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  1. I wired a 12v transformer in a buck configuration. If you use a variac, it has to be rated for the entire load. A bucking transformer only needs to be rated for the percentage of the voltage reduced (or boosted). So a 1KVA 120VAC load with a 12VAC buck or boost only needs a 100VA transformer. This is much cheaper than a decent variac. I used a center tapped transformer with a DPDT switch so I could switch between 6 and 12 volt reduction. If you do this, add a fuse, size the transformer conservatively and make sure there is enough cooling.
  2. I adjust the line voltage to my amps to keep the filament and B+ voltages near design values. Not necessary, but I think a good investment for reliability and tube life.
  3. I built a bucking transformer for my M-125 monoblocks. Mine is switchable between 6 and 12 volt drop. Works well. If you are handy with a soldering iron it could be a good route to go.
  4. I have owned RF7-IIIs and an RC64-III and I didn't find this to be true. The RC64-III did add vocal clarity for video, but didn't sound as balanced for music as the RF7-IIIs. I listened to music in 2 channel mode.
  5. I bought a 4U 400mm Dissipante case from the Diyaudio store for my SIT amp. Nice case but also not cheap.
  6. This is what I used: https://www.ebay.com/itm/323530741005?hash=item4b53ef550d:g:xTIAAOSwOxRb3HG5 Nicely made
  7. No, I bought a nice Chinese one (yes they do exist).
  8. I just bought a ticket. I am looking forward to hearing the Jubes.
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    I can't resist, PM sent.
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    I(f I didn't already have an XP-4080 I would be all over this. Asking price is less than an Minidsp Flex with XLR outputs.
  11. I also ran these horns crossed at 400Hz. I didn't expect them to work that low, but I tried it and liked it better than 500Hz.
  12. I have a pair of M125s and am using the Weber solid state rectifiers recommended by Bob Latino. Do you think these are a good choice, or would it be better to use tubes?
  13. You can also link channels so that any change made to one is also applied to the other. You can pick only those parameters you want to be common.
  14. I own the same amp with Gold Lion tubes. I use it primarily as a headphone amp. With a pair of LCD-3 phones and a good R2R dac it sounds very good.
  15. While I have no doubt this is true at least regarding distortion measurements, I have owned very powerful amps which sounded great at low volume levels. Both a Phase Linear 400 II and a QSC PLX1804 (900WPC @ 4 Ohm) sounded good at any volume. I am using the QSC amp on Quarter Pies at less than a watt on average. Overkill never sounded so good. Neither was quite as good as my 25 WPC class A DIY Pass amp, but that is IMHO in another class.
  16. I have my IB sub manifolds in the floor. 2 manifolds with 2 18" drivers in each. Drywall is not as good at isolating the sound from the back of the drivers. Low distortion, measured flat to 12 Hz and able to shake the house. These are not as efficient as horn subs, but watts are cheap. No large boxes in the living room, just what looks like cold air return grates for the furnace.
  17. I have a PLX-1804 running Quarter Pies. 900 WPC amp running at less than a watt. Overkill, but it sounds good.
  18. I have replaced the fans on 2 QSC PLX amps with quiet ones. They never get warm and sound great.
  19. Too late, I already sold them along with pair of HF200s. ☹️
  20. I went from ZXPC 10"x18" horns to K-402s. The ZXPC horns were good, but nowhere near the K-402s.
  21. If you like the ACA, you would love some of the other Pass DIY amps. I have built an F5 and an M2x. IMHO, the M2x is an end game amp as long as 25 WPC is enough. I am using mine on the mids with BMS 4592ND drivers on K-402 horns and the sound is very good.
  22. I used to use a MiniDSP 4x10 HD and currently use a Xilica XP-4080. I didn't notice a difference in sound quality when I switched, but prefer the Xilica's user interface. I think either is a good choice. The MiniDSP is still in production. The Xilica is discontinued and may be hard to find. I also had a MIniDSP 2x4 non HD for my subs. I would not recommend the non HD.
  23. I like the idea of a heavy metal rod. It should lower the center of gravity and make it less likely kids or cats will knock it over.
  24. I had a pair of 901 series IIIs and a Phase Linear 400 II amp. That amp showed me that amps do matter, even at low volume. I don't miss the speakers, but wish I still had the amp.
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