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  1. Here is a video where a guitarist plays a copy of the very first electric guitar built by the genius Les Paul: (LOTS of cool history!)
  2. That's funny. Leo Fender was friends with Les Paul, and had access to the research Les was performing in his creation of the world's first electric guitar. Gibson was waffling and not sure that Les Paul's creation would sell, so Fender came out with the first commercial guitar. Even though Fender was having a field day selling these things, Gibson still balked about putting their name on these guitars, so Les said "Put my name on it".
  3. Oicu812

    1957 Khorns for sale

    The easiest way to do pictures is in my signature at the bottom of this post. If you have any questions, please let me know.
  4. Those beat my deal on Epic CF3’s for $100. I’m jealous (but not too much)...
  5. Have you been drinking red wine next to your speakers again, Randy?
  6. Set up your Cornwalls and follow geoff.'s advice. If you look at the bottom of my signature, there is a quote from Paul Klipsch. Most anything "bad" you will hear in other recordings are not a failure on the part of the Cornies, as explained by the man himself, PWK. Give your ears some time to get used to what you are hearing. It is a more faithful re-creation of what was recorded than any other speaker system in this price range. Another fantastic recording is "Owner of a Broken Heart". Play that at your normal volume, and you will fall in love.
  7. Oicu812

    Leaving the Forum

    Wow, I haven't heard that one in years.
  8. Oicu812

    Leaving the Forum

    The other issue is the fact that this is a Klipsch owned and operated site. Their playground, their ball and bat, their rules.
  9. Oicu812

    Leaving the Forum

    Nearly all of the forums I have been a part of have these same issues. On another site where I am active, they tried to solve it by building a sub topic for new people to say hello. They loaded that forum with a bunch of pinned threads that answered most all of these beginner questions, and newbies were pointed to this area and asked to read those threads. This area of the forum was marked "Flame Free", and old timers that jumped salty in that area were relegated to the Gulag for a week. They learned pretty quickly to be nice in that forum. Anything silly or stupid outside of that area was open to snark and ridicule. Most new members ignored this sage advice, and constantly posted threads asking the same questions that were already covered. The smart (wise?) ones actually read the threads, and knew the answers before posting. Those were the guys that stuck around. There is no way to fix the willful ignorance on the part of the others.
  10. You should ping him directly so that he gets the notification/ email: @dvsbiker
  11. Absolutely gorgeous and well priced for what you are getting. I would wish you good luck on the sale, but I don’t think you will need it, Jim. Thank you again for my drivers!
  12. Hey @billybob, want a nice Klipsch SW8-ii subwoofer? I could get these in that case!
  13. My wife played piano, sang, and entertained for a bar chain called "Howl at the Moon". It was loud, and occasionally cacophonous. But I did drink for free...
  14. It seems odd that they measured one watt at 10 feet instead of the industry standard 3. The frequency response and polars look decent. It appears that they are still available at this time. I really wish I could, but it's just not an option.
  15. I would have, but my company keeps cutting hours and making things difficult.
  16. These look to be well worth the asking price, but I've been informed that I would be "courting death" should I bring home any more speakers...! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3161818863917802?ref=category_feed&referral_code=undefined
  17. Holy necropost, Batman! Good luck in your search. Woodog hasn't visited here in 3+ years, but maybe he will come back if you actually ping him via the forum. Heck, I will do it for you: @Woodog
  18. Holy Necropost, Batman! Seriously, welcome to the forum. It's a font of information, and there are a ton of threads dealing with modifications. Don't fall into that pit right away, listen to what you have for a time. Then you should replace the capacitors in the crossover with new ones of the same value. Listen again for a period of time to get a feel for how they sounded originally before doing anything else.
  19. ♫ All I want for Christmas... ♫ *<;o)
  20. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1048611515565275/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined KLIPSCH HERESY 1's ORIGINAL OWNER PICKED UP AT KLIPSCH FACTORY IN HOPE AK. KLIPSCH HERESY ORIGINAL OWNER PICKED UP AT KLIPSCH FACTORY IN HOPE AK How to identify Heresy 1 from 2's? FYI -The original Heresy 1's have a terminal block for the speaker wire connections.The... www.facebook.com
  21. Holy necropost, Batman. Welcome to the forum. Pics or it didn’t happen! (You can use the hosting method in my sig below for easy online posting)
  22. Please take photos, and you can use the hosting method in my signature for easy posting. There will be someone that will know what they are by just looking.
  23. Why is there a Yamaha logo on the video speaker pic??? *<;o)
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