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  1. Yea, wait til someone opens the door for you and says, "Go ahead."
  2. Dave1290


    Nice lil group right there!
  3. Well demo week isn't happening this week. My buddy got a better paying job. lololol I"m cheap what can I say! Guess I'm gonna have to start it by myself. Soooo, had a couple double LP's I saw and saved for a later play. They''ve been goin down! Pissing off the neighbors earlier! Up first was: All the World's a Stage is a double live album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1976. The album was recorded at Massey Hall in Toronto on June 11, 12, and 13 during their 2112 tour. The title of the album alludes to William Shakespeare's play As You Like It, which would again be referenced by Rush in their 1981 song "Limelight". One heck of an album! Second: Renaissance (Atco Records catalog no. [SD] 33-244; originally available in both mono and stereo) is the third album by rock band Vanilla Fudge, released in June 1968. It was their first album to feature mostly original material, with five of its seven tracks penned by band members. A fantastic psyschedelic rock LP. I ALWAYS hated having to get up and filp it... Way too much work! Great LP though! 😎 Third: The album "Back to the Bars" was recorded in 1978 during week-long stints in New York City (The Bottom Line), Los Angeles (The Roxy), and Cleveland (The Agora). The music featured the best of Rundgren's most commercial work spanning seven of the eight solo albums released in the 1970s up to, but not including his most recent at the time. Yup Todd is simply Todd!
  4. Yup, saw this and thought of @JohnJ and @dirtmudd so yea, had to! lol
  5. Sighs... Pains you? Ugh! Go Blue.
  6. Nite everyone. Phase two of the living room begins this week.. Bwa ha ha... Gimme that prybar... Wait, hold my beer!
  7. I could just stay in this tub for a VERY long time. Have all of these but man! He wasn't talkin crap about the played once or twice. Not gonna make the 1st of July MAYBE then end!
  8. Wellllll IF I can get it here Imma gonna try it w/o the hotel ballrom naturally!
  9. Need some more Johnny! Have this one on now from 1970! Give him a shot
  10. Ha! Back to the grind! No better way than to start a day w/a lil Johnny Hartford! Yes Sir, he did it all. One of the best! This one, his 5th, is from 1969! John Hartford won Grammy awards in three different decades, recorded a catalog of more than 30 albums,and wrote one of the most popular songs of all time, Gentle On My Mind. He was a regular guest and contributor on the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour and the Smothers Brothers Show. And awaaaay we go w/a lil
  11. @HDBRbuilder Amen! Johnnie Walker Black for years and now upgraded to Green and shootin for the Blue label. lolol
  12. @BigStewMan nice to see you back man!
  13. Dave1290

    What I Got Today!

    I didn't get anything today but my youngest daughter did! I got this pic and the message "Daddy look what I got today" w/hearts. All I can say is it wasn't one of mine cause she found it in Phoenix somewhere. There could be hope for her yet and I'm runnin thru the beads! She has a bad habit of wearing my tour t-shirts for dresses...
  14. What he said! ^^^^^^^^^ This place is great whether you're deep into music or deep into components. You obviously are both just like the majority of us here. The members here are from all walks of life and each one of us is truly interested in comments that are made. For the most part! Ha! You'll find tons of info on just about everything "sound" related. Who runs what, who likes what, the entire gamut! From coffee, cd's, LP's, streaming, jokes, to modifications and building of speakers. The majority of members truly believe in Paul Klipsch and his contribution to sound reproduction. Why? He was truly a genius and after 70 years his stuff is STILL COOKIN! Now it's time to warm up my tubes and throw on an LP! Nice day here today and I could be doing yard work but you have to have priorities yanno! Welcome to the Forum!
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