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My First Patent

Professor Thump

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Congratulations Mark and Roy!

Judging from the illustrations and description, I'd imagine that the Klipsch products utilizing this technology would be (in order or manufacture)

R-5650S side surround in-wall loudspeaker look very similar to the first diagram, have been around for several years.

KPT1202VB 'virtual boundary' pro cinema surround came about around 2007

THX in-ceiling and in-wall surrounds in 2008-9

Palladium surrounds2008


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Congrats to Mark and Roy.

See attached.

As you may know, the "new" rule on US Patents is that the duration is 20 years from date of filing. But if the delay in examination is the fault of the USPTO the duration is extended accordingly. As you can see, that is the situation here.

Wm McD

US Patent 7590257 to Blanchard and Delgado.pdf

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Congratulations Mark!

And Roy!

I hope someone will post that soon so I don't have to go find it. I don't recall too many horn arrays except maybe the tweeter and midrange horns in the Palladiums? Ahh.... others smarter than me have already posted the horns in the surrounds. And William has posted the patent.

Some headphone patents should be coming as well.

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