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  1. GLWYS, they look great and with the additional options, installed/as is, they should go quickly.
  2. @Ceptorman IU has a great QB/Receivers and I knew Tom was gonna come at us 110%. He had them up and kept them up. Half-time adjustments on both sides also worked for both teams. The OSU pick-6 was sweet and Fields had a lack luster day throwing interceptions that he wished he had back. I wasn't pacing but I WAS mumbling just a bit. hahaha Wanna talk about that Rutger's game now? Schiano had them ready and they made a ball game of it. Illinois, Mi State on the road and blue remain. Now I'm honestly wondering if Coach Day is really gonna hang 100 on blue. I KNOW the team would love to. Lotta games til then. One at a time. I STILL keep hearing Luke Fickel's name as the front-runner. I don't think he would but Bo did. Factor in $6-8 million a year? Just wonder if the Buckeye Brotherhood would ever forgive him? Nope, not a chance but I'm hearing it from a source close to him. One of those if I told ya I'd have to kill ya sources. Ugh. It's VERY credible that's the thing that worries me. Luke has Cincy workin well.
  3. Just THAT quick! Half-time adjustments? Ouch! IU comes right back w/7. STILL a ball game sports fans.
  4. Great day for a drive it sounds like. Get a jump on it and GO!
  5. Welcome back @jimjimbo ! πŸ˜‚ Not much going on this year w/covid. TTUN is looking in prime form again this year. πŸ˜‚ Take tomorrow off @DizRotus more covid surfaced again this week to include their Coach. All the Buckeye fans are whining since there will be ZERO fans in the shoe tomorrow. No parents and absolutely no one around the team. Some blame the State for the Covid bans and some OSU. Smart move down the home stretch I think. Parents ALWAYS have to see their kids post game somehow. IU is gonna get some heat from the OSU DE's. They'll all be comin but it should be a tough game. Great team there this year and they'll be tough. OSU picked up the 2022 #1 player in the country yesterday outta TX after he de-comitted from TX. Naturally a QB but things happen in 2 years.
  6. Dave1290


    Yup, I knew that. Notice the tag you put on the bottom of your post was left off... πŸ˜‚
  7. Dave1290


    Suck it up buttercup we OWN ❌ichigan! This year, like any other year, is a game at a time. Getting leftovers this year it seems. EVERYbody want's some! The Indiana game this year is gonna be a ball game! Saaaatturdaaaaay!
  8. City boys spent 1.5 hours yesterday sucking up all the leaves here in Sherwood Forest. Today? The moron across the street drives his lil John Deere around sucking up more cans of leaves. Yup, nice row dumped in the street waiting for the wind to blow them in my yard. Just can't win! Think I'll start calling him Dick instead of Lee.
  9. hahahaha now THAT'S funny! My LS, Heresy, KG4 & Infinity Ref Standard 2.5's. Outta room unless a pair of Jubes show up cheap and close! lol Ummm, NO! LOL
  10. Bing! Something just went off in my wittle brain. Just linked the ad and they're now marked SOLD. Saw that post this morning since Cbus is close to me.
  11. Even if it's wrong it's goin down! Ever have one of those soul searching days? Got some re-masters in today and I'm just gonna unzip 'em and GO! GONG! Never get enough of them. They just do it and it always sorts. Angel's Egg was released in 1973 and their 4th. Cracked? Yuuuuup, but great just the same! On December 15th, 1988 Keith Richards and the X-pensive Winos took to the stage at the Hollywood Palladium and killed it. The new remaster? He STILL killed it but it just cooks. By the time you hit the D side of the albums he's jammin and you'll be right there with him. Keef's Keef and he's never gonna change. Got that funk goin on all thru the albums. Some good stuff fo sure! 😎 Their first album in 6 years and man WHAT an album. A tribute to Malcom his brother Angus said. The Aussie misfits re-united and put together a masterpiece tribute album. Brian Johnson's back on the vocals, Cliff Williams on the bass and drummer Phil Redd is even back! Their first release since Malcom's death is pretty darn amazing. If ya liked their other 16 albums you're gonna love this one. Clean, crisp and tight everywhere. A foot stomper and sweet groove like only they can! The world-wide hype? They come out on tour I'm gonna soooo be there! Ya better jump!
  12. @baron167 You'll find in here these guys "get it." My Linn table was the last thing on my hit list building this new system. I didn't know where or what I wanted to do actually. Bounced it off Paul (FullRange) who runs the blackbird and enjoys it. Then Mike (dirtmudd) threw another cart into the mix. So I started reading up a bit on them both. Then I factored in who was going to do the work. My table is a 90 or 91 and it'd never been touched so I decided to go with a Linn tech in Ann Arbor, Mi, which is about 2.5 hours from me here in Ohio. Didn't know him when I talked to him on the phone he suggested the 20 so it was game on. Was there waiting when they opened, he told me 4 hours to go over everything and finished in 3 hours 56 minutes. Start to finish w/no breaks. Said he'd been working on Linn for 28 years and went to the Linn School in Scotland. Most flip them over but not him. Sat it on the flipper and replaced everything underneath w/o even looking at what he was doing. Never flipped it over just reached under and did it. Gave me a handful of resisters and caps he replaced when he checked out the board, the old cart (which I wanted) put on a new trampoline base and who knows what else. Ya gotta have the tools to work on the toys and he did. My table deserved a lil TLC after being neglected for 30 years. Will I go back? You betcha, it's his to work on now. It's just the way I roll. After all, I've only got about $5k in updates to put on it. Umm, NO! I'm a happy boy. You won't find a better bunch of guys ANY where than right here. BTW, they HATE reading my short novels but that's why I do it. πŸ˜‚
  13. Love that Dynavector 20 I got. It definitely opened things up. Maybe next time I'll go with the blackbird. Happy as heck w/my set up right now.
  14. Yea, I guess I did but I just saved some valuable time. lol It was gonna go there anyway but ya did "show me the money," brother! Then I go to the front porch overloaded almost in the death quiver! So ya followed me out to kick me a bit more. Gonna start calling you Maytag ya agitator! hahaha Definitely some good vibrations though!
  15. IF the shoe fits buy the other one! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
  16. Welllll, I've been kinda cleaning and jammin. They I spied w/my eye... Soooo glad this came out. My poor cd really stunk the place up! πŸ˜‚
  17. Running BJC from my PrimaLuna into my modded LS and don't have any regrets at all. Sounds great!
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