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  1. Pair of vintage Klipsch speakers. Large and will | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  2. I'm running HK825 pre amp with HK870 amp with my Cornwall II. They've sounded incredible (until the 825 let go spectacularly last week). I've now got the 870 paired with my HK330b (has pre-amp) and it sounds surprisingly good, just not quite as clean and detailed as the 825.
  3. Sold already. Someone got a great deal
  4. 1.5 hrs left and only at $475! Bid on them!
  5. Finally got around to finishing up a (slightly) crude refurb of a pair of Heresy I rescued. Turns out they were mismatched cabinets, likely used in a commercial setting. Both tweeters were blown, the cabinets had been painted with a THICK black gooey industrial paint that took me days to strip, there were 1/2" holes (for bolts to hang from the ceiling?) on every side but the front! Interesting thing; one is a HBR, the other HFB, but they were built within a couple weeks of each other. One of them has a "R" replacement woofer, but the rest seems all original components. I replaced the tweeter diaphragms and a few caps on the crossovers that were bulging. Now playing them in my office and they really sound pretty good. Had the cabinets been matched I may have put the effort in to try new veneer, but decided to try gloss black.
  6. Won this in an auction yesterday ($42). I needed something to test speakers in my garage work area. I've got the KR-3090 as well. Great little receivers!
  7. Pic I took of an old tree behind my house from a couple years ago.
  8. 2 Days left and sitting at only $300!! KLIPSCH CORNWALL LOUDSPEAKERS | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  9. Frieda, I would strongly suggest you post an ad in the Garage Sale section with pictures. Also be sure to let people know city & state where these are located. If someone on the board doesn't buy them, we all love to share great finds with others. Good luck!
  10. eBay listing. They mention 904's along with what looks like a ton of JBL. Might be some deals to be had? JBL Cinema speakers Model # 4739,3739,3639,3310,8320 | eBay
  11. Someone in Texas selling v2. Klipsch Epic CF4 V2 For Sale - US Audio Mart and another with v3. Klipsch Epic CF-4 version 3 - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org)
  12. Klipsch Cornerhorns - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org)
  13. What did you use for your crossover? I have a pair of KSM-1's that I want to do a similar build with and am still searching for ideas. I was thinking of going to Crites for a 2-way crossover (possibly from their Cornscala). I will possibly build new cabs and use the original motor board.
  14. BTW; they have some vintage stereo equipment as well. Marantz, Pioneer, Sansui, Kenwood, Heathkit Online Only Auction May 22, 2022 | Lilly Auction & Gallery (hibid.com)
  15. Very nice looking. Still over 12 days left on auction. Klipsch Heresy HWO speakers | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  16. Hi James - I've just purchased a set of KSM-1's in anticipation of converting them to stand-up's. Where did you pick up the replacement diaphragms?
  17. My brother and I have both called and messaged the phone numbers. No response. Probably a scam.
  18. Congrats!!! I love it when a fellow board member scores.
  19. Really not a bad price. I've repaired much worse!
  20. That's interesting. Maybe they're moving to Phoenix? They live in my city. Maybe I'll pop over and get the story.
  21. Heritage Kipsch. Klipschorn, Chor… | Electronics | ksl.com (not my ad) 1990 Klipschorn -- $4200 1992 Chorus II -- These are the desirable ones with 15" on back side -- $1500 These are in walnut with black cloth, and in exceptional condition for their age. 1986 Cornwall II -- New Crites crossover with Titanium tweeters were installed recently. The change is astounding. The sound rivals the mightly Khorn -- $1500 1998 KLF 30 -- If you like bass, these have it! Dual 12" woofers in each cabinet. Relatively few of these were made and therefore they can be very hard to find. $900 KLF 10 -- cabinets are in fair condition. For $400, you can't go wrong. VERY strong bass from dual 10". Titanium driver installed recently. KLF 20 -- All original in good condition. $700
  22. I've refinished a few different pairs of speakers. Heresy BR's that were painted grey, a mismatched pair of H1's (Fir Black and Oak) that had thick gooey black industrial paint. And pair of Oak Cornwall II's that were in super sad shape with huge gashes, burn marks and rings on top. I like black lacquer so I've gone black with all of them except a pair of HBR's that I lightly sanded and used Watco oil on.
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