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  1. Klipsch has policy on selling proprietary parts. They may only sell these to registered AL5 owners as a replacement. Someday they may offer a complete upgrade. But been a while since seeing these kits. The Well documented B&C DE120 is a drop in replacement. The Citation driver now used by Klipsch (reported by people who have seen them) may require crossover adjustments. Crites and DaveA sell horns with these drivers. Installing them made a huge upgrade in my LSII. The new ones used by Klipsch might be even better though.
  2. Do not know them. But used to work on old tuner, receivers, amps, and integrateds. That was 25 - 30 years ago. It was difficult to track down noises. Sometimes even changing the position of a part caused stability issues. Especially circuitry like split phase amplification. Very finicky sometimes. A modified unit might be perfect. Or might be a life long project to sort out. Without knowledge of all changes it can be very time consuming to trace out all circuits and interactions. The receivers are the worst. The amount of circuits in the signal path is unbelievable. Tone controls, boosts, balance, and switching can kick your butt. Especially with this gear getting close to fifty years old. Casper might not have the greatest business communication skills. Most one man shows struggle with this. That is one of the reasons they are a one man show. But if he is refurbing units and cranking them out he is a needed resource.
  3. That is good to know. Never opened up the bass bin. But never say never. You can port, play with internal volumes, stiffen cabinet, or any mod. None will fill in the bottom like a well blended in sub. Mine makes the bass appear to come only from the La Scala’s. Sounds anemic on some material when the sub is turned off.
  4. Plus a six watt amp will usually kill a compression driver quicker than a 60 watt amplifier. Not as much headroom for transients.
  5. I will be pulling the crossovers out of mine soon. Can trace it out. These latest crossovers are constructed with very high quality parts. Nothing like motor run caps of old. Are you hoping to upgrade yours or diy one?
  6. The Benchmark AHB2 is way overkill. Thirty watts are plenty. But I think Class A/B with a resonant mode supply is a ticket to happy listening. Just not the only ticket. Owned and built several Pass designed products. All seemed great. Some did not measure great.
  7. BTW, was set to order a TDIA-1120. But figured out it only streams. Files can be loaded on a memory stick (USB) and played from there. But no hardwired USB from a computer. This was a deal breaker for me. Not ready to be a streamer, yet.
  8. 😃 those look like work of an artisan. The “fancy wood” creation might belong in an art gallery and not hidden behind grill cloth.
  9. I would recommend replace the tweeters first. The B&C DA-120 and a new horn should transform the LS. Then revisit the crossovers after another year of listening. BTW, the caps used to build the ALK Universals seem like good stuff.
  10. The alignments require some specialized gear. A cheaper tuner may align quickly. The big Super Tuners require some time. There are multiple notch filters that control selectivity. I used to send mine to Brian Beezley in Cal. He was top notch. He seems to have lost interest. Think Sangean and him got crossed up and he cut us all off. But purchased a couple Day-Sequerra HD FM monitors and sold all the Supertuners. Needed digital and analog capabilities.
  11. Using a 120watt@8 ohm solid state amplifiers to drive LS II. Plenty loud. But crossed at 80 hz to subs.
  12. Hate to ask, can you make a pair cut for LS II with this figured walnut?
  13. I have to say no. People do it, even smaller rooms, but you are really too close. At best you will be 10’ from each speaker. And that is with back to the wall.
  14. As a freshman engineering student in 1973 a slide rule class was a freshman requirement. There were functions on a slide rule that a HP 300 could not do. But the game changer was the programmable calculator. Load the formulas up into the calculator. Before these you had to memorize the formulas. But the real skill is still understanding the data and plugging inputs into the formula correctly. Especially the conversion of units. See you the week after the 4th.
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