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  1. Just how cheap is Chinese labor that it's still cheap even shipping product 7,000 miles?
  2. There are purists in every discipline. You is or you ain't.
  3. My left eye requires a -12.5 and right a -8.5 correction. I cain't see sh!t! Can't afford the surgery right now either. Sux.
  4. Jeezus.......are your eyes that bad or sumptin' else goin' on?
  5. I got an envelope addressed to Keyser Resident (town I live in) from a quasi-government agency. It asks me to be involved in a mental health survey and tacked to the letter is a $2 bill. More money is promised should I elect to finish an online survey. And even more if I'm selected for more questions. It is legitimate and connected to the U.S. dept. of Health and Human services. Kinda strange and I've not decided to participate or not. Novel approach though.
  6. That's 21.5 inches. Even at 61 with failing eyesight it's more than enough. The 24" is upstairs.
  7. Don't need no steenking new computer. 12 years old and still smokin' fast.
  8. Rotten way to begin the year.
  9. My modified Fisher 440T. As time goes on I'm becoming rather fond of it.
  10. Hmmmm.................. DIre Straits-self titled. Frank Zappa-Shiek Yerbouti Rick Wakeman-Journey To The Center Of The Earth Wendy Carlos-Switched-On-Bach
  11. Rock is far from dead. That's just PC crap nuthin' more.
  12. geezin'


    Guy comes home from work rolls through the door and yells "pack yer bags I won the lottery!" She replies "Great! Where we going?" He says "I don't care where ya go just get the hell out of my house!"
  13. Honeybees are generally pretty docile unless threatened. See below.
  14. Please don't kill the hive by knocking the tree over and "letting them leave on their own." Honeybees are dying out all over. Mites,virus and colony collapse disorder are but a few reasons. And they are important to our food chain. The fear of them is overblown in the extreme. I am allergic as well.........to the point of hospitalization many times. However I will not kill honeybees. Now wasps and hornets are just assholes with wings and are exterminated with extreme prejudice.
  15. Yep what he said. As tough as it is on bee colonies right now it would be nice to see the hive relocated instead of exterminated. And here's a link for ya. Bee Keepers in Knox County.
  16. Sure. Ya might wanna ask her before making any plans.
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