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Bloze jokes?


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sorry for so many posts but this looks interesting too.


3. Why cant I get a list of technical specifications?

Because our custom-engineered, complete system solutions largely supersede conventional audio measurements. Even some basic building blocks have been redefined -- including amplifiers, speakers and equalizers. But most importantly, everything is integrated and works together for results that vary significantly from those provided by conventional systems made up of individual, unmatched components. For example, with a Bose automotive system the location and design of the speakers can be much more important factors in determining the output than the wattage power rating. The bottom line? The best tests of a Bose systems sound quality arent a list of specifications, but your ears.

i don't think bose wants to tell us what they are using behind the plastic.........cwm4.gif


My 2 cents...

I'll put it on your tab. :)

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I just found this forum today... nice place you got here! I was thrilled to find this thread, what is it about Bose vs. Klipsch??? It's like cats & dogs - they were made to fight!!! I bought a pair of Chorus' in '89, and that's when I got my first taste of the feud!

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Bose lightbulbs yet!? Or did I just miss that part somewhere... surely someone has pointed out the lightbulbs that are located inside many of their speakers! There were acrylic versions of the acoustimess "subwoofer" that allowed you to see the intricate arrangement that was responsible for that DEEP bass... if you looked closely at the crossover board there was a series of small tubular orangish lightbulbs mounted right there - they burned whatever input the drivers couldn't handle from what I understand (and were probably never actually used to demo music, just a nice visual prop.) I actually saw them in action in a pair of 401's one night at an outdoor party, sure enough there was a bright orange glow visible inside the port on the rear of the speaker! There was that claim of "unlimited wattage" for the 901's... sure, send the cleanest 30 watts to the drivers, then the rest goes to the lightbulbs!cwm40.gifcwm40.gifcwm40.gif

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ok tuba i'll confess. cwm25.gif when i was young & naive in the early 70s i did get a pair of bose 301 bookshelfs. of course they were dull & lifeless so i ended up cranking the volume more & more & in a short time blowing out both tweeters.

took 'em back & had the tweets replaced under warranty.

then immediately sold them to a neighbor friend (guess i was a bad friend but hey i was desperate cwm4.gif).

the tweeters blew on him too & then when he took 'em in they replaced them w/ their new innovation light bulb versions. never did blow the tweets after that & he seemed to be satisfied (this was about 30 yrs ago so going from real LT memory here). then again he never had that real discerning ear for audio then. probably does now as he's a neurosurgeon. would think he sold those off to another of the unknowing years ago. cwm20.gif


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Years ago I purchased a pair of Heresy II's after hearing the Bose 901. Recently I purchased an RF-52/RC-52 system, while at the gym yesterday I noticed the really good bass line and dispersion of the Bose Acoustimass 5 system and I hate to say it, but to get that kind of bass I am going to have to purchase a subwoofer to go with the big floor standing speakers and the big center channel.

My Heresy II's have a very snappy bass line to rolloff, and an open, airy sound. The RF-52/RC-52 just aren't as impressive, and the bass line, which is why I bought them, needs a subwoofer. I hate to say it, but I think I like the Acoustimass 5 better than my RF/RC stuff. This little Acoustimass system (for $400) was covering a 40 X 40 room, I am 7' from listening position, where my Heresy II's are open and airy, the Refenence series are not. Those crappy little acoustimass satellites seem to give me a more open sound than my tractrix horn.

My Heresy II's are gonna stay with me, so no soliciting, the Reference stuff...well...I dunno...I either buy a subwoofer or loose 'em...for the Acoustimass system. Yes I am the dark hearted traitor, but it's the sound that gets me, and these little acoustimass did a better job in that big gym (repleat with heavy bags, Octagon, wrestling mats) and these little guys got the sound out.

Maybe I should have got the RF-62's orRF-63's ?

My system:

Dell E-521 w/AMD 4800+ X2

XP Professional

SoundBlaster X-Fi Audio Extreme

Creative IO module

Nvidia 8500 GT card w/512 MB Ram

Delll 21 FPW monitor

Sony Vega 36" tv

Yamaha RX-V661 receiver

Klipsch Heresy II's

Klipsch RF-52's

Klipsch RC-52

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