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  1. agreed , it´s about 600 € here and affordable
  2. I know it and it´s really superb
  3. @oldtimer go back to school LOL
  4. A TT follows the laws of physics A turntable is a complex electromechanical spring mass oscillating circuit Consisting of five individual systems arranged in a row: 1) is the needle in the movable needle bearing 2) the tone arm in the chassis 3) form the two 1+2 together with the platter+platter bearing+chassis . In addition, the high frequency scanning for magnetic systems is indispensable: 4.+5.) the electrical resonant circuit of the pickup system and the supporting cantilever self-resonance. But these remain outside for the time being, since they only have an effect in the high frequencies >10Khz.
  5. @JohnJ said .....Wasn't aware of that they always have glowing reviews. Yes this is true and is always exactly the problem.Of course, this is all a question of the individual gear and your own listening demands. You read a good reviews about a product and believes automatically that it corresponds to the own requirements, thus one goes and buys it, but is annoying then if it is not as good as thought. Therefore I read reviews always in between the lines. This tells me if a product is interesting for me or not and whether I really need it. Who wants to impress us old rabbits with words ? BTW..the last Audio Magazine I bought ? ...can´t remember !
  6. You can send it to me if you want...or to these addresses in germany for retipping , they always find a soution ! I can support you in any case Paul http://www.nadelspezialist.de/oscommerce-2.3.4/oscommerce-2.3.4/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=946 https://www.phonophono.de/phono/ersatznadeln/retip-service.html
  7. Rush always have beautiful cover designs ....
  8. No disagreement between us, but as you allready mentioned ..they can´t rock , that´s what I ment ........
  9. You must know that I "only" own one record player and that I have owned it for 38 years now. Of course I have collected many cartridges over the years, if a needle was played I let it retipping, also with the MC's. The second MA 500 Tonearm Pipe..I bought from a Japanese distributor.
  10. @JohnJ sorry my friend , wasn´t in my attention to make you feel sad.....I really thought about whether I should publish this or not, I would rather not have done it... I´m a crazy nuts audioholic ..........
  11. @mustang_flht owns ... AKG, Empire, Stanton 881S, Denon DL103, Dynavetor Karat Ruby @JohnJ said ......you are fortunate to have a working one on hand! My Cartridge collection .....all in good working order or retipped > Shure Ultra 500, AT 20 SLA, Grado Gold II, Ortofon MC 30 , Goldring Eroica, Goldring 2500, Benz Micro Gold, Denon 103 R, AKG Super Nova vdH, Sonus Gold Blue, Micro Seiki VF 3200E , Osawa 301, Nagaoka MP 300 , Elac 796 HSG < and some more....... I need approx 30 minutes for an exchange of the pick up on my tonearm. I have a second tonearm pipe as well. The Micro Seiki MA 500 Tonearm allows to change the pipe , like others change their headshell.
  12. The " Hana´MC´s " are as boring as the " Micro Benz MC`s " ...total analytical, total emotionless
  13. Everybody knows...everybody has...but none of you guys got mine
  14. we should call this Audio Technica Vinyl Record Spinning Thread Yeah indeed, nice picture with the new camera, just using my smart phone for pictures ......
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