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William F. Gil McDermott Anniversary


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Thank you. I blush at the mention. But a big grin too.

The first post was on A Dark and Stormy Night. I had a pawn shop laptop and a dial up connection through a small college account on the south side. The work area was an old desk illuminated by a dim, swinging bulb. The modem wire ran across the floor of a drafty apartment and the Chicago wind whistled in the windows. Trash blew down the street in search of a destination it would never find. A blind dog in the alley howled at the moon he could not see. [Edit]

I lurked for several days before signing in.

Many thanks to the Klipsch organization for making this place possible and many thanks to my buddies here for many enlightening conversations.

Wm McD

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The comment by Bill H. deserves some comment and a reminiscence of a meeting with Bill.

In that time I had just moved to my condo from a rental. For years I'd thought that I'd buy when the time was right. A seminar with mortgage broker and real estate agent sort of gave me the right push. The little condo has a wonderful view of the park and I fell in love with it.

Bill was looking to purchase some KG 4.2's (right?) from a buyer in a Chicago neighboorhood and he asked for someone who could look them over and help navigate. Actually, the street where the seller lived was not continuous and we had to drive around a while. I'm not a native Chicagoan.

Evenutally we found the seller and the units sounded good. Bill purchased them and put them in Bill's van. Actually I was carrying one them (know when to walk away, and when to run) and almost slipped on some ice. (Gosh if the speaker got smashed in a fall Bill would have been very unhappy with me.)

Later I gave Bill a tour of my condo and the neighboorhood and he bought me lunch -- as a gesture for services. Bill described that he is a fan of the Beethoven Network, and of cause he is a very nice fellow

Somewhere in here I recounted what one of moving men had said. "You really are moving on up. Looking out the window, you could be anywhere." So it was the moving man who quoted The Jeffersons.

I believe that Bill has moved up to Forte? and to Florida from Indiana? Maybe Bill will tell us of his adventures.

It is always good to meet someone from the forum.

Wm McD

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I'm not a native Chicagoan.

Are you related to the McDermotts from Peoria, IL., by any chance?


I don't know of any relatives in Peoria. My parents' roots are in Brooklyn, New York (Flatbush and Coney Island). I grew up in the baby-boomer times of Long Island.

Wm McD

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  • 11 months later...

I don't post here much anymore but when I saw this thread title it brought back good memories.

Congratulations William. Your posts over the years have been very
enlightening to me and others here. You've always been kind in your responces
on this forum. An "internet gentleman" is an understandment. [:)]

Thank you sir.

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