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  1. Hi folks, Though I consider myself still a newbie to this hobby, just wanted to share my satisfying experience from the upgrade from Heresy III to Forte III, as well as Mogwai amp from Ampsandsound. Long story short, I'm very very happy with the change from Heresy to Forte. And I believe the Mogwai amp really opens up the Heritage speakers. I'm listening to more music, and happier with the hobby now. They're not inexpensive, not as convenient as more modern equipment but I believe, despite my lack of many experiences with different gears, the combination can be one final destination of many possible ones as a modest music lover/audiophile can reach in terms of $ invested and hi-fi experience. I hope this post can be helpful for someone who's considering an Ampsandsound amp or a Klipsch Heritage pair especially you may have a hard time to actually audition Klipsch Heritage speakers.. Also, welcoming any question or advice. I have used a pair of Heresy III for about four years. It was recommended by one of my experienced audiophile friends given my taste (or bias) was developed as and geared toward a concert (classical and rock festivals) and jazz/blues club-goer, and my need for very sturdy speakers safe to my young kids (and vice versa). Upon changing from my beloved Dali Mentor Menuet (great mini-monitor speakers), I got to realize the livelier but less "modern and polished" sound; I cherished the big size woofer. I used the Heresy III with a pretty and gentle sounding class AB JFET-MOSFET solid state (Aura Vita) or a very quite NAD DirectDigital amp. Maybe due to my choice (or limitation) of the amp, yes, sometimes, it sounded a bit harsh, in-your-face; so I dreamed trying a tube amp or a different speaker. I do also think the Heresy sounded as if it has less "substance/mass" than one can desire, which may sound exciting and refreshing or just plain light-weighted; I also longed for a tube amp and lower extension of bass for this matter. So, finally, I pulled a trigger for the Mogwai amp with the pairs of 6L6GC and KT88. It's a ~3 watt SET amp by Ampsaoundsound. You can either plug speakers or headphones, and it has one RCA input and a volume pot. A big difference could be noticed right away. As I wished, Heresy-Mogwai combo sounded fuller, more 3 dimensional and warmer/smoother. It may not "accurately" sound (I don't know and I didn't measure) but to me and my family, the audible difference was just plain positive. With Mogwai feeding into Heresy III, I can't say the horn loaded high and mid are naturally harsher than other types of transducers. So, I can have the benefits of big woofer and horns without the coms people say/hear of. I believe the description on Ampsandsound is true to my experience. Mogwai is dead silent with the Heresy III; NAD's digital amp has no hiss at all and this Ampsandsound amp is very close to it (a volume 65~70% to max turned still doesn't generate a hiss). And once warmed up (just a couple of minutes), no transformer noise at all. The difference between two tubes is not what I can describe with confidence; I feel like KT88 is a more balanced choice though 6L6GC does have its own charm (I listen to one set a week now). The price tag looked high for the wattage, but I had a hard time to find a new, low power SET amp that I can purchase new, roll the tubes and have great customer services other than the Ampsandsound one. I might have gone with renowned branded 20~40W push pull amps but they were not that cheap either and I wanted to try one extreme with the benefits of the Heresy III's high sensitivity. Then, I moved my residence to one with the higher ceiling and longer listening space from speakers to couch. Heresy sounded difficult to fill the vertical space to the ceiling. And the longer space again called for a horn loaded speakers. Then I found out the Forte III was launching. I was hesitant because, yes, it's not inexpensive and I already own a Klipsch Heritage pair. Why not going for Magnepan, B&W, KEF or British monitors just to see what's out there different? But with the super lovely 3-watt amp new in place, I chose the Forte III, distressed oak color (color-wise, distressed oak looks like much toned-down espresso color). Again, immediately after installation, I had a big smile. Much happier than when I changed from Dali Menuet to Heresy III maybe because back then it was more like a lateral move, different rather than better. This time, I believe, to me and my space, Forte III is the better choice than Heresy III all around. I can hear the harmonics more and better, music sounds full and balanced over the bandwidth but not losing all the pros of Heresy III - dynamic, energetic and lively sound, and the bass of Forte III does go a long way in quality and quantity. I listen to all kinds of classical, acoustic blues and jazz and quite a bit of pop. All sound great. One pro of Heresy III over Forte III is the placement. As everyone knows, you can put Heresy III into the corner almost attached to the walls. With Forte III's passive radiators, you need about 10-15 inches of breathing room side and back. Also, often times, Heresy III's look goes well with low profile cabinet, couch and other interior deco. The other one is that Heresy III still has a lot of raw energy of music even compared to Forte III. I.e. if you listen to Black Sabbath at a pretty satisfying volume or hard bop or electric blues, you may even prefer Heresy III to Forte III or just don't need Forte III. I think it's one of the magic Heresy III keeps for a long time. Both Heresy and Forte have big woofers. Hz-wise, Heresy doesn't go deep, and Forte is modest for the size. Still, the feeling of big size woofer sound is very attractive and I think it's pretty rare to have that experience these days at a reasonable price. I almost feel that size of woofer and its character mitigate some cons of the Heritage speaker sound (if any). My experience with different gears is pretty limited. Still, I had a chance to listen to pretty high-end systems: DeVore Orangutans + full Shindo tube gears, Harbeth + top line Line Magnetic, Mark Levinson feeding KEF Ref and JBL synthesis speakers, thanks to my audiophile friends. Given the price difference and the quality of the sound I have, I don't envy those systems at all. I believe both Forte III and Heresy III do have own (Klipsch Heritage) sound characters that just make themselves sound different from other cone speakers, even making us hard to decide which is better. I don't think I'll change my system until I have $15K+ budget for amp and speakers. Some say the Heritage ones can image well. Yes, they do imaging - at last, they're stereo loudspeakers. But, I don't think they can as well as Harbeth or KEF LS50; even with my Dali, I can tell the difference easily. Regarding staging, my experience with Heresy III and Forte III tells me, these speakers put you on the stage, in the same space as the musicians. Other well made speakers literally depict a gorgeous stage in front of you, pretty deep and high (as I once experienced with the KEF reference or the Vivid Giya). So, it's very different experience between you being in the 3D space with the musicians and you visualizing the 3D space (whether studio or live stage). Others say Heresy is a rock speaker. Well, you can listen to any kind of music with great satisfaction through Heresy. To me, with Forte, even more satisfaction. Well made ribbon twitter or fancy mid range can do better than Klipsch Heritage but low power SET amp matching and big woofers can make the difference, too. My points are, 1. As everyone says, go for a low powered, full and warm sounding tube amp with Klipsch Heritage line; Ampandsound Mogwai is a terrific choice (I believe the other Ampsandsound amps should sound great), as great as making me buy another pair of Klipsch Heritage speakers. And I had a very hard time to find a choice less expensive with the comparable quality/service than them (since I didn't look for a vintage or used gear). 2. Unless you need to put your Heritage speakers into to corner and have the absolute cap in the budget, Forte III should be better than Heresy III in general. I think the price difference is justified, some may not. Depending on your music and volume choice, the price and spec difference might not be appreciated/justified. 3. Klipsch Heritage speakers are (and should be) different from a lot of cone-based speakers. But you don't have to much worry about the cons of Klipsch Heritage speakers 'people say.' They are well made, balanced speakers worth the price tag with a character because the form factor is rare these days. But better to focus on the pros and which experience you'd like to pull from your speakers. To my taste, Klipsch Heritage brings a lot of unique strengths I love to have without much downside. Even at some audio shops, when I said I use Heresy III, they looked at me one more time like 'why? are you sure?' kind of look. But well, my gears are fine enough to me, and I'm sure some of the "pros" didn't even experience the new line of Heritage speakers.
  2. Greetings fellow Klipsch fans. I was hoping to get opinion on which Klipsch would be appropriate for this room. It is for 2 channel music. No TV or theater etc. The room is 14 feet 10 inches wide. It is 25 feet long and the sitting area is about in the middle and maybe closer to the front (where the speakers would be). The ceiling is 10 feet high and a mix of old painted headboard and this odd pressed tin in the back of the room. At the front of the room there is a bay window that juts out and to either side of this bay window there are two corners but the width is likely about three feet before you get to the bay window. Grew up with Klipsch and want to likely get back to the heritage line. Initially thought about the RF7 ii or iii but likely want heritage. I am going to try to include a picture here of the front of the room. Can I put Klipschorn's in the corners or are they too narrow. I read the literature and they recommend 48 inches width before "construction" but I wasn't sure if that was talking about indentation of a bay window etc. Is there a benefit to a sealed back Klipschorn like the anniversary models in this scenario? Any thoughts?
  3. WTB: looking for good condition Heritage speakers for my basement, preferably near the Portland, Oregon area for pickup. Thanks!
  4. I somehow managed to tear the passive radiator on one of my beloved Forte IIs during a recent move. Looking for a spare one since Klipsch doesn't manufacture/sell them anymore.
  5. I currently have a set of 1974 Cornwalls with ALK Cornscala-wall networks and a 24” Tuba THT. That I really love. I have them set up in my basement which has unfinished walls, and I have used Roxul as insulation in the walls and ceilings. The Room sounds very good. I am very much wanting to move to a completely horn loaded speaker. I have never heard a la scala or a belle or a khorn for that matter, but am pretty convinced I would like the sound based on my experience with my folded horn subwoofer. La Scalas can be had around here for 800-1000 bucks and with those what I am seeing is the desire to replace the stock mid horn (same issue as my CW). I have been watching for belles for 2 years with nothing showing up. With my recent DIY success of the THT I am thinking I can build a Belle or a La Scala and improve on it with better horns and drivers as funds improve. I read a few threads today, the bass bin of the LaScala vs the Belle, the Belle seems to be the winner as far as aesthetics and function. So I am thinking of building a Belle from scratch instead of buying a lascala and replacing most of it. I am thinking of using a Fastrac midhorn, and using the K55 Drivers, K33 woofers, K77 tweeters and the ALK networks I have in my CW to populate the belle. Ultimately if I really like the way it turns out, upgrading to the Kappa 15C woofers, B&C tweeters and a possible new 2" midrange if I can do that and allow me to return the CW to its original unmolested state. Will my ALK Cornscala-wall network allow all of these changes? Should I think about building something else? I am not really wanting to desecrate my ’74 decorator CW but want to move to a horn loaded bass. Looking at the Belle plans, everything is done in ¾” sheet. I know that the LaScala II is made out of 1” to reduce flex, is that worth doing to the belle? Maybe just the outer skin? I have CAD and could make those adjustments pretty easily. I am open to any and all criticism and recommendations, Thanks.
  6. Everything in place. Have to get some speaker wire and a couple of longer cables and they will SING! Also will make temporary false corners from plywood with hinges. Figure I'll commission them with a PWK recording, perhaps Flem Ferguson and his Dixieland Band from the 1956 KOSY-Texarkana studio session in 1956. Transferred it today and it is truly awesome. Dave
  7. Hi, Interested in the Heritage series products (The Three and The Sixes). Does anyone knows if they support apt-x codec ? Or does anyone have the list of supported codecs ? Thanks Romain
  8. I've been shopping for a pair of used Klipsch horn speakers for awhile now and finally found a pair of Klipsch KG5.2 two-ways in my area. The seller was asking $300 for the pair, but when I went to check them out last night I noticed three small tears in the surrounds of one of the woofers, less than half an inch each. The surrounds didn't feel brittle or break apart when I pressed them lightly so I think they might have originally been rubber, not foam? Hopefully someone can chime in to confirm. The other three woofers looked fine, and I think the speakers sounded great, although it was my first time listening to horn-loaded tweeters so I might've missed something. I talked the guy down to $200, but I'm wondering if that's even worth it? I found a pair of replacement foams here for $25, plus the time and effort to learn how to do it (it'll be my first surround replacement). It could even be more if I decide to replace all of them. I guess my question is, is it inadvisable to use them with the rips? I'd say there are three small tears less than half an inch in size around one of the woofers. Does the sound quality diminish significantly when tears happen, and will it get worse over time as I play them? Images attached, thanks!
  9. No affiliation - someone please enjoy! http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/5894207100.html
  10. No affiliation - just confused and curious if this is anything other than a DIY effort: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/ele/5894289886.html
  11. No affiliation - please enjoy! http://mankato.craigslist.org/ele/5844439223.html
  12. No affiliation. They look nice and that's a good price for a pair that will have plenty more bass than standard Heresies: http://littlerock.craigslist.org/ele/5831970094.html
  13. No affiliation: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/5872571160.html
  14. No affiliation. http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649296396-klipsch-cornwall-3s-black/
  15. Anybody interested in a "modern" 5 channel, bi-amped, Heritage Home Theater setup with matching walnut rack and MiniDSP? I have mine up on Audiogon: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-klipsch-heritage-home-theater-2016-10-16-speakers-48114-brighton-mi It's a great system but it's time to downsize.
  16. Want to trade my brand new P-17bs for a great to excellent condition Heritage cornwall or belle. I have all the original boxes, packaging, manuals ect. The p-17b sounds too smooth for my ears (very similar to a B&W) I need the mid horn violence to my ears that the cornwall and belle give (La Scala too but I have placement constraints). I'm located in Northern CA . I'm open to cash offers as well. If you PM me your cellphone number I can send better photos.
  17. Hey all, We have been quite pleased with the overwhelming success of the limited run of 70th Anniversary edition Heresy and Klipschorns. So much so that I've been told to ask you all about your thoughts on possible future "custom" Heritage speakers. We're talking strictly cosmetics here - finishes and grilles. What finish / grille combo(s) would you love to see and be interested in for the Khorn / Heresy III / Cornwall III / La Scala II? I'll be compiling this thread and handing it over to key decision makers sometime soon. We are just gauging interest for now, so let's hear it! Oh yeah, these of course would be built in Hope just like always. Thanks!
  18. I've been full of ideas (and possibly something else) all day today, so at the risk of making a fool out of myself I'm throwing this one out to the forum & lurkers from Klipsch Product Development: What if Klipsch were to make Heritage-series surrounds for home theater? Maybe it sounds silly at first glance, but think about it. How many forum members are using Heritage speakers in their HT setups? How many goofy, un-elegant ways have we tried to elevate a Heresy to ear level without creating a danger for small children and pets? Envision a smaller version of the HIP with heavy-duty woofer, horns for mid-range and tweeter, and porting. How cool would that be? If you can build a mini-LaScala for the desktop (Klipsch blog), why not something like this? I run a market research firm for a living, and would be happy to suggest ways to test which would be low-risk. If anyone's interested, that is...
  19. Hi all, Apologies if this has been covered before. I am still waiting for a nice pair of Heresy speakers to pop up on craigslist. In the meantime, I see a lot of the 'extended' range (forte, quartet, etc.) there too, and would go that route except I don't think they do well close against the wall because of the rear firing radiator. My question is, is there a model in the extended range that can happily sit flush or close to a wall? Essentially something mid-way between a Heresy and a Cornwall. I realize there's lots of options in the slimmer newer speakers but want that classic look. thanks, Dan
  20. Selling 2 Klipsch La Scala industrial bass bins in great condition. Their outer shells have been recently coated with Duratex and they have no cabinet issues. They both have the K-43E subs and are 100% functional. Im located in Miami, Florida 33177 if anyone interested. $650 cash preferred, I also posted it on eBay for more pictures. (rolling dollies not included)
  21. Theoretically movies *should* sound better on Blu Ray than on DVD, but have you ever found the reverse to be true? We watched the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy over the weekend to test out the Heresy HIP mains + center channel. So many scenes now pack a wallop it's unbelievable. That said, the voice tracks, organic sound effects and even some of the LFE's seem to sound more natural with more fullness, on DVD than on Blu Ray. Is it possible that Blu Ray tracks are more compressed? FWIW, our setup is: Yamaha RX-A3000 (HDMI) Oppo BDP-93 (HDMI) Panasonic VT-50 plasma (HDMI) Klipsch Heresy HIP 1 (left, right & center) KG 3.5 (rear surrounds) Hsu Research VTF-3 Mk IV sub Just curious if anyone else has noticed this. Thanks!
  22. Some teaser info here: http://www.klipsch.com/blog/klipsch-at-ces-2016-preview/
  23. No affiliation. Anyone know how these would stack up against later Cornwall I's? http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/ele/5680209888.html
  24. hello all. new member here. I signed up a little while back, and check in to read up in spells. anyway, has anyone seen this CL post: https://batonrouge.craigslist.org/ele/5546280100.html poster says has 3x Belle Klipsch for $1000. Alexandria LA. not many cabinet photos or much detail visible. I wish I could jump on those, thinking that might be a pretty good deal. realistically I probably shouldn't for financial reasons. but at the same time, I frequently torture myself thinking "is it a good deal? or a good investment, to possibly rescue & turn down the road?" I'm curious what others think, as well as respecting advice of those with much more experience in the area than I. thanks in advance.
  25. I have a pair of 1980 Heresy speakers for sale. Original finish is walnut. However, these are covered with black (hopefully semi tack) laminate contact paper. I am not the original owner. Serial numbers are consecutive: 97U121 97U122 Local pick up only or delivery is possible in the south bay area. I will post elsewhere if no offers by this weekend 2/13/16. I hope they get a good home; I just don't have the space anymore. Thanks, EJH
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