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  1. Hello folks, I've never owned a pair of Klipsch speakers until now. Fortunately, I am now in a position to purchase a pair. I considered the Heresy's. However, I have a large room. I decided to go with and just purchased the Forte 4s. I'll be using a pair of amp camp amps XLR bridged. I built the amps myself. Can anyone recommend preferably a streamer/DAC combination or separate streamer and DAC that would sound good with the Forte 4s? I like the Eversolo DMP A6. However, the YouTube reviews all say the Eversolo sounds bright. I know the Forte 4s already sound bright. I like the Forte 4 sound. I just don't want to add additional brightness. I was also considering the Bluesound Node? I would like to keep the price around $1200 dollars or less if possible. Thanks in advance for any assistance the community can give.
  2. Up to now, I was streaming music to my amp using bluetooth or a rca/mini-jack cable connecting my phone or my Amazon Fire Tablet. This, of course, was not a hifi solution, and I was really curious about how my 1972 Heresy speakers would sound if connected to a more 'audiophile grade' streamer. I know how they sound with vinyl and a CD-player. But I wanted to find out what it would be like streaming Spotify Connect or local flac files. With the Amazon Fire tablet, I was particularly dissatisfied: 1) the output volume was really low and 2) there was often a popping sound. Take into account that the my TubeCube amp only has 3.5W output. With the cd player, this is enough, with the Fire Tablet, it was not enough. After doing extensive research - also on this forum - and shifting from really cheap solutions to considering the Bluesound Node 2, a Shiit dac and even more expensive DAC/streamers, I thought I had found it: I had an unused Raspberry Pi in the house, and thought, what the hell, why not, I’ll buy a Hifiberry add-on DAC and stream music with the RPI. Soon I realized, however, that this was a way too complicated solution, which could cost a lot of money too, esp. when you start adding linear power supply etc. So I ditched that project as well. So I started looking for the simplest, easiest, smallest solution. And somehow, I found the Advance Acoustic WTX Microstreamer. It is a real streamer: you plug it into your amp (rca aux in), it connects to your wifi network (2.4Ghz only), and you use a tablet or your phone as a remote, using the free Advance Playstream app. It comes with multi-room functionality. Haven’t tested that myself. All this in an apparatus that is smaller than a box of matches. It comes with the Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip, which has a pretty decent reputation (NAD uses its CD players and Cambridge Audio the CXA60). Setup: Comes with a small power unit. The streamer plugs directly into a standard RCA AUX input of the amp. It fits both my Marantz PM5005 amp and my TubeDepot TubeCube 7. So no cable is required. Wifi connection: it has a WPS button and comes with good instructions. It only connects to a 2.4Ghz network. Mine is both 2.5/5Ghz. After trying all different methods and failing, I had just made up my mind and was about to change the settings of my router to 2.4, and just before that, it worked. (it took about 10 minutes). I had the same happening with the wifi dongle of my solar panels. I guess my routers scans every few minutes in the 2.4Ghz area, and I have to wait until it connects. Since then, the WTX Microstreamer has never lost connection. It has no on/off button. It has a blue LED that is far too bright and always on. I considered ductape to shield it from view. At night, I sprays a laserbeam of blue light on the wall and the ceiling. I left it, because its helps me prevent bumping into things when on my way to the toilet. 😴 Sound Quality: To my ears, it sounds like CD quality. I’m using Spotify Family at 320Kbps, and I have also tried playing some commercially bought flac files. They sound marvellous. Rich in the bass frequencies, excellent in the mids and highs. I don’t have a subwoofer. I have no command of the usual audiophiliac vernacular. Let's just say it is "set and forget": I'm enjoying streamed music, as if I was listening to a cd or vinyl record, with access to millions of songs, without having to leave my sofa. Available services: Tidal, Deezer, Spotify Connect (with subscription), Qobuz, and many more. Internet Radio has many channels that sound excellent. Also Belgian radio stations sound much better than their DAB equivalent. Prize: €135, bought at Amazon.de, delivered within a week (in corona-time…) Specs: https://advance-acoustic.com/en/multimedia-and-wireless/wifi-network-player/130-wtx-microstreamer Conclusion: Pro: excellent value for money, great sound Con: no way to connect anything else to this DAC (no usb-connection available) & a very, very bright blue LED that is always on (see second picture)
  3. Purchased a month ago thinking I could use it as a bridge for external hard drives via usb out to my current dac. I would have to remove the DAC portion in order to do this and it really defeats the purpose of this product. It is an incredible DAC that measures as good or better than the best out there- My preamp only has one analog input however, and that's on turntable duty so I'm sticking with a laptop to feed my existing dac. It's cool looking, but I don't really have a use for it as such. Screwed around too long to return it. These are selling out everywhere and the price has risen accordingly if you can find one. The Audio Nirvana power supply is also sold out at the moment, but I think it was $60 by itself-https://chicagodist.com/products/allo-nirvana-smps . It has a grounding lug and a grounding lift so there is nothing in the way of you achieving the fantastically low noise floor this DAC is capable of. Would make integrating into a vintage system much, much more foolproof. Asking $175 shipped PP FF or +3% to CONUS OBO- which is less than the DAC retails for alone now. The unit is new and as described here - https://tinyurl.com/4xnevypy Comes with original packaging (it's just a cardboard box for each, don't get too excited. Documentation is all online.)- and is in like new condition. Unit also comes with a remote. I can send pics if you like.
  4. I have a buddy that wants to do some bartering for a pair of Mirage 5si speakers in great condition. I will need to trade some gear that is worth no less than $700 to me to get them, so that is what I will consider their value to be. Local pickup only and I would also be happy to trade them for an amplifier and something else. I am looking for a Adcom 555 or a multi-channel amp to pair up with my Parasound AV preamp. But I am wide open to suggestions and offers that may go in other directions...... What do you have, let's make a deal? Speakers I have, but I could sure some quality components. Jon
  5. Since my Klipsch R-51PM powered speakers have a built-in DAC and a 100% digital amp, I wanted to keep the signal digital throughout the entire pipeline -- so I figured I'd use the USB output on the Raspberry Pi 4. What I'm trying to ascertain is whether there would be a quality improvement if I used a HAT with Toslink Audio instead of the USB output on the Pi? (my Klipsch have both USB Audio Input and Toslink) FYI: I'm not networked -- just playing music from a USB Thumb Drive using Moode on the RPi 7" screen. I appreciate any wisdom!
  6. Looking for a speaker upgrade for listening to high quality lossless music. (FLAC, AAC) I currently own the Audioengine A5+ and they are working fine however I am looking for an upgrade. My room is a medium sized room with 20ft on each side! (estimated) Which from the following two speakers have better specs and which one should I go for? I read the Klipsch sixes has a inbuilt DAC so does that mean I won't need a DAC for high quality audio or I can still use a DAC with the speakers and get better SQ by combining both. Currently planning to buy the Topping D50 DAC. Apologies if the questions are silly, I'm fairly new to this. Thank you all for the help in advance! ☺️ The DAC I am planning to buy: http://www.tpdz.net/products_detail/productId=41.html
  7. Hi everyone, I'm interested in upgrading my system to R-15PM monitors with a small sub. I would like to listen to high-res audio-files mainly through my Computer/the R-15PM's integrated DAC but I can't find any information on what the dac is capable of. As the speakers will be placed in a small room, I wonder whether the R-10SW is big enough as a sub or if the R-12SW is a very big step up. Thanks in advance for your answers, Tim TL;DR: What are the specs of the R-15PM's DAC? How big is the difference between R-10 and R12 subs?
  8. Big hello to all you KlipschManiacs out there, I've finally gotten my main 2 Channel system narrowed down and ready to really dial in. Currently the main system consists of Forte II's backed up with two REL T3 subwoofers to tackle and tighten the bottom end. They are driven by a Pass Aleph 30 (30 WPC) solid state amplifier connected with Soniquil speaker cables by Raven Audio and a Soniquil power cable to the amplifier section (plug #6) of an Audioquest Powerquest 2. For volume and switching duties I'm running a Classe' Audio Four Preamplifier to feed the Pass amp connected by Mogami Gold XLR's, connected to the Powerquest with a Cardas Cross power cable. For source components i have a Thorens TD 209, using Audioquest Evergreen RCA's (planning to upgrade) and Audioquest Saturn Ground Goody's, to connect to a Parks Audio Puffin, in turn connected to the preamp with Audioquest Evergreen RCA's (another soon to be upgraded interconnect). The Thorens is provided power by the powerquest and the Puffin is fed power by Furman Equipment For a CD/SACD source i'm awaiting an OPPO BDP-93 from another forum member (I'M STOKED, as i missed out on the Oppo offerings of the last 10-15 years). And finally, to the main point of this post, for a streaming source I utilize an Audioengine B1 Bluetooth Reciever/DAC connected to the preamp with Morrow Audio MA2 RCA Interconnects plugged into Furman gear for EMI/RFI filtration and clean power. The resolution and quality that the Audioengine gives me from Amazon Music HD and Ultra HD is nothing short of incredible. If you are not using a lossless audio provider for streaming music, like Amazon HD or Tidal, even for a mid-fi set up like mine you are doing yourself a great disservice. The quality is jaw dropping compared to streaming using any regular service. To that end I would like to know what streaming recievers and DACS you guys have experience with, and if there are any truly HIFI audiophile bluetooth receivers that are decently priced, (not looking to spend 1500$ 10,000$ 280,000$ like some audiophile gear can be) so looking in the 50$-800$ range. Also maybe a separate DAC that could take my AE B1 to the next level? Does anyone have any experience with the IFI Zen Blue? What about the Bludento BLT-HD? Is there an obvious unit that everyone here already uses and I'm just late to the party and need to be "enlightened"? Being able to pull from such a massive library like amazon music is an incredible convenience and while it won't replace my buying/collecting vinyl and cd's it is quite the way to demo music and access music with ease. Welcome to the 21st Century audiophiles! Also any thoughts/upgrade advice/suggestions on my system set up would be nice. My secondary system is Klipsch KLF-30's on a Yaqin MC13S (40WPC tube integrated) that i am currently gathering source components for. Thanks Guys! Rooster-
  9. Backstory: I have a pair of Chorus IIs that I upgraded with both the Crite's crossovers as well as the tweeter diaphragms. They used to be the FL/FR speakers in my 5.1 surround sound system and were driven by a Denon AVR-X3300W (105W). When I wanted to listen to music, I would switch to 2.1 with a 80 hz pass to a R-10SW. Current Story: New house and now have a room just for music! Will be replacing the FL/FR in the 5.1 with TBD and my Chorus IIs are now in their own room. The new room with my old AVR driving the Chorus IIs sounds very good to me (with full spectrum to 2.0 and sub removed) and one option is to keep the Denon AVR on the Chorus IIs and spend ~ $500 on new AVR for the home theater. The other would be to get a good receiver/DAC combo for the Chorus II and move the Denon AVR back to the theater. Given the sensitivity of my speakers, and my desire for wireless connectivity, I tried to go cheap and ordered a Yamaha RX-V485BL to drive just the Chorus IIs and it sounded like crap. I returned it. Criteria important to me: Wife would like to not see subwoofer in new room, so initially will not have one, would like to have enough good clean power to not need one I primarily only listen to lossless or 320kb/s streaming over my network I would like to spend < $600 Probably would prefer non-tube because of cost Want to be able to take the optical out from chromecast audio to hit a decent DAC in the amplifier ( I ordered the CCA today with the thought of a good 2 or 2.1 amplifier. If it doesn't work, I will up the budget for a Sonos Connect instead or some other option) I want to be able to at least do bass/treble/loudness adjustments without having to buy a preamp Would like some kind of processing on amplifier such that I can listen to levels well below reference and still sound good For new I was considering this at the top of my price range: Yamaha A-S501BL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Black) I would love your thoughts and opinions on that item given my criteria above. I would also love to hear about used options that would meet those criteria I am very much an audiophile noob; please correct me on terminology Thanks in Advance.
  10. Hello everyone, I currently have a 2 channel setup with RF83s, Sunfire 300 Two amp and a Yamaha WXC-50 Streamer/internet radio/preamp/dac. Sounds fabulous to my ears, but the sound profile changes when the volume is turned up, it gets a little hot. From what I have read, the WXC-50 volume looks like the culprit here. I am looking for a streamer/dac/internet radio/preamp that is MATCHED to the level of the RF83 speakers and the Sunfire amp's abilities. Not a US$10k exotic DAC, which would be overkill. I have been looking at the Oppor Sonica DAC, Cambridge Audio CXN and 851N, Naim, Aurelic Alair, Mcintosh MB50, among others. Since I am international I can't really buy to audition and return to try different ones, so I have to research a lot before purchasing. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. Hello, I'm forced to change my amp in following "desktop" setup: notebook -> Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 -> Wireworld Luna 7 -> Denon PMA-720 AE -> Oehlbach Bi-tech 4 -> Klipsch RB-81 II. My budget for amp is 550 € (610 $). Local dealers offer mostly Cambridge Audio, Marantz, NAD, Yamaha and Onkyo. Any recommendations? I'm also considering a DAC upgrade. Something like Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus would be nice. Do you think it's a good idea or should I look for more expensive amp with build-in DAC instead? One way or another I need to buy a USB cable... Any advices regarding a cable company with reasonable prices considering my budget and setup. As for genres. I'm listening to all of them
  12. Complete newbie here and my very first post on this forum. I have been reading some of the posts and amazed at the wealth of information here! My current setup is 2.1 (Klipsch RF-82II with SVS PB-1000) powered by Yamaha RX-V567 receiver. I have been reading that Yamaha and Klipsch are not best together (sounding bright etc) and thinking of moving to pure stereo setup. I do feel that they are bright and can't listen more than an hour. So I am leaning towards warm yet detailed sound. All my input will be digital and have no plans to add Phono in the future. Some of the setup combinations I have been looking are 1. DAC paired with Amp (Niles SI-2150 refurbished or Emotiva BasX A300 - both are 150wpc around $300+) a) NAD D1050 b) TEAC UD-503 c) Schiit Bifrost d) Peachtree DAC ITx Only TEAC had volume control and I would have to get passive preamp (Emotiva Control Freak or Schiit SYS) to control volume otherwise. 2. Integrated Amp NAD C368 (80 wpc) or C388 (over budget, will have to wait for refurbished) 3. AV Receiver Refurbished Marantz SR-5010 with Amp mentioned above. Since this is my first stereo setup, I want to stay under $1000 Please help me setup!!!
  13. Hi gang, I was going to set this up in my daughter's bedroom but she really has no interest so I would rather see it go to a good home where someone can make use of it.This is a Gen 2 XDA-2 Preamp/DAC/Headphone Amplifier with the black trim and the slim line remote. I have used it paired with some Outlaw Audio mono block amps which I just sold this week. With the Gen 2 XDA-2 it sounds like Emotiva worked out any of the bugs the first Gen had as far as USB although I couldn't tell you as I have never paired it with a PC or laptop. I used this strictly for 2.2 channel with the RCA outputs going to a pair of subs and the XLR outputs going to the Outlaws and on to a pair of speakers. The headphone amp works really well and this DAC is very nice as well. $225 shipped with insurance to the CONUS. I prefer Paypal gift but may be able to work with you. I have bought and sold plenty here in the forum so you can feel confident in this transaction. Private Message me if you need anything!Thanks, Tim The XDA-2 connects to all your digital music sources-computer, media player, CD transport, and more-and delivers audiophile-quality sound. With its precision analog resistor ladder volume control that maintains resolution even at low volumes, the XDA-2 is an ideal digital preamp. At the same time, its discrete, high-current headphone amplifier drives headphones with authority. The XDA-2 is the ideal way to enhance the sound quality of virtually any audio system. No matter your digital source-or sources-the XDA-2 is ready, with multiple optical and coaxial inputs, as well as 24/192 USB for easy connection to your computer. Emotiva's Differential Reference topology, combined with an asynchronous sample rate converter to remove jitter, delivers exceptional sound quality. Coupled with the convenience of a front-panel alphanumeric display and a full-function machined aluminum remote control, there's no better value in DACs today. The nerve center of your modern digital audio system.Product InformationProduct Dimensions 22 x 6 x 19 inchesItem Weight 16.1 poundsShipping Weight 16.1 pounds
  14. http://stores.ebay.com/jadedesign?rmvSB=true Some really nice electronics. Pretty fair prices too. I always find myself tempted by those Sherbourn PA 7 350's and PA 7-150's.
  15. Ok, my laptop idea didn't work out to well as it makes some horrible sounds when hooked to my receiver. I am thinking of building a htpc, if so would I still need a dac. Or could I just build the dac in with the htpc. How could I build a low cost htpc that doesn't sound like crap. I know I would like to stream movies down the road, but for now music is what is important. Actually lets just stick with music play back, as when I am done with the basement I can move this HTPC to the garage. So really my needs are a simple HTPC that I can connect to my network to access my music, via remote app on my phone. It must sound decent and be able to play back flac. Wow I really simplified that. If I can't build the dac into it, then I guess it gives me reason to buy another piece of audio gear.
  16. muel

    Bel Canto 3.5 DAC

    http://app.audiogon.com/listings/da-converters-bel-canto-design-e-one-dac-3-5-virtual-battery-supply-light-link-2014-06-23-digital-61840 No affiliation. Nice DAC!
  17. I have a like new Music Hall 25.3 DAC with tube output. This is a very versatile DAC with loads of features. It has a headphone output with adjustable volume which actually sounds great. It's also useful in rolling tubes. Balanced XLR and un-balanced RCA outputs. Coax, optical, XLR and USB inputs with front panel switching. Selectable 96khz or 192khz upsampling. I will include the stock EH, a "cryo-treated" Magnum Dynalab and vintage NOS RCA/Mullard 6922 tubes, all with gold pins. It's black in color with no imperfections I can find. I have the box, power cord and manual. I was using it with a vintage Fisher KX-200 tube amp which has no headphone out. It was the perfect match for the Fisher. I have since gone to a new Harman HK-990 integrated amp with built in DAC's and headphone jack so, sadly, I no longer need the MH. This is mainly in the interest of simplifying my system. I'm asking $425 including shipping via FedEx ground, double boxed, to the lower 48. I can take Paypal, MO, check, etc. I'm really not interested in trades but, if you have something cool, who knows? Thanks
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