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My vote for Darwin Awards 2010....


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What a tool~



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The shock and Awe system!!! phaze 3!!! and damage report.
hello, if you have been following this story you know why you r here.
if you are just tuning in heres the situation.

i hooked up a huge system, using 50 receivers and 100 speakers.
it ended badley..

-------------the shock and awe! system equipment roster------------------
1-marantz 18
2-marantz 2220b
3-marantz 2225
4-marantz 2230
5-marantz 2235b
6-marantz 2245-from my friend billys system
7-marantz 2270
8-sansui 5000a
9-sansui 3000a
10-sansui 771
11-sansui 221
12-sansui 1000
13-sansui qrx-3500
14-sansui 7070db-from my friend heaths system
15-yamaha cr-2040
16-yamaha cr 2020
17-technics sa-200
18-technics sa-400
19-technics sa-6400x
20-fisher 500b
21-fisher 200t
22-fisher 440t
23-fisher 700t
24-lafayette lr-900
25-lafayette lr-1500ta
26-harmon/kardon nocturne 200
27-scott 340b
28-scott 342
29-scott 342b
30-scott 382
31-scott r-340
32-scott 357
33-kenwood tk-40u
34-kenwood tk-88
35-kenwood kr 5400
36-kenwood kr 5600
37-kenwood kr 7600
38-pioneer sx-2000
39-pioneer sx-82
40-pioneer sx-424
41pioneer sx-636
42-pioneer sx-3600
41-pioneer sx 3700
42-pioneer sx-3800
43-bogen tr-100x
44-realistic sta-52
45-realistic sta-64b
46-realistic sta-120b
47realistic sta-2100
48-heathkit ar-13
49-kenwood eleven
50-pioneer lx-440

7-3-2010. i got all 50 receivers up and on line today,a few buddies brought in more speakers for sound, ready for the moment......

7-4-2010, 12:35pm, i woke up and went into my living room, and started lighting
up the stacks, 5 total, with 10 receivers in each stack,
12:50pm, all receivers are on and playing, had to tune each receiver to its sweet spot, this was a task that took me and my buddy 4 hours..
4:50pm, since it was the forth of july i decided to have some fun, so i lit the whole stack up and spun the master control,

5:30pm, the first sign of trouble, i felt dust falling on my head from someware.
i soon discoverd i was shaking my trailer apart, literaly, the main seem cracked holding the two sections together.

i really should have stopped here..

6:00 pm,
heat was really becoming an issue, it was 82 degrees outside and raining, with no air conditioning the tempature in my living room soared to 112 f with all of the equipment on and running.

7:15, funny smells coming from the walls, i felt the wall and it was hot, so hot it burned my hand,

7:16 pm, this is when shit started to hit the fan, me, billy and heath were franticly turning everything off and disconecting the gear, the living room started filling with smoke...

7:17 pm, my house was on fire. the voltage was just too much for the old wiring to put up with, the living room wall was burning from the inside.
i ran to get a crowbar, and stumbled over a pair of ar-3ax speakers, and hit the floor. it hurt.

7:18pm, i got the crowbar and ripped up the wall to get to the fire, after a 30 second time that felt like a year, i got the fire out.

by 7:30 the party was over, the electrical system in my house is shot, it arked threw the wall and blew out the main load box, burning all of the switches. lights out.

lucky me i saved my house and my gear, and everyone elses gear.

aside from a destroyed living room, and a spraind foot, a broken camera, and alot of shame, im ok.

sorry guys, no pics yet, have to wait till i get a new camera.
and im using my buddys computer to write this, im sleeping at his house untill i have power again, so sorry for the long wait for part 3..

shock and awe, what a ride!!

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I thought this was funny from one of there posters.

"Well ok whatever makes you happy but from your own words apparently thats the only one who is. Atleast all that gear will help your double wide in a tornadobanana.gif "

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