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1951 Klipsch K5


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Excuse my ignorance since I am a newbie to this forum. I am a recording engineer and sometimes people bring me things they think I might be able to use. Someone gave me a klipsch speaker yesterday and I am not quite sure what to do with it. The woofer, tweeter and midrange horn all work perfectly. The cabinet is another story. The horn section is in good shape but all the veneer is coming off. The bass cabinet sat in a wet garage and the bottom of the front pylwood is completely rotted away. I live in a small house and do not have room for a speaker this size. So my question is this..... do I sell the components and dispose of the cabinet or should I restore the cabinet ? The thing that bothers me is that the cabinet is signed and dated 1951 so it is an early model from what i learned from the web. I have the skills to fix the cabinet but is that a waste of time? the other thing is that since I only have 1 is it better to let someone else fix it to match their other speaker. Your help is greatly appreciated. I just want to do the right thing.

Photos Here:


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It would be a crime to part it out.

Restoration might be so big a project that it requires the zeal of someone here who is real lover of Klipschorns. No disrespect intended but when the bug bites and you've got the fever, no job is too big -- and maybe the bug hasn't bitten you. In this, you may be lucky. Smile.


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This is a priceless piece of memorabilia and a functional piece of a nice Hi-Fi set for the right person. When this speaker was made and sold, it was not uncommon to have single speakers, rather than stereo, so there's no detriment to there being only one.

If I were you, I think I'd sell it and let someone who is intimately familiar with such things and fond of the Mark, aware of the rich history, passionate for horn-loaded speakers, etc. do this restoration job. If I didn't have the heart or time for it, I'd let it pass. Otherwise, you've got a steep learning curve facing you, and a big welcome to this strange band of gypsies.....

There are those of us who wonder at your good fortune....similar to the way I think about another acquaintance who went by the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville not too long ago and found an Altec tube mixer and a bunch of Altec tube amps in the dumpster....

The Lady or the Tiger???

All the best,

Chuck Snow

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Unclebubba: If you have the time, I'd say go ahead and restore it. It is a piece of Klipsch history that is invaluable. As to how much it's worth? Good question, but it would certainly be worth far more if carefully restored. The crossover likely can be at least cleaned, etc and if the drivers are still intact.... great!!!

For some more brief information on the history of the Klipschorn, look at: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/103886.aspx


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I have decided to undertake the restoration. I have the skills to do it but not a lot of free time.

I will post more pictures once I open the bass cabinet . I am located in los angeles for anyone who might have an interest in buying this.

Thanks again for all the help I have received!

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If you have the skills to restore it you'd probably not regret doing so when completed. See Groomlakearea51's link. He's restored at least one pair of (newer) Klipschorn's and they are spectacular. And the Klipschorn's do kind of hide in the corner. Of course onec restored you might want a mate for stereo but I've heard Klipsch mono can sound very good.

I think it would be best not to part it out. It may be worth more that way but parting out classics like this is kind of sad.

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