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Congratulations are in order...


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Thanks folks - just got home from the hospital and we are exhausted, kid won't let go of the, uh, cow - and so there has been little sleep. Tensions are high, but now that I have a shower (first in days), I feel better prepared to handle the 3:15 am feeding debacle when it happens - my 4 year old is so excited and keeps trying to jump in her koms lap (CSection) - so tears have already been flowing.

I do love them all, however - my little harem -perhaps they will be better humans than I have managed to be and will erase decades of bad karma that I have amassed...who knows. I just sit and marvel.

And yes, she is loud as they come - ;)


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Congrats.... Within 1 month the sleep gets better.......

No one is perfect; that is why we are HUMAN.

Live each day the best you can; no regrets.... Be thankful for what you have....

And embrace the moments that await....... It is amazing and gets better...... and better.....

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With the BFeeding thing, there is not a whole lot I can do but attend right now - fortunately, my teaching job begins next week - so I have a little time to be here with wife and daughters...but for my mother and sister coming to help, we would be screwed!

Thanks for the well wishes, I have already many many photographs and will post some when I get a chance to get to the right computer!

I am finding that I am having a bit of a time bonding with this one, the build up to the first daughter was traumatic and soul crushing (but for those of you who have met her, she turned out to be perfect as well) - I am finding that while I find the new one to be beautiful, I find mysellf more concerned with how it is afffecting the first daughter...mixed emotions and all that. Wasn't prepared for this strange dilemma. Thinking about how my father (who died last November) would love to have seen this one - he was an infinitely better grandfather than father, after all...my childrens next oldest first cousin is 26(!!) and they all knew their grandparents - mine will not have that privilege, unfortunately. Lots of conflciting images with this new addition.

Neighbor down the road just had their baby this last Friday (there were four women pregnant in the little community I live in), everything was apparently going well - but I heard that their child was transferred to the local 'big hospital' because the baby was having seizures! So in that regard I am so thankful that Miranda was and appears to continue to be, perfect. My heart sank for the neighbors, and I got that old copper taste in my mouth and tightness in my gut when I heard that news...reminders of when my first was born. I am still dealing with that, this many years later.

Hug your loved ones, it matters.


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Hey Bruce, congrats!! I just now saw this. I've been wondering how close the time was. I'll bet Wifey feels better with the process beginning of getting her body back to herself.

Regarding this

With the BFeeding thing, there is not a whole lot I can do but attend right now - fortunately, my teaching job begins next week

No pictures, mmmmmmmmmmmkay?


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David and Richard - Thanks! Have had some hard time with sleep, but all in all, doing well - and the kid is voracious; she has already gained her post-birth weight back plus- that's my girl!

Picture of Elise and Miranda -



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SO CUTE!! My girls (now 21 and 19) are 2-1/2 years apart, and I remember taking shots very similar to the one you've posted. They are precious (yours and mine), and we're both very lucky and blessed!!

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