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  1. I copied my round up post over from this thread, please list any other LaScala mods, threads and parts sources. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/149442-lascala-sonic-detail-improvement-for-only-22098/page-7#entry1926774 My LaScalas are circa 1980 Stock AA crossovers If I want to make improvements or changes in incremental steps, this is what I understand: Based on the above posts, and a conversation (2-3 years ago) with B Crites and the Klipsch factory support guy, the drivers in the LaScala don't wear out under normal circumstances. The capacitors, on the other hand do have an end of life, the transformer and inductor rarely fail (it would probably require an amp incinerating failure to fry the inductor or transformer). First: Update the 3 caps on the AA crossover, from the schematic in the pinned section. Stock: Sonicaps from Crites or others inc Parts Express brand. To me, stock always sounded very good 2x 2uF capacitors 1x 13uF Alternative Crossover update to lower the volume mids by 3db aka 50% decrease in power to Squawker. This is done to flatten the output across the bass and mids? I currently use an EQ to add output at the 400Hz point and rolling off into the up and down freqs from this point. 2x 2uF caps 1x 6.8 uF cap Both of these updates-mods are stand-alone and can be listened to and evaluated without further mods or repairs. Second This step could be either replace the K-77 (matched ?) phenolic tweeters with the Crites CT-125 EV driver with custom Crites Lens and titanium diaphragm. OR Replace the woofer with the Crites stamped Woofer $$, or Eminence Kappa 15C $, also mentioned above is the K-44 Factory $$$ woofer. http://www.parts-exp...-4-ohm--290-459 Both the tweeter and the woofer "upgrades" are standalone changes and require no mods to the crossover or anything else. Third If the K-77 is replaced with the Crites CT 125, as an option after moving to the CT-125.....the crossover point between the Squawker and the CT-125 can be lowered to take advantage of the increased range of the CT-125. Thread on CT-125 topic, one of many? https://community.kl...rs-in-la-scala/ Thread on Crossovers https://community.kl...pgrade-options/ Volti take on LaScala http://www.klipschup...upgrades2.shtml More horns + ALK http://www.alkeng.com/trachorn.html Alethia's take on custom crossovers http://www.aletheiaa...m/Services.html Crossover Options with CT-125: Do nothing leave at 400 and 6,000Hz, replace crossover 400 and 4,500 Hz, somehow modify existing crossover to 400 and 4,500. Forgot to mention the ALK Universal, I'm sure there are others.... The existing crossover may be modified, I don't know how. OR The AA crossover can be replaced with a new A 4500 from Crites http://www.critesspe...00-crossov.html "Problem with this is that the K-55 mid-range driver is pressed really hard to reach 6000hz. It would be much more linear in it's operation if the highest frequencies it has to reproduce were in the 4500hz area." Note: I'm guessing that PK the Designer was aware of this, and perhaps no better option was available than the EV K-77 tweeter, AND OR the mid-range K-55 is so sweet with the voice that it is better to leave as much of the voice as possible on the K-55 up to 400- 6KHz. Maybe if we had the engineer's notes we could know how the decision was made, I'm sure lots of trial and "does this sound better than"........ My opinion the LaScala: PK was a very good audio engineer, everything was done for a reason. Speakers that sound good, sell better. Was the mid range 400-6,000 intentionally boosted to put the human (Female) voice more forward aka Hear the Angels Singing? The K-55 really makes the angels sing. The low end could be better, a design trade off
  2. Looking to buy a pair of ES khorn crossover networks. Would also consider the gentle slope networks
  3. These were used on the original ALK Universal crossovers. Let me know if you have one, thanks
  4. Looking to buy a pair of ES khorn crossover networks
  5. khorndog


    Up for consideration a beautiful pair of ALK AP12-500 & ES5800 Networks. Very low hours... $675 +fees and shipping... More photos available upon request.
  6. Foil Inductors, why the new trend? When I first started building crossovers I built a set or two using foil inductors, then I saw ALK and several others using Litz wire inductors. I inquired why Litz, I was informed that Litz has a higher Q at crossover points between 6khz and 15khz, where foil inductors have significantly higher Q beyond the audible range. Solid core inductors even have a higher Q than the Foil inductors up to 2Khz. This is why ALK uses Solid core or Iron core for bass and Litz wire for HF. So why the sudden trend of using Foil? I have even seen Litz removed in favor of Foil. What am I missing? Here is a Link to ALK's Q&A page if anyone would like to see more. http://www.alkeng.com/dload_xo.html
  7. SOLD-SOLD-SOLD I just purchased these. They took 3 months to get here. During that 3 months I have purchased a set that was designed for my Cornscalas and my listening habits specifically. I am sure you know about these already if you are reading this. I have about 1 Hour on them. I wanted to do a comparison with the other 2 crossovers I have. I paid $358.18 that included shipping and 3 months of wait time. I'll let them go for $325 shipping included and no 3 month wait time to the lower 48 states.
  8. I am looking for a pair of ALK Crossovers for my La Scalas. Let me know what you have.
  9. Looking to buy ALK crossovers for Klipschorn. Please PM me if you have a pair of these for sale: ES400 ES5800 AP12-400 AP15-6000
  10. I'm looking to replace the squawker horns on my '75 Klipschorns (K400). Preferably something that can be used as a drop-in replacement using the stock K55(V), but all options will be considered. If you are selling a pair of Fastrac, Eliptrac, Volti V-trac horns or similar, please PM me. -AG
  11. I am looking for a little input from any of you using Al’s extreme slope networks in smaller listening rooms. I am using the es500 and es5800 combo with diy La Scalas. These networks do many things very well, separation of instruments, clean bass, very clean bass, and vocal clarity is all there in spades. However the center image is not. I was using Bob’s a4500 networks previously which are great for how basic they are and they had a great center image. I have read how great the imaging of the esn networks is and for the most part they are amazing, but I am missing that center image. Any advice? Are these for big rooms?
  12. Looking for a single ALK ES 500 or equivalent. Any quality 500 hz 2 way crossover? Looking for a Linkwitz-Riley Crossover 4th order crossover.
  13. Hi guys I am in a dilemma I have to choose between these 2 speakers a pair of Dunlavy SC-IV in mint condition or a pair of old Modified K-Horns with the 400 cylindrical horn ALK crossover and Beyma and BC drivers. Both are at the same price? what do you guys think is a better buy? FYI My system is all tubes Primaluna Dialog Premiun HP Power and My room is 14'x18'x9' no windows perfect rectangle carpeted with acoustic panels and basstraps. So I have 2 perfect corners for the K-horns.
  14. Anyone have any laying around they can part with? I will take either type(L-pad or transformer)for now. Just need to knock down some JBL 2404H to see if they will work once levels are matched. Then I will go from there. Thanks.
  15. I love my Forte Is but I suspect I would love them even more if I refreshed their crossover. I know Bob Crites' crossovers are a refresh of the original Klipsch design, while ALK's crossovers are a product of his own vision: I've also heard good things about both. Could any of our gentle readers compare and contrast the Crites and ALK crossovers in action? (And in case I've accidentally asked a "Do Balrogs Have Wings?" question, I really am not trying to start a flame war or cast aspersions on either. I am just curious as to the differences between the two and how their differing approaches effect the sound).
  16. I just installed a set of ALK AP12-600 and ES5800 crossovers into my Klipsch Cornwall's. I am using a Conrad Johnson PV12 and Premier 11a. The original crossovers were the Klipsch B3 type. These were not bad at all, at the lowest levels I usually listen too. But, I frequently listen at higher levels so I thought I'd try the ALK's. They are a very nice improvement indeed. I did set the tweeter level to -5 on the attenuator, it was set at -3 from ALK. I left the mid range set to -6 db . The bass seems to be firmer and a bit more defined. There seems to be a bit more snap to blues and jazz drumsets on the recordings I just listened too. The mid range has a bit more clarity and a bit less blare, I have the original Klipsch metal horn and ceramic driver, which I believe to be a klipsch made driver just after the Heppner series. The Tweeter is also a ceramic K77m metal horn. I actually find the tweeter to sound just fine, but my hearing is a bit compromised after all these years. I did a test with a signal generator and I can still hear to 17K. I do notice an improved sound stage as well. A bit more depth and locations are well defined, more layers to the instrument positions. At a few moments I felt the stage was wider and some sounds appeared to the out side of the speakers as well. My first impression was the B3 crossovers were fuller bodied , but upon further listening the ALK are the clear winner with better clarity, detail and imaging. At lower levels they sound fine. I was afraid after reading reviews, the lower levels would be compromised , but I do not think so. The B3 crossovers are congested at moderate levels and beyond, probably at lower levels too, its just not objectionable at the lowest levels. I paid as much for the crossovers as I did for the Cornwall, But I am well satisfied so far. billy z
  17. From the album: 2016 2 way

    Al is at it again. New Brickwall from ALK... Different take on ES network.
  18. I posted some comments on networks on Deans "Crossover Roadshow" thread but I thought I'd put this in a separate thread along with a few other thoughts. I’d like to share my experience with different networks that I have tried on 1976 Lascalas and 1968 Cornwalls. I have used some of these with the stock horns but I first started looking into different networks due to my desire to attenuate the midrange after I started using wood horns. Before I start, I’d like to mention that so often people discuss their opinions of equipment and they never mention other details that could be important variables to consider such as WHAT music? How LOUD? What size/dimensions of room? I think you should answer some of these kinds of questions so we will understand more about your motivation and we can relate to your position. GOAL: Accurate reproduction of music but must be MUSICAL (adj. “having a pleasant sound”) to the point I forget the equipment and the room I am in and become immersed in music. DETAILS: Equipment used was a Scott 299b, VRD amps and a few different DACs including DacMagic, MHDT Havana, and Bel Canto. People often talk about their opinions about equipment and never mention what they listen to and how loud which I think is significant information. Music is mostly rock, jazz, blues, or classical. Mostly jazz these days but a lot of piano and guitar (acoustic and electric) as well. To keep the family happy I usually keep it around 70db or less but prefer 75db or more. My room is an odd shaped 19 x 16 with an offset vaulted ceiling that makes getting the soundstage straight difficult. NOTE: These are impressions I had over time while swapping around equipment to see what I liked. I don’t have test equipment although I have played some with Studio Six “Audio Tools” on the iPhone without a proper microphone. I was not very scientific in my approach. I did not usually perform any precision tests between different equipment where I only changed one variable to draw a comparison. Most often there were other things that had changed over time such as K-55v driver might have been replaced with a K-55m or I was using them with a Fastrac Lascala, Fastrac Cornwall, or an Eliptrac with a 2” driver. Perhaps the speakers had been moved. Most of the time these wood horns were sitting on top of the cabinet which could also be a significant variable given their location relative to the other drivers. I have since learned to keep a log book of everything I do or change. I suggest this highly… I don’t remember every step I took along the way but this will be a nice reference to remind me in the future.
  19. OK I am in a dilemma I am in the market for my next speakers, My system is all tube Primaluna Dialog Premiun HP amp with 8 KT 120 85w per channel, Primaluna Dialog Premiun Pre amp, Manley Steelhed Phono, VPI HRX Turntable with Shelter Harmony Cartidge. My current speakers are Silverline Audio Sonatina MK4, They sound Beautiful with vocals and jazz but suck big time with rock and pop. I want to move into something more appropriate for my system (tubes) that will perform great either with vocals as well as rock or pop. These are the 3 options I am considering: 1) Crites Cornscalas with ALK Extreme Slope Crossovers, B&C Drivers and Crites Woofer and and Eliptrac Horns, similar to the one built by . 2) BD Design Oris Horn with an 8" Fostex Full Range Driver and an Compact woofer Module with a 15 inch woofer. 3) BD Design Opheans M3 with BMS 4592 compression driver and an Compact woofer Module with a 15 inch woofer. Please tell me what model would you choose and why? Thanks in advanced for the help.
  20. No need to introduce this networks. If you are into Klipsch sound, this is the best upgrade money can buy. Can be used for for most 3-way Heritage Klipsch speakers or other horn based projects. Perfect for Cornscala builders. Bought these for my Cornscalas . They are brand new. Plenty of info on-line: http://www.alkeng.com/klipsch.html Selling because of the change in direction. As Al stated on his site: "There will be a price increase on most networks starting with the following batch." Would prefer local pick up. Avoid long waiting list. Price drop: $610 shipped to continental USA
  21. So after a year in the Klipsch family I made what I am considering an upgrade. I finally came across a pair of Cornwalls that were both, in really nice condition and at what I thought was a fair, perhaps even, a good deal. The only downside would be that they are II's from 86. From my understanding the build quality on the II's internal networks were a bit less than the I's. That said however thus far I am Really happy with them! I cant get over how well they image, with the right material they are halographic. I am currently running them with a adcom gfa 2535 at 60w per side and a emotiva umc-1. The room is a good size 15' x 21' speakers are placed on the short wall about 9' apart from center to center. listening position is at about 14'. Anyway I wanted to see if anyone had thoughts or opinions on a couple of things...... 1st) I am getting a slight buzz from the tweeters when the amp is on with no signal. Is this a dirty pot? Just what to expect with cornwalls? Cornwalls and ss amps? 2nd) I am planning to replace the crossovers any thoughts on either the crites or ALK crossovers are welcomed. I've read that the crites are replacements where as the ALK's are upgrades. Anyone with experience getting inside a pair of II's with any tips or words of wisdom please share. 3rd) i am also planning to replace the tweeter diaphrams with new titanium ones from crites. Have any of you done this? Impressions? and how difficult was the operation? Any tips? Overall I am really really happy with these speakers I am anxious to see what they are really capable of.
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