in it soooo yup... I've seen a thing or two... lol Have fun and wear your jock! Every picture tells a story so yup, expect one! hahaha BTW, I haven't talked to that dude with the farm machinery junkyard about the plate you wanted. He went to Florida for the winter and his son was clueless. Can check if you still need/want it so lemme know!
  6. Dave1290

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Bobby Knight got eaten alive allll by himself much like Woody Hayes. Winning consumed him. That was the down side of it all. You have to admit he was one heck of a Coach and player for Ohio State. Iz won't let that happen to him. Jud taught him along with others in the business. He's a totally different kind of person. Sitting here watching w/3 minutes left in the first half and this is prolly greens best game of the year so far. Whip? Iz didn't need it. He did it his own way and I'll bet he never apologized to anyone. They're lit tonite! So far anyway...😂
  7. Dave1290

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Truth!!! 😂 😂
  8. Dave1290

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Nah, instill the fear early and just push... He was hot though cause he was lookin for an example. Anyone remember when Isiah Thomas was playin for IU? The year they won the NCAAA? Don't know if it got out or not but Bobby Knight had a 10' bullwhip at practice early on in the tourney... Yes Sir, he was swingin it too. They asked him why and he said, "just slow down and you'll see why! He ran 'em to death! They won the NCAA cause all they did was run the ball
  9. Dave1290


  10. Dave1290


    Knee deep yet???
  11. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Sounding pretty good this evening!
  12. Dave1290

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    The main reason why it's "hoops n tunes" here for most NFL games and the NCAA. Even though they have nothing to do w/the bracket pairings it's almost like ESPN is trying to control everything anymore. They state they just report and cover sports "news." I can't wait 'til they open up "sports betting" during games. They're saying you're going to be able to not only bet on games but also on single plays during the game. 20:1 that Dis Diz makes that 60 yard field goal. "Here's the snap to wvu80, it's down and Diz makes the kick... Is it good?" Flashing on the bottom of the screen while you place your bets. Gonna be great! hahahaha
  13. Dave1290

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Sounds like a wonderful day! Sheeshhhhh! When it rains it pours... Soooo, if you win the Lottery do we all get toasters or coffee makers? Good luck! Gonna have to stop and pick up the winning ticket tomorrow...
  14. Dave1290

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Auburn is workin hard and ballin. Tenn??? Well not so much! I wouldn't worry about odds on the Sparty game Diz... Whoever wants to win and the team that can keep their cool down the stretch should prevail. izzo will be totally into the game and keep 'em on a short leash. Blue on the other hand will be going for the throat I think. Kinda like that "Revenge Tour" thingy! Oh yea, whoever has the most points at the end comes into play. Lace 'em up tight when ya bet that other guy for your shoes/jersey! 😂 😂
  15. Dave1290

    FS: McIntosh MC30 pair (consecutives) SOLD

    Stunning and I'm sure the sound is stunning too! They truly are beautiful ! GLWS