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  1. Yuper

    Wtb klipschorns

    Got a set of '78 kc bb #13so80 & 81. Got crites boards crites tweets and m squawks (all not installed). Speakers are stock. 9.6/10. $3500 located waukesha wi.(west of milwaukee)
  2. For that kind of money you could buy a perfect set of belles get new boards and tweets have money left over and really have some nice speakers
  3. Are you looking to upgrade? Got a pr of '78 kcbb's that are in the same shape with crites boards tweets and m squawks
  4. Put the speakers 2 ft apart and put your noggin between them!
  5. Project is pretty good. Comes with an ortephon cartridg- can upgrade the cartridge also add a cork/rubber pad if your phono is in same room as speakers if you crank it-best 15 bucks you'll ever spend. Basic setup under 500 bucks. Can always spend more money later
  6. Boy that brings back memories. I had a cabinet shop for several years and to blow off steam we'd have a grillout and a nialgun fight- this was way before paintguns.
  7. If they can do to the belles what they did to the khorns hell yea (however my opinion comes from '78 speakers to 70th anniversary)so why not? I'm thinking there's a whole new generation out there that would buy-not including us old farts
  8. If they came back with a new version of the belles i would probably one of the first buyers
  9. Well there's volti but that seems double crites(or more). From what i was told crites wanted to supply parts to klipsch but? I can say in my 78 kcbb's the boards and tweets plus the M squawks made a clear difference
  10. No i have some of his upgrades in my older khorns no complaints! And if he makes some money doing it america at its best! Also "Electric Mud" to you
  11. So whats your opinion on crites vs. ? Not for my new speakers but older stuff
  12. Kinda funny bought my 70 khorns from a guy that worked at klipsch for a couple of years small world
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