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  1. BTW, I really appreciate you all for taking the time to assist me in this. This is a fantastic forum.
  2. If you look at the last picture I posted, there is a strange wire, completely bare, that runs under some of the negative posts. It goes the entire length of that small connector strip:
  3. The right speaker is working correctly, 50hz up through the high end. Two issues that I see. The mids that I heard on the left speaker were simply coming out of the woofer. In order to check polarity, I pulled the back off, and made sure that the interior wires were correct, which they are not. It appears that someone was rewiring this speaker in the past, and wired the squawker and tweeter backwards from the schematic, hot to hot instead of 180 out. The wiring from the back door to the crossover, and all internal wiring is an off white casing, red stripe on one side, black the other. It has burgundy crimp connectors, and does not look to be factory to me, but this is the first time I've cracked one of these open and really looked at it. Is the wiring from the xover to the drivers factory? Here is what the crossover and wiring looks like:
  4. I would say to read this thread first. That's where I am going with my own H1's.
  5. I haven't used them much at all since I picked them up from the seller a month or so ago. This morning I turned on the amp that feeds them, and the midrange was almost completely gone on both speakers. After roughly 3-4 minutes, the squawker on the left side came on suddenly. The right came on another 3 minutes later. Could this be bad caps on the crossover? Or could it be that the diaphragms on both were frozen in place until I pushed enough power through them to "unstick"? Now that they are running, they sound perfectly fine. All drivers are running as they should be! Do I need to add new diaphragms for both of the K-55's to my list, since I am preparing to do the "Super Heresy" upgrade from @ClaudeJ1 ? Or do you think that this issue will go away when I replace all the caps? Thanks in advance! O
  6. This. I found that the KG4 in our bedroom for TV sound needs to be away from side walls, and three inches from the back wall. Better bass and lower mids. We can actually hear the dialogue very clearly with this setup.
  7. Now that made the idea click into place rather firmly. It is simply a “B” network with the squawker and tweeter being reversed.
  8. For positioning, I used a T-square back in the day, the crossbar on the top back of the speaker, with the main arm as a pointer. It showed me exactly where the aim was...
  9. That's odd, because I primarily use Firefox myself, and haven't seen that issue. Do the images work in IE for you? I guess that you probably don't use IE any more, since Edge has been auto inserted as the new replacement.
  10. ...not mine, obviously. They appear to be decent! https://daytona.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-speakers/6615397001.html Klipsch Heresy speakers daytona.craigslist.org 1 pair of klipsch heresy 2 loudspeakers. These speakers have been refinished with factory slant risers. It looks like finish is walnut but cant be sure because factory stickers on back are missing....
  11. Now that earned an actual "Laugh Out Loud" from me. That's fantastic! As far as my test impressions go, take any opinion I have with a liberal block of salt. Having tinnitus has ruined my "critical listening" ability, unfortunately. I was a pro audio guy back in the day, but having a motorcycle tire blow up inches from my head put an end to all of that. Nowadays, sound pressure levels trump most everything, with plenty of headroom coming in a close second.
  12. I am using a Bryston 4B NRB (Latest edition) to drive the Heresies, any opinion on this amp? https://www.stereophile.com/solidpoweramps/592bryston/index.html This is the system for my office, where I am running digital SPDIF out to an Onkyo TX-SR700 7.1, and using the pre-outs to the Bryston. If I want to do 2.1, I can turn off all the other speakers and only run the Heresies. Most of the time, I listen to everything in surround mode: Front L&R: KG4's. Center: Two Quintets into the same center channel, on either side of the monitor angled 45 degrees inward. They make an awesome "virtual" center. Mid L&R: KSF 8.5's. Back L&R: The Heresies on a pre-out to the Bryston. Sub: Cheap powered Polk. I am looking for a reasonably priced Klipsch offering I plan to do one Heresy first, and do a compare with the unaltered version. It would not take too much more effort to swap polarities on the modded side to see if there is a difference.
  13. Those are the exact ones that I ordered. Thank you for the heads up, I wasn't too sure if the flared version would make any measurable difference in performance.
  14. Correct, a Cornwall "B", as a matter of fact. I used those two networks to simply illustrate my question. Woofers are ordered, along with all the caps, wire, and assorted goodies I need. They are out of stock on the 4" flared tubes, so I picked up the other style of 4" to hold me over until they get more in stock.
  15. Thanks for the answer. I guess I am used to seeing capacitors and resistors on the positive / uphill side of the functional device, and it struck me as “wrong” when tracing from the device back to the origination point. I will keep reading as much as I can find on the subject.
  16. Thanks! I do IT Automation for a living, and that quote describes my life perfectly.
  17. I was looking at different crossover networks in preparation for building @ClaudeJ1 type "Super Heresys", and I'm not understanding something. Below is the Heresy type E network, which shows a positive path for the woofer through an inductor, and into the speaker's positive terminal. But then it shows the positive input being fed into a capacitor, and then through the autoformer to the negative side of the squawker and tweeter. The second network diagram shows a type AA, where the positive path always goes to the positive terminals. Why the difference? (I apologize if this is something so normal that I should know the answer, but I haven't run into the answer in my reading as of yet.) If there is a beginner primer covering this, I would appreciate any links or feedback. Thank you in advance! @JohnA @jimjimbo @CECAA850
  18. If you wish to sell them, you should start your own new thread, instead of trying to piggyback a sale on this one.
  19. Of course, it’s what I do... *<;o)
  20. Congratulations on both of you picking up the H1’s. I myself bought a beater pair on the cheap, with a thought of performing the @ClaudeJ1 upgrades, making them into an inexpensive set of mini Cornwall’s. If I’ve learned one thing while reading his thread, it’s to follow his recipe exactly. The Heresies are beat up, with some delamination of the plywood, and a couple of small strips missing on the outside of one. This has helped me to decide to turn these into Road Warriors. Re-glue and stabilize any layers of the ply that need it, metal corners and edge trim, Duratex coating applied, no grille covers, and a heavy duty grate style dome over the woofer. My wife is a professional musician, and I have a bit of experience with road gear, so this should be a lot of fun! The mods themselves don’t look to be that difficult to perform. New Delta Pro 12a woofers, new caps in the new values, move some wiring around, and port the back panel. Some sound deadening, and you are off to the races. The only thing I am “adding” to the design is a fuse holder and 1amp fast blows inline. Just to be safe.
  21. I don't have the relationship currency to spend right now on these, I wish I could. I would make the 12 hour round trip for this pair! $1,250. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ele/d/klipsch-lascala/6601449445.html Klipsch LaScala atlanta.craigslist.org Klipsch LaScala speakers with latest Crites upgrades, newest tweeter, woofer and crossover. Rewired with Audioquest speaker wire and sound dampening in bass cabinet. Local Pickup only/ Cash
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