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    MCM 1900

    No you don't want that, I am old and cranky, that's what my wife says anyway. I got really lucky, in 09 a forum member (JWC) was selling a pair and I was able to get them. He lived about half way between us and East Tennessee, so we picked them up from him and went to the mountain's for a week. To not carry them around with us in the car all week I put them in our bedroom in the chalet we rented. The 402 horns on vacation with us......
  2. dtel

    MCM 1900

    It is a great sounding setup, you need that. Same thing I use but the 1502 instead of the 1802. Only a very small difference in a house, about 3 Db less bass at full blast, which is alot, it rattles the house and everything in it... In a good way of course. Same here. The 942's would just muddy it up no need for them. A friend had Jubs and 2 942's, we listened then the next morning switched out the 942's for a 1802, MUCH better, much cleaner and deeper. Not even close, the MWM and 1802 OR 1502 is all that's needed, you will not miss the 942's. I told Roy direct radiators SUCK, he laughed, in this comparison they did suck
  3. Very true, he couldn't have asked for better.
  4. Sorry to hear that, good luck to Jake, hope he at least feels better soon.
  5. Good luck with Jake. Those are crazy temps, anything under +20 and I'm not going to be outside long, and I am being really generous with the +20 number.
  6. Not for money, I would be a donor also.
  7. One of the reasons we heat with wood, we will not be cold, unless someone steals the firewood. Another reason is it's cheaper. But even not being cold it can get boring fast without power, during the 3 weeks after a hurricane I played cards more than I did in the previous 40 years.
  8. dtel

    Identity Restored!

    Glad you got it fixed, we had a problem twice in the last few years, luckily the bank helped alot.
  9. I don't, but if I had a burglar alarm I would connect it to the largest, loudest speakers I have, this alone would run anyone off when surprised.
  10. At 100+ db and connected to a burglar alarm also.
  11. Close but no, but they do both only get out every couple of years. But Fender Steve was with a popular band. Yes it was time to drag out that pic again Disclaimer........I did say with, not in
  12. Don't be close to him with lightning around. Some people want to be different so bad they do stupid things, it's like, look at me, look at me I'm different. But many times it's not in a good way, who could ever think that looks good, and it can be much worse .
  13. Well I think it was the driver designed for that cabinet, the K43 can take more power and have a slight advantage before being fried, and they still were. But these were designed for pro and they knew they would be pushed. There was a funny story Jim Hunter told of once at the Hollywood Bowl they actually caught some cabinets on fire. They were supposed to wait for the Klipsch people to set it up but didn't and overpowered to the point of fire. I don't remember the whole story but that's the general idea. I have some K43's in the 2 cabinets I use outside which is now in my new workshop, on top is a copy of a split LaScala top with an AA crossover in the cabinet for each bass bin, sounds really good.
  14. That was original for pro work, but the K33 works well and goes a tiny bit lower for home use when not much power is used. A simple design that works great. What the inside of the singles looks like.
  15. 12 steps done twice, if drinking did that I would never have another drink.
  16. Plus you are your own boss, so do it just like you want. Like the Joe Walsh song. They say I'm lazy but it takes all my time (Everybody say oh, yeah) (Oh, yeah) I keep on going, guess I'll never know why Life's been good to me so far Yeah, yeah, yeah
  17. They do have a very nice sound, horn loaded and natural sounding, not strained. I love them, that's my living room so I must like them, here is another old pic from somewhere..
  18. Very true, but it's still great and quite a change. The fun part is when you wake up and something comes up different that you planned your free to do whatever you want, or neither.
  19. Very impressive detail and lack of problems at crazy high ISO, really nice.
  20. If it was 15" woofers It might have been the MWM cabinet. There were doubles and singles, this is 2 singles in Oak, I think most sold were black.
  21. And no matter how long they work still just call it a practice, and it's true.
  22. I always complain not wanting to stop what I am doing to leave and go to Hope for days but always glad I did. I get to see and work with friends, this is much more important than the museum which is the reason we started doing it in the first place, now it's the people, easily. After you lose a few friends and look at the average ages of the rest, you feel it's the smart thing to do is to see each other as much as possible. We got to see them a couple weeks ago but it may be almost two months until it happens again ? Although three of them and a couple said we might just show up in a few weeks, we will call when were almost there, I thought oh crap but then thought about it a second and said OK because I have no doubt we will have fun, we always do. It's great to know we can just hang out without any plans of anything to do and it's going to be fun. BS, food, a little music, an adult beverage and doing nothing, time really flies like that. I feel very lucky, I finally realize this mostly because this all came about over years and just happened without really paying attention as to how much time had past, then it hits you what these people mean to you. A friend this weekend was explaining to his wife of two years that we have knowing each other for over 15 years, I didn't think about it, we went to there wedding but until he figured out how long it's been I didn't realize. It makes you think, and be grateful. .
  23. Pretty scary really, but the news proves it everyday. I have done the opposite, it's as good as you remember and also as bad for you as you always knew. Strange things going on, it's like the "twilight zone". This weekend in Hope we walked into a hardware store wearing a mask as expected ( I guess) and no one inside had one on, employees or shoppers, when they seen us they all pulled them up, strange feeling. I couldn't help since it happened all at once, I laughed and told them I didn't mean to scare them, they all laughed, most people believe it's right but still don't want to do it. I know the feeling but have not stopped doing anything I would have normally done.
  24. True, but a mirror does not lie, I don't feel as old as the person I see. Me neither, but it might have helped, never was brave enough for a line. I just talked which could have been more BS than a line, I don't remember it's been a long time.
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