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So with 2010 nearly behind us.....

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I'd like to be able to listen to all the headphones including the new S3 and Image One. Especially the Image One.

New and exciting things in the pipeline.... like the headphone demo in 2007. Crazy that many now call Klipsch a headphone company.

Maybe several theatre set ups at all price points ... the entry level HD, Synergy, Icon, Reference, Heritage, THX Ultra II. MCM Theater Grand.. It's always cool to visit the anechoic chamber especially if one's never done so.

The CS 500 and CS 700 demos including the RoomGroove were kind of cool. Too bad they all seemed to disappear as the KlipschCast seemed to work well. And for 2.1 systems they sounded very good.

A/B comparison was very interesting. I now get the distant / in your face terms in describing sounds. .

How about comparing (rhymes with hose) computer / iPod speakers with Klipsch versions. Cute and artificial vs gutsy and real.

Maybe some samples of exotic veneers on Heritage. Some of the pictures I've seen are stunning but probably still a let down compared to the

The "classes" in the past was kind of fun. Whatever happened to the beta testing program?

And of course awesome cool door prizes are always cool.

Live music on Klipsch PA would be cool.

Just don't have it weekend of June 25th. I'm booked.

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Trey & Co.,

Thanks for asking! I have yet to hear La Scala II. I came so close to ordering LS II last month, but I listened to my LS I and really need to hear the improvement before I can justify the cost of upgrade. (There's so much bass bin resonance in LS I that I have to believe LS II is night and day).

If I were to get a shade greedy, I'd ask for a LS II vs Cornwall III comparison setup in the primary listening room at Klipsch HQ.

If I were to wish upon a star, I'd wish for an opportunity to listen to a Heritage lineup celebration, with KHorn, LS II, CW III, and Heresy III all switchable in the same room.

I'd have to say the finest overall 2ch Klipsch system I'd ever heard were the 60th KHorns in the primary listening room in Indy HQ on a previous Pilgrimage. I put my upgraded CW II's at 95% of those and I'm searching for a worthy upgrade. I'd love to listen to LS II and CW III in same room to determine where I go next...

I too, would love to hear the headphones and earphones. We have S4 which are respectable once seal is achieved. I have to believe Image X10 and Custom III are a large improvement. Wish I'd have bought custom III's while I had the chance... I'm intrigued by the big Klipsch headphones, would love to hear those babies!

Of course, the RF-7 series II are a must hear. I want to hear those dolls in stereo mode and in HT mode to compare to my RF-63/RC-64 kit.

Thanks Trey for taking our input. You guys really do make dreams come true at the Pilgrimages! There's not many things that could keep me from attending Klipsch Pilgrimage 2011!


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I really wouldn't mind some Energy and/or Jamo demos either. :)

And a Mirage demo would be fine. I think Energy, Mirage, and Jamo have been doing fine. Sure it was kind of sad that Athena died but have been losing too much money. I think they had a modular approach that I'm sure would appeal to some but probably too close to Energy and/or Mirage in sound quality or sound signature? I was more disappointed when the Aragon and Acurus brands purchased
from Mondial were retired. Here's hoping Rick Santiago and his cohorts
at Indy Audio Labs will get new and even better designs back on the
market with the same bang for the buck. Or maybe Klipsch will bring
them back with some more capital? The Aragon and Acurus were very good sounding amplifiers and electronics, at least the demos I heard.

I did get to hear a demo of a $500 Energy HTIB speakers in 2009 and they were very good for the money. Was hoping to hear the $500 or $600 Klipsch HD but the Energy were in the room. Could be kind of cool to demo and compare say $500/$600 Energy and Klilpsch HTIB. Not all of us Heritage lovers can afford the really good stuff. Not yet anyway. Or currently have the room for large 5.1 much less 7.2. Of course there is always in wall or in ceiling... but not sure those start out so affordable.

When / if I can really afford new Klipschorns, given today's options I'd be torn against the classic look of the standard Khorn or the uber performance of the Jubilee with the K402 horn which I think works better in smaller spaces than the Khorn's mid and high frequency horns.

But I like Kimbal's suggestion the best. All the Heritage. And maybe in 2007 or 2008 there was a Heresy sized speaker that was laying on its side...

And the Dolby True HD 7.2 Palladium setup I've hread was very sweet.

So. Have room(s) to show us everything. LOL. The Klipschorn with Belle center of a couple of years ago was really sweet.

Be sure to have a headphone demo area. Preferabbly not in another demo room. As much as I'd like to try the X5's again, I really want to hear the Image Ones. Maybe even the lower cost S3 and S4 just for fun.

And the A/B comparision where you don't tell us until later what it is we're listening to was a lot of fun. Now I really understand distant and in your face (or forward) terms I've heard. To me kind of like in the back of the hall or balcony or 5th row.

And naturally we'd like something mind boggling like the in ear phones in 2007. That was just mind boggling. The sound of Klipsch in one's ear. Ok. Might be hard to top that.... or maybe a fully horn loaded Palladium model? Or more LaScala range fully horn loaded Palladium with fully horn loaded subwoofer....

Maybe some MCM Theater Grands outside with live music? Or just set up for music outside even if it's not live.

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IF you come to Indy, what would you want to do?

Hear a Palladium theatre set up

I'd like to see both Palladium and Heritage Klipschorn HT setups.

And even better if Larry can bring some video with full orchestra and pipe organ. [8][8][8][H][8][8][8]

p.s. one of those beasts of a pipe organ with 32' bass

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And even better if Larry can bring some video with full orchestra and pipe organ. MusicMusicMusicCoolMusicMusicMusic

p.s. one of those beasts of a pipe organ with 32' bass


Well, I can't find a DVD of the Saint-Saens No. 3 (on Amazon, anyway), and I don't know the orchestra-organ literature beyond that spectacular work.

Can you or anyone here record Youtube segments on a DVD to be played back at the Pilgrimage if there are no copyright issues? For example, this part of the third and fourth parts is fabulous IMO:

(the organ comes in at around 7 min.). It has excellent sound and camera work, and the NHK SO are a vigorous group that look outstanding on close-up view. This segment takes it to the end:
, which goes down to the low 32.7 hz C (the piece is in C major -- of course). (16' pipes could go down to 32.7 Hz; 32 footers could play a 16-Hz C.)

This is the Puerto Rico SO group playing the slow part where the organ first appears. I recommend watching this rendition and noting Saint-Saens's unusual, very French orchestration:

. The organ goes down to a low D-flat rather than C (about 34 Hz).

If someone wants to record these, I can pick out segments to stitch together. BTW, here's an EXCELLENT Bacchanale from Samson et Dalila if you want more S-S:

The problem with the Saint-Saens 3 is it's an orchestra showpiece; the organist plays only block chords, not much to show in pure organ prowess. For that, I'd rather show a good Bach Tocatta in F:


Whaddya think?


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Thanks for trying! I'm afraid the classical DVD market isn't exactly picking up volume. Youtube may have blocked it for copyright reasons, because I don't see as many postings of standard recordings -- I could find almost anything 2-3 years ago, but not now!


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  • Klipsch Employees


The local Radio station that plays classical may have something they would bring for us to use. I also know that there is a pip organ builder here in Indy and of a church that has a organ that has close to that 32' pipe.

I just hope we get to hold the pilgrimage...there has been no talk yet. I am sure with all that is going on, it is not on the radar.

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The local Radio station that plays classical may have something they would bring for us to use. I also know that there is a pipe organ builder here in Indy and of a church that has a organ that has close to that 32' pipe.

I just hope we get to hold the pilgrimage...there has been no talk yet. I am sure with all that is going on, it is not on the radar.

That would be very interesting. Maybe we can have source diversity -- IF we have a classical session IF we have a Pilgrimage.

A Pilgrimage, especially a Palladium demo, might be valuable for new ownership and management. As you know, I think classical is good demo stuff for Palladiums. Maybe invite the organ builder if we could get something to play, especially on a DVD. As you know, I like DVDs because people can watch as well as listen. I think it would be neat to hear an intro to an organ piece by an organ builder, followed by hearing it on big Klipsch!


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a church that has a organ that has close to that 32' pipe.

Trey, how low does a Palladium Sub go?

This is just FYI, since it's easy to confuse pipe length and lowest frequency. While 32' pipes are literally sensational with lowest notes of 16 Hz, many speakers can't go that low and probably don't sound that real for notes you can feel more than hear.

For 32 Hz, you only need a 16' pipe. I thought the Palladium sub did great on double bass passages, which as you know only go down to 41 Hz, unless they have the fifth string, which goes down to 31 Hz.

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