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  1. 😂 😂 Funny, I thought this was put to bed a few days ago but kept seeing comments so naturally had to peek in. hahaha
  2. Ya HAD to tell him that? Geez ya just made his day. hahahaha Edge retention? First time I ever heard anything about edge retention. Just a knife to kids. The torch was the tough thing to handle! lolol BTW did ya'll notice Tarheel finally rolled outta bed? hahahahaha
  3. Yea, waaaaay beyond the majority of that stuff anymore. Not into coughing up a lung now. Afterall, I am legendary around here so some of the kids have told me today. hahaha STILL trying to figure out what I did that made me "legendary." I just grew a pair when I was young I guess. Can't figure it out. Now IF I wore a sarong it might fit!
  4. Thanks so much for that post @Full Range! Stumbled around last night with the Eagles and a couple others... BOOM! I'm on it! Lee Ritenour's "Captain Fingers" was his 3rd studio album released in 1977 and it''s killer! Lil jazz fusion w/the synth's never hurt anyone! Gonna follow it up with "Earth Run" his Grammy winner from 1986 and wind it down w/"Feel the Night" from '79. FINALLY! Sounds soooo good and touches ALL the bases!
  5. Correctumundo @dtel! It ALWAYS bites 'em at some point! BTW, quit holding that pipe and pass it before it goes out Ahhh gain! 😂 😇
  6. Now this was back in the day but what a Junior/Senior prom this must have been. I remember hearing about this going on but just thought it was bull. Guess it happened! https://www.cincinnatimagazine.com/article/in-1968-jimmy-page-and-the-yardbirds-played-at-st-xaviers-prom/?fbclid=IwAR3Dky9BRja6AJBDs1iYMgzLTELU9ofpWfWd4IIQcQnSdgcQduCKU7zhTkY Yea, I'm THAT old!
  7. Talking different types of hash then dtel pops up another pic of catfish in a box then back to hash again and now none of us have any class it seems. Works for me!
  8. Whoa! Chicks with sticks? Welllllll, she does know HOW to use them! Michael Portnoy would be grinnin! Baby you can drive my car! Thanks, @EmilC
  9. c Cleaning up the grill now and gonna hit it later. Grands are coming w/the oldest daughter so gonna be fun keeping an eye on the kids. The food will work though I'm sure. Coffee shortly! Can't wait! lol
  10. I'll just leave this right here... Record Store Day Release on 6-26. Eric Clapton and B.B. King Riding with the King 20th Anniversary Edition Featuring Two Previously Unreleased Tracks Available on Black Vinyl, CD, Digital and Streaming on June 26th
  11. First time I saw Elton was his 11-17-70 tour. What a show that was! Watched him from the orchestra pit @ Vets Memorial in Cbus. He flat a$$ KILLED it that night. Took another couple with me and asked them after what they thought. He said it was ok and she said she wasn't really impressed at all. Last show they ever saw w/me! lol Have seen him quite a few times and he's been great every time. Not a bad song on that LP @KlipschFish
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