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  1. Klipsch people, I have a set of KG4s that I purchased. I want to get an amp for them. Just sold my TX-8050. Right now I'm using a Klipsch Powergate. Feel free to comment. Take me to the cleaners. I'm doing the best I can. On a budget, if you know what I mean. I was thinking about the Onkyo a-9110. A guy on a website that it wouldn't be able to drive the KG4s well. Is this true? So I went back to looking at Yamahas. I want to try to keep it under $330. Right now, I've got a guy who will sell me a slightly used a-s501 for $330. Got to drive an hour to get it. An option, but there are important members of my family who think that is a waste of my time. Then there's some a-s500s laying around on internet sites for even less. I'm not sure I need the DACs in the a-s501. Then there's the receiver r-n50x and r-s50x. And then, finally, there's always an a-s301. Any recommendations here? I feel a bit bewildered. I know some of you are going to tell me to test them, but I live in the middle of nowhere, and not a lot of time. I want things to sound good. I don't need to overpower my middle-sized living room. Help me. Please.
  2. Hello, this is my first time posting. I am looking to purchase my first ever Klipsch speakers, and a pair of KG4s in very good condition popped up in my area. I communicated with the owner and he seemed trustworthy. He also sells other types of vintage audio equipment. He’s told me everything about the KG4s are original. The only thing keeping me from purchasing is that he says the labels are missing. I understand these are old speakers, but because they are a good pair and they are exactly cheap, I would imagine people would keep the labels. This also prevents me from finding out the serial numbers and so forth. Should I keep away from these speakers? I am not too familiar yet with Klipsch speakers so I do not know if there are fake KG4s out there or something like that, and if I should be alerted with these pair. The price is also low compared to the same models on the internet like eBay, is that another sign for something? Sorry for the long writing, hope somebody could give me some advice.
  3. Hey there. I have a set of KG4”s that I am restoring. I ended up purchasing aftermarket woofers and have three klipsch woofers that need a home. One has no continuity, one a ripped surround, and one some buzzing while playing. I need to get them out of my house, but hate to throw them away. Does anybody know of somebody who may want them? Thanks, Jesse
  4. Emory

    KG4 or KG5.5

    I have a chance to buy a pair of KG4's or KG5.5's. Asking the experienced Klipsch guys/gals here which is the better and smoother sounding speaker. The sellers are asking 500 for the pair. Thanks for your help. Both appear to be in excellent condition.
  5. Not my ad. They look nice! Klipsch KG4 - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org)
  6. I own a set of 2 ksp 400 tower speakers (1990's vintage) and 2 kg4 floor speakers (1970's vintage). I also have the ksp 6 that goes with the ksp 400s. I was planning to use all 5 of these speakers for 5.1 surround for purpose of movies, but really it's too complicated for me and too much for my small living room. So, I'm going to downsize and get rid either of the ksp 400s and ksp 6, OR the kg 4s. The brother-in-law who got me this equipment has died and can't advise, so I'm trying this klipsch community forum. I would love some good advice. I'm finding more support for the kg4s than the ksp 400s by using google on the internet, but the ksp 400's are newer and were, I believe, more expensive. The ksp 400s also have hardly been used (I don't know if use is a factor for speakers). One of the ksp 400's has a buzz when things are plugged in and turned on. A friend said it had to do with my electrical system, but I suspect it has to do with the speaker, since ksp 400s are infamous for a buzz, it seems. DB
  7. I have a pair of 1984 first gen KG4's (even though they are listed as starting production in 1985, the labels on the back say 1984). I never liked these speakers! They sounded very harsh and edgy, yet yielded a very good sound stage, but they just fatigued my ears. Five years ago I read on one of the Klipsch forums about Bob Crites having designed and contracted a fabricator to make a titanium replacement for the phenolic horn drivers showing scope readings of a virtually, very flat response on supposedly sounding much smoother and liquid. For about $50 I ordered the pair and swapped them in and everything that people were saying was true. Very smooth, open, and airy, but without the jagged harshness. It was like listening to a completely different speaker -- one I fell in love with and became my main speakers. A couple of weeks ago, I read about the capacitors loosing their life around the 20 year mark and it hit me that the caps in my 1984 KG4's are now 31 years old. When back to Bob Crites' website and for $100 I could send him the original networks for a cap replacement, or for $200 I could receive new networks with all upgraded materials including new chokes, etc. -- I opted for the latter. I ended up removing all of the old “stacked-up” networks of this first gen that had everything glued up in a pile on the back of the input panel – turns out that the choke and transformer? (coiled bobbin) just popped off the plastic input back panel by prying a flat head underneath them and giving a little twist, removed the 3 screws, popped off the one cap that was glued, and cut the wires to the terminals. Then new network board fits on the wood floor of the bottom of the cabinet attached with velcro. After I finished wiring the first cab, I decided to do an A/B comparison between your network and the original 31 year old network. I conducted a very good test condition by putting on a mono LP, The Kingston Trio, and threw the balance knob Left/Right to compare them back and forth… let me tell you something, it was a dramatic difference! The old network sounded like the banjo was being played underneath a quilt. So, even though the speaker cab with the new network sounded brighter, and more open and airy, I would say it wasn’t adding anything, but simply allowing what was naturally in the recording to come through, whereas, the 31 year old network was not allowing all the highs to pass through to the horn. When I listened to the speaker cab that still had the original network, it was a kin to turning the treble control about 3/4’s the way down. As far as the bass, I’m not sure if it’s in my head or not, but it sounded a little tighter – just as strong as before, but with a little less resonance. Once again, Bob Crites has amazed me with his quality designs and engineering. I now have the ultimate KG4’s with Crites’ titanium horn drivers and upgraded, new networks! BTW, they are works of art just to look at (see before and after pics). And because the new networks are mounted on new cedar boards, they smell good too! I’ll never have to worry about moths in my speaker cabs I'm sure all of you know about Bob's Klipsch upgrades and maintenance services, but just in case you don't: www.critesspeakers.com Original 1984 network: New Bob Crites network:
  8. Hey kids! New guy here! I have owned multiple sets of Klipsch speakers for many years. Only interested in the old stuff. I currently have a setup at my farm house with four KG4 speakers (two 1989, two 1985) and an RW 10 sub. It is powered by a LUxman R115 unit. I want to buy more speakers and run them off the same system. 6 or 8 total. What would y’all do as far as an amp set up? I really want to have four in one room (as is), and two more each in two other rooms. I know I can do it with ADCOM stuff, but don’t know how to set it up or what actual components to buy, how to hook up? Thanks!
  9. I am looking for a replacement K8K woofer for my newly acquired KG4 speakers, wanted to check to see if anyone had one or knew where to find one.
  10. I recently picked up a pair of kg4 speakers and one of the horns is not working. When I switched the non-working horn into the working side it's still made no sound at all. When I took the working side horn and swapped it into the non-working side it began to play music perfectly. So I know it's not the wiring. What my question is does this mean the horn Tweeter is blown or does it mean it just needs a new diaphragm. I connected the k74 horn to a multimeter and got zero reading again not sure if this means new diaphragm or new complete horn? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  11. Can someone tell me if these are real Kg4s? The cabinet does not have the same bottom as I see all other Kg4s. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I recently swapped a pair of my thrift store Polk Towers for a friends KG4s that needed some love. I have done some repairs and am looking for a replacement K-8-K woofer and haven't been able to find any used. Wanted to see if anyone here knew where to find one.
  13. Hello I'm new to this group and was wondering if anyone could help me...My cat decided that my passive radiator was perfect for stretching his claws in...would love to find an actual Klipsch pair butany help would be appreciated...thank you in advance
  14. Hi All I'm a newbie here and no expert at all. I have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful mint pair of KG4's with no mods done for $200. I have a Luxman 115 amplifier. Is this a good setup and are the speakers as good as I've heard. Any help appreciated. Thank you!!
  15. Moving - need to part ways with years of speakers, etc. Pick up only - West Point, Mississippi. 1. 1963 Khorns, third owner, exceptional shape for age, SN's 1C999, 2C000, stunning presentation and sound with original parts, bamboo - Asking $1,500 for pair 2. Heresy III's, Cherry, one owner, bought in 90's. Risers. Mint., Asking $1,300.00 for pair. 3. KG4 - One owner, pair bought inn 80's, excellent condition. Risers. Asking $300.for pair 4. Adona 3 tier stand. See picture. Granite. Bought new 5 years ago. Asking 400.00 5. RF 3 II - One owner, bought in mid 90's, excellent condition. Asking $500.00 6. Sub - RSW 12; one owner bought in mid 90's. Excellent condition. Asking 250.00 All were powered with Macintosh components. I will be listing these shortly. I do have a third party that has agreed to ship these, if necessary. Other items : Rebuilt Pioneer PL-71 turntable. Asking 200.00 I have pictures, but am having trouble attaching. Would appreciate any advice as to how to insert pictures, or send me a message and I'll send. Thanks, Jim
  16. In my own research I found this unnoticed tidbit of information, and would like to add to the reference base with some documentation for evidence, and an example for proof. I own a pair of Klipsch Quartet with brown speaker grills. I thought they were rare in that they were special order only, but I had no idea how rare. I have only found one other instance of the brown cloth on the forums in a pair of Forte. If you have a brown speaker grill from a pair of Chorus I,II, or Forte I,II, or Quartet please post a photo for the archives. As you can see in the photo I provided below the grills are not like the black Forte II grill I placed for reference. I would say the color is not actually brown, but more of a dusty gray with drab olive green tint. The fabric thread is courser, thicker, and not poly/nylon. Possible a wool blend. I will try to contact Duracrest for the actual thread and weave used. And for the documentation I provide to you links to 3 dealer price lists showing the option being available for KG1, KG3 ,KG4, QUARTET, FORTE II, CHORUS I, CHORUS II http://images.klipsch.com/Pricelist_891001_635164927565692000.pdf http://images.klipsch.com/Pricelist_901000_635164927604848000.pdf http://images.klipsch.com/Pricelist_940801_635164927620604000.pdf It states: Speaker which feature grille cloth as standard equipment will be shipped with black grill cloth unless another color is ordered. Grill cloth for Quartet, Forte II, Chorus II are: black(19) and brown(20). Academy available in black grill. KLIPSCH HERITAGE SERIES HISTORICAL REFERENCE DATA Edit to: section 8. GRILLS TYPES & CLOTH CODES (Part-2) edit as follows Add to the list: #20 = Duracrest #20, brown, weave (Forte, Chorus, etc.) So the results would give the following VIII. KLIPSCH GRILLS & CLOTH CODES: #03 = Cane #13 = Heritage brown #15 = White/black coarse weave #17 = Duracrest, black, poly-olefin, stranded, coarse weave (Heritage only) #18 = Duracrest, brown, poly-olefin, stranded, coarse weave (Heritage only) #19 = Duracrest #19, black, poly/ nylon, flat weave (Forte, Chorus, etc.) #20 = Duracrest #20, brown, weave (Forte, Chorus, etc.)
  17. Hi there! First post here. Just picked up a beautiful pair of KG4s, brought them home... and what would you know my receiver is acting up. I was fiddling with it to try and figure out what was wrong, heard a loud pop, and when I later tested the speakers with a friend's functional Yamaha receiver one of the drivers had no sound coming out. So I'm desperately looking for a K8K Replacement! I have seen threads where people suggest clones, but haven't heard back about any experiences and would really rather keep them OEM. Does anyone have any K8Ks lying around or know where to get some? Worst case scenario, anyone have experiences with whether the 'clones' are up to par? Really want to get these amazing speakers back to working condition. Thanks!
  18. Hi, New to the forum, but used it many, many times and appreciated all the reviews/opinions. Got my first Klipsch in the 80's ... Cornwall I's. Still have them and will never "part" with them Cornwall's are hooked up to a Marantz 2252B, coupled with a A/V system with KG3.2's, Kg1.5's, KG5.2's (rear) and a KV2 center. Seperate room has a Marantz 1060 ( and tube amp Pilot 230) hooked up to KG4.'s. So; picked up a set of really nice (stock) Forte I's for this room. Thought they would "blow away" the KG4's ... but NO. The Forte's sound good, but not any better than the KG4's. Bass is a little deeper, but mid-range seems better on the KG4's ... OK; I admit the KG4's have Crites Titanium diaphragms . Would appreciate any advice/comments. Many thanks, Emile
  19. https://newlondon.craigslist.org/ele/6319247163.html Klipsch Kg4 Speakers (Black) and Denon Components $275 (SOLD) Will meet or deliver in Eastern/Central CT or Western RI
  20. Hi All, Life happens and my employment status has changed thus I am forced to sell my speakers. I am using this with 14 watts push pull tube amp with very satisfying results. The item is for local sale (but shipping can be discussed) and is located at Lombard, IL 60148. Upload to this site is up to 2mb only hence for more photo please refer to my CL listing here: https://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/d/klipsch-kg4-walnut/6304470944.html Selling $300 obo. Below are the specs:REQUENCY RESPONSE: 38Hz-20kHz(+-)3dBSENSITIVITY: 94dB @ 1watt/1meterPOWER HANDLING: 100 watts maximum continuous (500 watts peak)NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 6 ohmsTWEETER: K-74-K 1″ (2.54cm) Phenolic dome compression driverHIGH FREQUENCY HORN: 90(o)x40(o) Exponential HornWOOFER: Two K-8-K 8″ (20.32cm) Poly ICG cone active / KD-12 12″ (30.48cm) Fiber-composite cone passiveENCLOSURE MATERIAL: Medium density fiberboard construction (MDF)ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass reflex via passive radiatorDIMENSIONS: 24.25″ (61.6cm) x 15.75″ (40cm) x 10.75″ (27.3cm)WEIGHT: 40 lbs. (18.2kg)FINISHES: Walnut Oil
  21. Up for sale are a nice pair of KG4's in walnut. All original - work, look and sound great! $225, located in SE WI. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/6157158605.html
  22. Hello. I am in need of (2) Passive Subwoofers for a pair of KG4. Anyone have them besides Ebay? Thanks!
  23. Klipsch KG4 pair for sale (located outside of Boston) Walnut cabinets, great shape- no scratches, chips or corner peeling Still sound awesome Original owner, speakers have consecutive serial numbers
  24. Hello, I have an old ~1990 pair of KG4's that are just not sounding very good (after many years of great sounds). When I switch from left to right channel, I can definitely notice that one of them is not producing all of the tones. I am wondering (1) how do I go about testing the speaker's different components? (2) if various things need to be replaced, should I do this myself, find a speaker store, or suck it up and buy new speakers? I don't know much about speakers (in case you can't tell), so I'm looking for some advice that will help me proceed. I also searched around this site and see that the speakers seem to hold their value. I've gone through a bunch of "how do I test my speakers" links online, but thought that folks here might have some good ideas. Thanks!
  25. 2 Klipsch KG4's with sequential serial numbers and built in risers in good condition for sale in the So. Florida area. The pictures tell the story. $300 local/pickup Deerfield Beach. Cash only. (954) 993-2662
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