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  1. Dave1290

    Chili and Klipsch

    Ha! You guys are killing me with all of this chili, non-chili, sloppers, and whatever else that's been posted here. I'll be taking succinct notes in Hope, I hope! Only thing I've got going for me, besides a craving for this, is the fact I did notice @Mallette had a photo darkroom timer sitting there in one of the pics! THAT I have! lolol
  2. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Just so much love in here... 😂 😂
  3. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I'm actually thinking it was given to me and I was told to put it away. The other two Imma gonna have to eyeball a bit. Gonna have to get the number and do the research. Could put the $$ toward the Linn overhaul... IF I did that it would help with the cartridge upgrade but then I wouldn't have the LP anymore. Sighs...
  4. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Haven't listened to them in a LONG time! Pulled that Floyd LP out today and said WOW! I don't think it's ever been played. To sell or not to sell??? Think it'll go up? Hmmmmm... Now gonna have to do some research... Thoughts?
  5. Dave1290


  6. Dave1290

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    Sooooo, @Emile I shouldn't say anything to the cleaning lady when she slips in here Tuesday to clean?
  7. Dave1290

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Safe mercies to you both!
  8. Dave1290

    3x La Scala Needing Love

    Smiles, welcome to the forum! Hands Deang a nitro pill... Scrolls...
  9. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Well get that connection fixed up @WillyBob! We're impotent in here can't ya tell??? That dude in the hat is just tryin to add a bit of class to the thread. Ha! Just hangin, listenin and BSing! McQuinn walkin down the street? Sounds like Fee Waybill and a lil "In thru the out door!" Ha, now have to find a shot for this post... Back story, John boy just finished and the girls were doin the "Go Go" dancin on top of the towers on either side of the stage... Soooo, he just said jump I gotcha... She did and he did... All about the angle of the dangle if you know what I mean 😂 😎 STOP staring it's impolite! Ha! Photo's tack sharp but used frosted glass in the frame for the PG look! lol
  10. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Yup, got all that @dirtmudd but not gonna go insane researching it. It's "spatial" or I wouldn't have 3. All sleeved and everything too so I'm sure play is minimal. I'm a vinyl hoarder what can I say?
  11. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    @dirtmudd Agreed on that 80's garbage! Just sat down wondering the thoughts you guys had on the Floyd LP's. So I guess the 3 of you get them and I don't. Sounds fair! I just thought it totally insane that one LP would bring that kind of money. Clueless as to what the other two on Tower label are worth. I just re-checked the Columbia and it's EMI and UK. I'm actually wondering what it sounds like now. lol Nope, not gonna look but for some reason they're the way they are from LONG ago. That's the crazy nutso thing w/my LP's. I know what I have but the rest of it's like Xmas at times. Spent a couple hours driving today to pick up a Technics system I purchased at auction... $17.25 and paired it all w/a pair of Technics speakers I picked up this fall at the same dude's online auction for $16.50. Going out in the garage mainly cause it wouldn't be right to subject anything good to the crazy yearly temp swings in Ohio. Sell it? Sure for about $500... 😂 😂 😎 Thought about where and how I got those Floyd LP's the entire time. Musta been that purple microdot I got from you @JohnJ
  12. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Ok, all outta likes so consider yourselves "liked!" lol Wasted day here waiting on the snow to quit so just hanging out. Couple places I rarely go are Veojam and Discogs so took a peek in both. Funny that Discogs showed a price of $1100 for Floyd's "Saucer full" LP on the Columbia label. Thought a minute and "thought" I had one so decided to check it out... Hmmm... Yea, ok... Just one on Columbia. hahahaha
  13. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Well GaDay my friend... Trying to get outta here and just some Earth, Wind & Fire on... Want some HORNS! lol You have a good one mate!
  14. Dave1290

    Heresy I's ... $300 ... Tampa Bay, FL region

    @Emile You teasin us again??? Well maybe not since you're outta room @ the Inn. 😂
  15. Dave1290

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Just hangin out tonite and started with some Eagles then took a left-hand turn into G.F.... After his death it kinda made me wonder how many "rocker's" would really miss him. I just remember a kid my age from Detroit who could play the guitar heading South ta get a FEEL for things. Then winding up in LA reaching for the stars yet never pushing anyone. Yea, the gaggle loved ya man! :)