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  1. So, maybe i´ve answered my own question then?
  2. Welcome to the Forum! Give us some more details please. Most important: What is Your limit? Very important, what is the rest of Your system (other speakers)? Roomsize (approximate)? And maybe You want to ask the Mod ( @dwilawyer) to move this thread to the dedicated HT section, that way more people, that can answer, will see Your post. I´m sure people will come back to You in no time.
  3. AndreG.

    Old eyes

    My nearfield vision slowly getting weaker due to aging. Like my dad i started to use glasses as i´m nearing the half-century mark. Our eyes, like ourselves, are lazy things. Once you give them support of lenses, they will get used to it, this can (not must) lead to them geting weaker faster. Thats why i use my glasses when i have to, that is as little as i can. I know this will get more with passage of time, but i can stretch it, i think. That beeing said, every persons eyes are different and my eyes used to be exellent while i was younger.
  4. AndreG.


    I read a lot of SciFi, but this notion disturbs me a little. Again man would get his hands on things he does not understand ( or does not need to, the AI does the thinkung.). Who knows what man will do if he can tap this kind of power. Fusion, bending of space-time, genetics – to a certain point, i am fine with all that, but mingeling with quantum mechanics, the base of all matter, i don´t know...
  5. Reaching out to the carpenters and experienced woodworkers in this forum! On one of my cabinets there is a spot on the forward rim where the verneer has splintered and broken off, but one piece is still attached to the verneer (To be faintly seen in one of the photos at the beginning of this thread.). What is the best method to glue it back into place? Just any old wood-glue and then apply pressure of some sort? Thanks for suggestions!
  6. https://www.geekwire.com/2020/virgin-galactic-unveils-supersonic-airplane-concept-boeing-rolls-royce-supporters/
  7. These are great times - yes, i admit it, i´m a huge SciFi Buff. This time it´s been a five minute hop into space. Next it´s going to be a full orbit? This could be a door-opener for many things. I remember a lot of people, especially here in Germany, that criticized and ridiculed him when he made his plans public, he proved them wrong. Good job, Mr. Branson!
  8. This week the grill-fabric and gaskets arrived, curtessy of the Crites family. Once i finish the first part of my new shelves, i´ll start the makeover of these cabinets. In the between time i will order structured paint for the motor-boards and the back. I will sand the old oil finish down a bit and then apply the same oil & wax combo i´m using for the shelves right now. Let´s see how much lighter the verneer will get. This will also be the time to get rid of some minor dents and stains. Last step will be the touch-up of the spots where the veneer is missing some bits with repair-wax. Now is also the time to think about how to use the magnets for the grills. Right now i´m thinking of burrying them in the motor-boards and glue washers to the backsides of the grills.
  9. Hoarder of books and CDs, and to a lesser extent DVD & Bluray. More Klipsch won´t do because of space restrictions...
  10. My meaning was, can two centers of the same type, for example mentioned RC-62, be used as front left and right, as bookshelves instead of conventional bookshelve-speakers. Getting some good input here, thank You all who answered so far.
  11. Yes, Amazon has been quite convinient for CDs for me so far, DVDs less so far. I´ll have a look at that forum, you never know.
  12. Hello Guys! We have Discogs for LPs & CDs, there is Abebooks connecting you to stores around the world, but is there a network for pre owned DVD & Blu-ray? We have Medimops in Germany, which is domestic mostly, I am looking for US and Japan stuff.
  13. Great, then Your H1s and mine are about the same age. Difference: At the time my uncle got them.
  14. Knowing that now, would You consider buying them again?
  15. I grew up with the Heresys that were in my parents living room and which i redicovered thanka to this forum. The first bought from my own money were my KG1.5, that was in 1994. These now have their second life as my PC speakers after beeing cosmeticaly touched up, also cudos to this forum.
  16. I guess, this is/was a singular feature of a first class center like the RC7, or are any other centers capable of rotating their horns?
  17. Speculating: I´m watching German "ebay kleinanzeigen" (about equal to US Craigslist) for Klipsch speakers regularly. A lot of centers turn up here- What i´ve always wondered, could two centers, let´s say RC-62s for example, be used as front alternatives? Quite often you can find them cheap and end up spending less $$$ then getting bookshelves of the same line. If i remember correctly, the KG 2.2 and 2.5 could be used as both, fronts or center.
  18. 50 to 60%, that would be about 100 to 110w per channel, right? The 600m is rated at 100w continous power, so You might be on the edge. But i´m looking foward to the results of your modifications.
  19. Speaking of wich, i would like to lubricate the rubber surounds of my RF3s. What would i use for a lubricant, glycerine maybe?
  20. Did You listen to them in stereo or just as HT? I´m interested in knowing, too?
  21. Welcome to the Forum! Your RP260F have a continious power handling of 125w, the Yamaha has got around 110w at 8 ohms. Sounds like a good match. So this is for stereo only, no Home Cinema?
  22. Don´t own any of the two, but looking at the specs, i prefer the R34C. Higher sensitivity, higher power-handling and cabinet is not made of plastic.
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